Holiday Capsule Wardrobe – did I wear it all?

I was so envious today seeing Beth at Style Guile share her capsule wardrobe for a trip to Cornwall. Seems like no time since I was doing the same and in fact, when I got to thinking about it, I remember Lucy at Suburban Style doing a Cornish suitcase back in early July. Isn’t it funny how all three of us featured in the Daily Mail article in May and all three have ended up holidaying in Cornwall this year? Great stylish minds and all that :) 
But my holiday is over now and I’m looking back on what I wore to see how well I worked my capsule suitcase contents. Here is a selection of my daily photos from the trip away. I’ve saved some photos for separate blog posts and there were some repeat wears – that’s why there aren’t 14 photos! The first photo was taken the day we arrived in gorgeous Looe and I’m sporting my Primark floral jeans – more on these coming soon!

 Holiday Capsule Wardrobe   did I wear it all?

A cool rainy day at the Eden project required the two (reluctant) last-minute additions to the suitcase. I had a re-think on the morning we left and removed two items (blue pumps & pink jeans) to make room for long boots & an anorak. And I was glad I did – they were necessary though thankfully just for one day.

IMAG0175 Holiday Capsule Wardrobe   did I wear it all?

My blush lace top was great for throwing over a vest, on cooler days with dark jeans and on hot days with white cropped jeans.

IMAG0178 Holiday Capsule Wardrobe   did I wear it all?IMAG0179 Holiday Capsule Wardrobe   did I wear it all?

My Wallis scarf was a perfect match with a navy H&M t-shirt and the pumps picked up the pink in the scarf. I wore my M&S denim jacket over this outfit on the cooler days.

IMAG0187 Holiday Capsule Wardrobe   did I wear it all?

Back in Berkshire for the next few photos and I went all-white for a scorching hot Sunday BBQ. Pictured with my godmother in this shot….

 Holiday Capsule Wardrobe   did I wear it all?

and she kindly brought along her Mulberry for me to try for size…perfect I think!

IMAG0205 Holiday Capsule Wardrobe   did I wear it all?

 And this is the dress I wore to Basildon Park as featured in this post from last week:

IMAG0206 Holiday Capsule Wardrobe   did I wear it all?

 Back in the blush lace top- this time with my navy quilted handbag from Vintage Pintage:

IMAG0216 Holiday Capsule Wardrobe   did I wear it all?
and this Mauve long line vest was such a wardrobe staple on the hotter days and it’s a great match for my mauve jewelled sandals:
 Holiday Capsule Wardrobe   did I wear it all?

Finally, for the trip home, I wore my new Seasalt tunic

IMAG0240 Holiday Capsule Wardrobe   did I wear it all?

Although I didn’t get photos of every outfit I wore, I did wear everything in the suitcase, except for one item – my blazer! It was just too formal to wear during our Cornwall week and the weather was too hot during our week in Berkshire. So it remained folded neatly in the suitcase. As for new clothes? I was v restrained and only purchased the tunic above and a scarf over the two weeks. Both will feature in future blogs, I promise icon smile Holiday Capsule Wardrobe   did I wear it all?

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  1. Looking great!! I wore all of my clothes too when I recently went away – I planned with military precision as we were flying with Easyjet and HAD weight restrictions –

    However, it seems you are the queen of mixing and matching and I NEED that blush lace top!

  2. Your very stylish godmother looks far too young to be your godmother. I hope You found out what her secret is. Does it run in the genes. If so we are in luck.. Love the sea salt tunic. Discovered sea salt in Kilkenny recently . Lovely stuff. U looked great in all outfits .

    • Didn’t realise you could get it outside of Cornwall (apart from online obv). That’s good to know for when I feature the Seasalt shop – the stuff is gorgeous so would be nice to mention the local stockists. Yes, Maureen is looking great – so was Kathleen, Bridie and Mary too – good genes on the Murphy side! x

    • Padmore and Barnes factory shop sells seasalt (Kilkenny) they have a great selection and good bargains. My friend Katri bought a sea salt jacket in Dublin , dundrum I think, so Thats two places down here.

  3. I love seeing everyone’s capsules. I have just packed my suitcase ready for our trip to Barcelona oon Thursday. I have a post all ready on the very same subject.

  4. All pf these pics are stunning – everything looks fab on you. Especially like the long-line mauve vest and the blush lace top which work really well with the white. Sea salt tunic v pretty and summery too. Great capsule planning! x

  5. Anonymous Reply

    Shop on main st in Moira stocks sea salt

  6. hi there thanks so so much for ur lovely comments u are so kind Im thrilled yo meet u and delighted to follow u to. Im going crazy to see cornwall and devon and lots of other beautiful places in England Im a huge agatha christie fan and would love to see some of those gorgeous villages used in the series but my husband is a sun worshipper so he always wants to go to the sun. u wore great outfits i love the dress u wore to basildon its so beautiful and wow ur figure its amazing love those white jeans on u really shws of ur great figure good for u. ur family look beautiful glad u all enjoyed ur holliers. well i will sign of now us Irish tend to go on just a bit!! so glad to meet u nighty nite kisses from ur new Irish follower xx leonie

    • Leonie, thanks for the lovely comment. I just had a great time reading your blog last night. Love your outfits and you’ve such a lovely writing style. Thrilled to have found it and will add to my blog roll this week. Love from a fellow Irish girl (Kildare!), Avril xx

  7. Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day! It’s really cool that you found me through Francesca’s Blog Don’t Call Me Fashion Blogger! I really love interacting with bloggers in other countries. Loving your looks in this outfit, especially the fun prints!

    Shasie of Live Life in Style
    Enter my Beauty Giveaway

    • Thanks petal for popping by and isn’t it great to meet through other blogs – Francesca’s comments are great for finding brilliant blogs I find! Thanks for your lovely comment, Avril xx

  8. I am packing later today for Saturday’s annual pilgrimage to Marbella. I need to do it today as you probably know we are only take carry on cases, so it will be a challenge for sure, lots of lightweight dresses as it will be hot! Hopefully I will get the photo situation on the blog sorted by then, I am having problems uploading grrrr
    Love all your outfits and think you did really well xx

    • Really loved your post – you are an awesome packer. My bag was exactly 20kg so I’m not sure how well I would have coped with 10kg. Though – lucky u are sure of great weather…no long boots and anoraks needed! Thanks for your lovely comment Sharron, Avril x

  9. Wow – what a selection – you look great – all your looks are stylish and versatile ..



  10. You put together some great outfits for your trip! I love your anorak especially! It is such a great piece to have for rainy days! Hope you have a great day and come stop by when you get a chance! xx Pip

    • Thanks Pip – an anorak is such an essential item in Ireland – I’ve got a few! But that one is my favourite and unfortunately gets lots of wear – pouring in Belfast tonight :( Thanks for dropping by, Avril xx

  11. Very nice outfits and very interesting blog. Thank you for such a nice comment on my blog. :)

  12. Great post – so glad to hear you had fab weather!

    • Thanks Joanna…I’m so glad also…at least we had a week of warm sunshine to help us remember what that feels like! Hope all is good with you, love how the house is looking in today’s blog. Can’t wait to see the new wardrobe! Avril x

  13. LOVE that outfit with the mauve longline tee – suits you so much! The Seasalt tunic is really lovely on you too.

    Nic x

  14. Stylishmummy Reply

    I love the Seasalt tunic, it really suits you!

  15. It’s nice to find another Mom Fashion Blog! Great posts, love the outfits. when you have a chance (I know how busy you are), check out my blog and maybe we could follow each other.