First Day At School

In September 2008, I hauled my huge bump home from work for the last time. In November, my twincesses were born at 38+1 weeks weighing a healthy 6lb 6oz and 6lb 12oz (I’ve the stretch marks to prove it!) Now, all of a sudden, they’re starting nursery school…my little babies are all grown up and I’m left wondering where those 4 years went!

Here we are outside the Nursery Unit with my friend Cora and her daughter. About 5 minutes later I left to the sound of Katie SCREAMING the place down. We waited outside until the screaming stopped then legged it for some caffeine to calm the nerves!
I took advantage of the free time (and a great Facebook offer) and had my hair cut before the girls were picked up..happy as larry with their first day, especially Katie who seemed very proud that she’d stuck it out (and enjoyed it). We headed for ice-cream to celebrate another milestone in the girls’ lives..

What about the momentous occasion outfit? It was all about a great coat today – a Karen Millen mac, a present from my sister in law. I’ve had it for about 18 months now and I’ve decided this autumn to wear it more. In the past, I’ve kept it for special occasions but from now on, I’m going to enjoy it whenever I can.

Coat – Karen Millen (past season)
Jeans – Diesel (TK Maxx)
Ankle Boots – River Island (as seen here)
Mauve vest from a local boutique (last seen here)
Mauve waterfall cardigan (just seen) past season Episode
Cross-body quilted bag – Vintage

Two happy girls who can’t wait to go into school again tomorrow! Meanwhile, Mummy is taking the M&S press bus to Dublin this afternoon for their Autumn Winter launch, which is being held in the Grafton Street store. I’ll take lots of pictures and report back later in the week!



  1. A gorgeous mac that deserves lots of trips out!! Enjoy the space that is created with your girls at nursery school- it goes so quickly and soon they will be in full time school! X

  2. ASH Reply

    Looking lovely Avril – gorgeous coat! The girls are too cute – glad they enjoyed their first day at school. Looking forward to your M&S report. x

  3. Kiwi Fashion Blog Reply

    Your kids are adorable and you are one very chic fashionable mummy!! :)

  4. You all look lovely and very happy! Delighted both girls are enjoying school!

  5. The coat is stunning! I LOVE Karen Millen – they founded All Saints too:) When I first had money in London I bought myself a pink cashmere twinset with leopard print trim – I had some of my best nights wearing that:) We have one here in Atlanta and I have two special occasion dresses from there. MM bought me a suit once from her and he told me it wasn’t to be saved for ‘best’ – it was stunning quality but unfortunately/fortunately no longer fits after losing weight:( I really believe in wearing clothes and enjoying them – I don’t have that many ‘best’ occasions to keeps things for these days! SO glad the girls had a blast – the start of a new chapter for everyone…

  6. TheFlakyFashionista Reply

    That is one gorgeous coat and to be honest, I’m not really a huge fan of macs (shock, horror!) but that is v, v stylish. And lovely hair cut! Glad the first day went well

  7. Hair and outfit both look gorgeous. And well done girls on your first day at nursery :)

  8. Adventuresofanunfitmother Reply

    They look really well settled already!! Enjoy the Dublin trip today- how fab!

  9. Enjoy. Before you know it they are grown. My baby is 21 on Friday and I remember the day I gave up work to have him too.

  10. Take it from a pro and mother of 2……little children cry when left just to upset Mum,as soon as she’s out of sight the crying stops and they just get on with it. Enjoy the extra time you have (to do loads of clothes shopping!)

  11. That Jacket is gorgeous, especailly love the trim. I think I’ll keep an eye out for a similiar one:) Your girls are cuties, I hadn’t realised they are just one month older than my Tae. Glad day one of nursery went well!

  12. Always Maylee Reply

    Aww time flies doesn’t it. They are SO cute!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  13. I remember all 4 of mines first day and how sad it was,I bet they loved it :)Great haircut,i’m ready for one.. love your coat

  14. Iva Grbesic Reply

    WOW, love what you are wearing! The trench and the detailing is what just puts me over the edge!

  15. Have you had your hair coloured as well? It looks lovely. Your girls are adorable. So nice to see them in the photos. George had his first proper day at Nursery today – took to it like a duck to water. Can’t ask for any more.

    • Hi Sue, I did my colour myself at home…can’t afford it at the salon anymore but Nice n Easy works great I find, Thanks for your lovely comment…hope George is still getting on well a few days on, Avril x

  16. Aw they are just gorgeous! Stylish like their Mummy. Love the mac. I can never seem to buy one, I love them but when I put them on they make me look massive, especially when I tie the belt.The trim on yours breaks it up a little bit.

  17. Heather Reply

    Great outfit but can’t stop looking at those fab brown, pink and white seats!

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