Leaves, Layers, Leopard & Ponchos

Another building the outfit post for a cold day today. Starting with a very plain and boring base – navy square cut top from Dorothy Perkins, indigo skinnies from Tesco and Clarks grey ankle boots.
2013+Dec+Leopard+Layers1 Leaves, Layers, Leopard & Ponchos
Brightened up with a bit of bling from the shop – the large leaf necklace:
2013+Dec+Leopard+Layers2 Leaves, Layers, Leopard & Ponchos
Add a bit of colour with my red leopard scarf, also from the shop, which picks up the navy nicely. It’s out of stock at the moment but I’ve loads more coming in on Tuesday afternoon! Email if you want to reserve one – [email protected]
2013+Dec+Leopard+Layers3 Leaves, Layers, Leopard & Ponchos
Finally, I added my cosy poncho from TK Maxx (bought last year) and my favourite Canonbury Clutch from Boden:
2013+Dec+Leopard+Layers5 Leaves, Layers, Leopard & Ponchos

2013+Dec+Leopard+Layers4 Leaves, Layers, Leopard & Ponchos
I know ponchos aren’t for everyone but I’m a huge fan. They’re just so easy to throw on and are brilliant if you drive a lot. And they hide everything. I’ve done an edit of my favourites below. 
With a cross-body bag, this is the perfect outfit for a Friday which includes swimming classes…where I end up carrying bags and coats for all 3 kids..at once!

Ok – time to hit the road to Tipperary with my girls. I’ll be back in a couple of days! Have a great weekend everyone,
HUSH Leaves, Layers, Leopard & Ponchos
M&CO Leaves, Layers, Leopard & Ponchos
 Leaves, Layers, Leopard & Ponchos
Wallis Leaves, Layers, Leopard & Ponchos
H&M Leaves, Layers, Leopard & Ponchos


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  1. STOP with your poncho photos – I WANT ONE!!!!!!
    You look so good today, I love this look


  2. fabulousso40s Reply

    Love the poncho, I’ve lost mine….how do you lose a poncho!?!?!?!?
    I put it away for the summer and now don’t know where I put it
    I’m losing it!! xx

  3. daisychain Reply

    I love your necklace! x

  4. Paula Laverty Reply

    Thanks for the lovely pink checked scarf – arrived today and its great!

  5. Sheepskins Fairylights Reply

    Love your poncho & the Hush one too……have left the Hush brochure on the table as a hint but it HAS NOT moved!!! :-)

  6. Most of my outfits start with a plain base and then I add colour with accessories depending on how I feel – sometimes it is so early I am not sure what colour scarf it is I grab first! X

  7. I love the way you tie the scarf. Tutorial please.

  8. School Run Mum Reply

    Love your beautiful scarf with the beige poncho and navy all looks fab together. The hush poncho is def my fave one for the Christmas list!

  9. Style At Every Age Reply

    Love the way you do these posts and show us how you layer up. Fab look as always xx

  10. GlamRosie Reply

    Avril, you always manage to tie your scarves so well, they just sit perfectly on you! x

  11. CousCousandCorkWedges Reply

    Fab post Avril! I love how you built the outfit up with all the layers & accessories! The finished outfit is just perfect! Looks great on you! Ax

  12. Maria Jose Ovalle Reply

    I love how the poncho and the scarf look together! I am going to try that look soon — I’m a poncho gal myself :)