Boden Winter 2013 Try On!

This is a photo heavy post – be warned!  It’s all quiet now after a few visitors to the pre-party evening and I’ve sorted through the photos I took earlier when I tried on every size 10 and 12 in the party stock. It’s amazing how things I loved in the catalogue didn’t really work for me while others I’d never have considered buying, were gorgeous on!

Anyway, here goes with my favourites from the party stock…very rushed photos with little mini me’s trying on around me too…first up – accessories

Shoes next. Not as much of the footwear range as I would have liked. No ankle boots – tho plenty of the dressier shoes and boots. And yes, the pointed flats are not for me – 40 was too big and the 39 was torture. Wide feet are not fun..
Now for coats and jackets – again, not as much of the selection as I’d like to have seen but it was great to try on the Fifties jacket. The 12 was way too big but the 10 was quite neat. LOVED the navy though and it’s quite a heavy jacket and very cosy! The Everyday Mac was great as always – it comes up big. This 10 was huge!
Had been really keen to try the orange Saint Germain coat as I love a boiled wool coat. It’s great – the orange was a 12 though and was too big. The 10 fitted better but was hard to photograph as it was black. The British Tweed Blazers are really beautiful – gorgeous material and very well made. Came up small though. I would have needed a 12.
Next up – dresses galore…and even though I’m not a dress girl during the day, there are some amazing options in the collection. Most of which would be great in the office too. First up, the Alexa Dress- gorgeous ponte style material in a vibrant blue. Looked great with the pink Canonbury Clutch
This next dress – the Lana Dress - was voted the best on mummy by the kids. Katie even came out from her hidey den under the table to tell me so! It’s got pockets and sleeves and a really flattering cut if you like a nipped in waistband and a boat-neck collar. Both great if you’re a pear shape.
 Can you believe it? I’m in tartan! It’s the British Tweed Shift. I actually quite liked the pattern in this and the seams and pockets but it was nicer on the hanger. It would be another fab dress for the office with a shirt underneath.
Lastly, the spotty Audrey Dress didn’t photograph well but I really liked it on but again, more of an office dress I think. And the Claudia jersey wrap style dress was way too long for me but for any taller girls out there – this is a great option!
Next up – knitwear. Now, I’m not the biggest fan of jumpers, especially patterned ones but I really loved the Fair Isle Cardigan in neon. The Fair Isle Yoke Jumper was surprisingly good in this colour-way too!
Christmas wish-list now – The Relaxed Cashmere Cardigan is just a classic. And an investment piece – one you’ll have for years.
Tunics now – starting with the Retro Tunic Dress which I loved but felt was a bit overpriced as it’s not lined. Size down – I’m wearing an 8! But size up for the Must Have Tunic (right)..
I was thinking about buying the Contrast Collar Tunic but it didn’t sit as nicely as I’d hoped on my waist. Definitely one for tights, not for over jeans so I’m going to try it on again tomorrow. The colours are simply lovely on this one – much more orange than the camera has picked up.
The next two are very Boden-esque. On the left, the Empire Line Top was true to size. On the right, the Gathered Band Tunic needs to be sized up. Neither style is my cup of tea really but the pattern and colours are great – good old traditional Boden! 
Skirts now – and more tartan!! Brace yourself! On the left, the Jumbo Cord Kilt. Surprisingly nice on and would look great with flat riding boots. On the right, the British Tweed Mini which has sold out in this colour-way. Going to be some disappointed shoppers tomorrow as it’s really a great skirt. My issue with Boden skirts however is that I’m a size 11. All the 10’s are too small and the 12’s are too big. :(
Finally finally….tops…and I tried on quite a few, starting with the Modern Breton, which is not jersey or cotton – think of the Modern Woven Striped top from SS13. It’s that same material with long sleeves. Not great on the hanger but better tried on. This was too big for me in a 12 and needed ironed! AMAZING in the pink and blue colour-ways online.
More stripes now – a selection of the striped jersey tops – all great value with the 20% off. Left top and left bottom – The Hamptons Tee. Top right, The Fun Breton and bottom right, The Essential Crew Neck Tee:
I’m a big fan of these Wrap Jersey Tops and I loved this berry coloured one. They are also great value in my opinion. Perfect for wearing with boot cuts or boyfriends when you need a closer fitting top or indeed for work. Size up!
This was such a pretty top off the hanger and great colours for me. If I didn’t have something similar already, it would have been on my list.. The Bow Front Blouse. Would be great with a blazer and some heels.
Finishing with the two things, that (if I buy…ha!) are top of the list. Firstly, the Brondesbury Top. Again, didn’t look like much on the hanger but it sits really nicely and this colour is always a good one on me. Loved the neckline too…
and the Off Duty Merino Jumper. Simply fab. It’s exactly my kind of jumper and reminds me of a great one that I saw in the White Company last season, priced at about £50 more! This sits great, doesn’t add too much bulk, is super duper cosy, looks amazing with coloured jeans and you’ll be seeing it on the blog again for sure!
Phew…that’s me done and it’s now past midnight!! EEK…off to my bed now in preparation for the morning. Hope you enjoyed all the photos and if you would like to purchase with my party code, drop me an email to [email protected] and I’ll let you know what the code is. I’m not allowed to publish the code online anywhere so need to do it via a private email.

