The hunt for a black blazer…

So, inspired by Wendy’s Lookbook, I went on the hunt for a black blazer today. Not a tough find, or so I thought. I brought Nat with me who’s got a great eye for the unusual and I tried on so many different blazers, it hurt. Well, it hurt having to peel off all the layers I wore today.
Broke all my shopping rules by not wearing light, neutral clothing and paid the price by not finding what I wanted.
Closest I came was this gorgeous Pied a Terre tux jacket in House of Fraser. 

However, only in a size 8 and 14. Headed home despondent and ordered Wendy’s jacket from ASOS. Also ordered this boucle blazer on a whim. Gave me free speedier delivery and I can send it back for free if it’s a bit too sparkly in the flesh. 

Have you found the perfect black blazer and how do you wear it? I’ll be on the lookout for great looking blazer wearers this week…watch this space!


  1. How did it look in the ‘flesh’ i live in Australia (but am English)- I regularly shop at ASOS (it only takes about a week and free delivery so its great). And I am on the hunt for a black blazer…. and i just saw this one is on sale for $50…..

  2. thanks. I really like your blog, I saw some of the grotty comments in the daily mail. Ignore em, who cares what they think. Cx

    • Thank you! I was fully expecting horrible comments but it’s still quite shocking to see them! Have received lovely comments on email/twitter tho and thanks for your comment too…worth 100 of the meanie comments :) x

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