Perfect Everything (almost!)

To end the week of perfect items, I’m wearing as many as I can in one outfit today..
Perfect+Everything2 Perfect Everything (almost!)
The Perfect Jacket – Mint Velvet
The Perfect Jeans – Gap
The Perfect Boots – Seven Boot Lane
Shades of Grey Scarf – sold out – Similar on this link
The perfect scarf was a sell out (thank you!) and the wholesaler has no more so I’m really sorry if you missed out on that one. But if you’ve already ordered or emailed me to hold one over in the past couple of days, don’t worry – I’ve accounted for that in the delivery coming on Monday. They will all be dispatched then.
This post had originally suggested my shades of Grey leopard print scarf instead but it’s sold out now also…so alternative number 2 is this one with very similar colours, along with some camel/tan too so it’s very versatile!
Perfect+Everything3 Perfect Everything (almost!)
Perfect+Everything4 Perfect Everything (almost!)
and I appear to have acquired the perfect handbag too! Check out this beauty from Siopaella, a consignment store in Dublin that stocks the most amazing range of gently used designer and high-end high street clothing and accessories. Check out their Facebook page here and they post to the UK. This bag was unbranded but is made from the softest, most gorgeous grey leather. I had been looking for a grey handbag for a few months and this ticked all the boxes.
pic20130906150101 Perfect Everything (almost!)

Perfect+Everything5 Perfect Everything (almost!)
I hope you have a fabulous weekend and I’ll be back on Monday with a post about hair removal – something to look forward to, eh?? Haha, I promise – there are no hairy photos!


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  1. ASH Reply

    I love that grey leopard scarf Avril, I was looking at it in your shop the other day….and it looks fantastic with your jacket. What a great bag too – thanks for the link, I’m off to have a look1 xx

  2. Mrs B Reply

    I love the bag :)

  3. Sharon S Reply

    Hi there!! Gorgeous grey leather bag, a perfect shape too and goes so well with your outfit! Can’t wait to start wearing my scarves too! Xx

  4. Elizabeth Johnston Reply

    I’ve really enjoyed your “The Perfect…” posts. Thank you. Have a lovely weekend. Liz xxx

  5. Elizabeth Johnston Reply

    I’ve really enjoyed your “The Perfect…” posts. Thank you. Have a lovely weekend. Liz xxx

  6. Great series of posts and lovely outfit.

  7. PoppysStyle Reply

    WOW – LOVE the scarf and the bag – you look PERFECT!! My scarf arrived yesterday – thanks so much – I can’t wait to wear it!! xx

  8. Nicola @ The Sequin Cinderella Reply

    It really is the perfect outfit Avril! You look great!

  9. Doris Eleanor Reply

    Just ordered the leaves necklace! Will post a photo when I get it though not sure I’ll look as perfect as you.

  10. The Flaky Fashionista Reply

    Awww, are ‘The Perfect ..’ posts finished? Really enjoyed them. Love the bag; great find. The perfect finishing touch for your outfit. Loving my SGS scarf by the way and given the change in weather, I definitely needed it today!

  11. silver brogues Reply

    Good tips – I will be using them at the other side of the school gate;) Need that scarf, gorg print!

  12. CousCousandCorkWedges Reply

    I think your perfect of everything is just perfect! :) Love this outfit on you! Ax