Night night all – will be back on Friday hopefully…if I survive the party! xx


  1. PoppysStyle Reply

    Wow!!! That must have taken all night:) love the merino off duty – what size did you try? The s, m, l sizing has thrown me!

  2. The Red Notebook Reply


  3. WOW – love it all! I especially love the jumper in the last pic

  4. Caroline Edwards Reply

    Love the Lana dress and bow front blouse – gorgeous!

  5. Love the colours in that bow front blouse and the last jumper is gorge! Am hoping to get down today but if I can’t will be requesting your code!

    Nic xx

  6. Style At Every Age Reply

    Agree those last two items are great and I can see why you choose them, I would too! I also love the spot dress on you, that looks amazing and the large spot jumper. I recently bought the grey with small black spot button back jumper and love it. Good luck with the party x

  7. LS Reply

    Interesting that they sent you the gray retro bubble necklace when it’s been out of stock for weeks…. I guess people can see it for size and then order the blue or pink as they are the only colours in stock now. The green flew out of stock too!

  8. LS Reply

    Oh and I loved the Brondesbury Top online, seeing it here confirms that I will wishlist it and keen an eye on stock. Best of luck with the party!

  9. whow! you must be tired after all that trying on clothes!
    some lovely stuff there but Im not buying clothes at the mo -im 18 weeks pregnant :)
    Gail x

    • Congratulations!! You’ll be looking for some maternity style then. Weecycle is selling off all of their maternity stuff this next week as the shop is closing down so you should pop in to pick up a few bargains! x

  10. Jane G Reply

    Oh my some gorgeous items here Avril, really love the pointed flat leopard print but have wide feet too so thinking they may not be that comfy on me….lots of luck & hope it’s a huge success x

  11. I love the spotted dress on you – the one you say doesn’t photograph well – it photographs well enough for me to say I think it looks lovely. And I rather like the retro tunic as well. And the off duty Merino sweater … the pointy flats. So many things. Wish I was having a play in amongst all that lot.

  12. fatfairyjewellery Reply

    Hi Avril, they all look lovely on you! I was just thinking it’s probably just as well you’re not local to me over here as we have a Per Una factory shop about 15 miles away…… It’s my first stop for lots of clothes and the place I always take my female visitors to! The prices are about 2/3rds of what they are in M+S, so lots of bargains to be had and they are now selling other lines too. If you get a spare minute, take a look at their website –
    Almost worth a trip over…… Ellen x

  13. Pearl Westwood Reply

    Oooh everything is so lush! I think the orange coat and grey bubble necklace are my favs. Hope it goes well x

  14. JulieCP Reply

    What is the sizing like on the Duty Merino Jumper?

    • Hi Julie – it’s a generous fit but hangs lovely so doesn’t feel bulky at all. I am wearing the S and I think if I went smaller, the sleeves would come up too short. Hope that helps! Ax

  15. Sheepskins Fairylights Reply

    LOVE the tweed mini’s – keep looking at them on the Boden site and having discussions in my head!!!!
    The Lana Dress looks gorgeous on you – you have to get that! ;-)

  16. Love the Lana dress. I may give it a whirl – or should that be twirl!

  17. Thea Moss Reply

    Avril – brilliant round-up and you’ve highlighted several things I hadn’t even considered from the catalogue. One is the Brondesbury Top – looks lovely on you, but what did you think of the fabric? Reviews on the Boden site suggest that it will crease terribly? What do you reckon?

    The Off Duty Merino Jumper looks fab on you. I’m jealous because I ordered the S size too, but it swamped me (and I’m a 10/12 on top). Was hoping to get the XS (which would be a definite first for me!), but currently sold out :-(

    Hope the party goes brilliantly!!

    • Hi Thea – I still have the bags of stock in the hallway so just went out to try to crease the Brondesbury Top and I have to say, it’s not creasing that easily at all. It’s quite a weighty viscose material that hangs really nicely. Perhaps it is creased when it arrives as it’s folded for delivery but the top in my set has been hanging now and has none. There were a few items that were very creased (that had also been hanging for ages!) but this top definitely wasn’t one of them. I just read the reviews and I think if it was silk, as one reviewer as suggested, it would be even more creased on wearing! And three times the price!!
      Shame about the jumper – have you rung customer services? I rang during my party for 6 different out of stock items and they were all available – they just hadn’t made it to the website yet. Definitely worth asking – you pay over the phone for it then but you can use a discount code – email me if you want mine! x

    • Thea Moss Reply

      Great advice about calling – hadn’t thought of that :-) Will e-mail you for the discount code! Thanks very much.

  18. Weecycle Reply

    Had a great time at the party, can’t wait to get my new coat and LOVE my new SGS neon squares scarf!! Xx

  19. Elisa Taviti Reply

    Lovely shots!
    Amazing looks!!!

    With love,
    My Fantabulous World

  20. Louise O Reilly Reply

    wow tonnes of choices there! I absolutely love the pink on you its definitely your colour. And yay for tartan! :) Thanks so much for the well wishes. Hopefully at some stage we’ll get to be at another event together :)

    Lou xxx

  21. I like the Brondsbury top. Was it true to size? I may have to own one of these but not sure what size to order x

    • I think it was true to size. I’m wearing the 10. It’s a generous fit top so certainly, if you’re between sizes and not too busty, as I am, you’ll be fine with the smaller one. Happy shopping and don’t forget to email me for the 20% off code before you buy! x

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