The North Face Gilet

Ok, gilets are up there with the poncho. You either love or hate them and in all honesty they are not particularly stylish. But if you’re a car driver or live in a cold house, they are very useful. You get the cosiness of a coat, without the bulk around the arms and can wear them all day long. My favourite are North Face – I know, expensive taste. However, I’ve not bought either of mine. I got my black one for Christmas in 2008 (4 years and still looking good) and my pink one in Christmas 2010. Seems like I’m due another one this Christmas icon smile The North Face Gilet

DSC01125 The North Face Gilet
Gilet – The North Face
Scarf – New Look
Pale Pink Long Sleeved Top – Primark
Jeans – H&M
Grey Patent Shoe Boots – Clarks

Today’s was a rushed photo taken at the school by the almost 4 year old (5 sleeps). It’s the first time I’ve let her use the new camera so I’m looking understandably anxious! She did well on the first shot though didn’t she?

So gilets, I know, are not a brilliant option for the large of boobs but provided you keep the rest of your outfit neat-fitting and buy a gilet that fits closely (mine’s a North Face size S), most people can wear them successfully. Here’s some practical gilets in the shops at the moment

nuptse vest baroque purple   94810.1342966156.1000.1000 The North Face Gilet
North Face Nuptse Gilet – £92.95
2C2100371010 The North Face Gilet

2C2100373030 The North Face Gilet
Berghaus – Black £70 & Navy £100
36187 w l The North Face Gilet
Fat Face Gemma Gilet – £72

And some more ‘on trend’ options…

 The North Face Gilet
River Island Faux Leather – £30 (only size 14 left)
 The North Face Gilet
Or how about the real deal in sheepskin – stunning and super cosy I bet!
image1xl 4 The North Face Gilet
Muubaa Black Sheepskin – ASOS
Go on – hit me with the comments…interested to know if you’re a fan or not…

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  1. Anonymous Reply

    Love the fat face one but couldn’t justify price tag as have seen similar in new look.
    I have a brown one that I got in dunnes few years ago – I like it but my mum really hates it on me. She thinks it makes me look bigger (ie fatter!) but a few people have commented on how nice it is.
    It is quite bulky,I’d like a more streamlined one.
    I like yours in the photo anyhow :)

  2. Kathryn Sturgess Reply

    I love my North Face gilet black the same as yours in pic, big investment but so cosy you don’t want to take it off! My discussion question is pronunciation?? Gee – lay or gill -it? Lol!

    • Daniel Hale Reply

      They are called:

      Body Warmers/Bodywarmers in UK
      Waistcoat in UK
      Gilet (Gee-lay) in UK and Europe
      Puffy Vest/Down Vest/Quilted Vest in USA and rest of the world

  3. Claire Reply

    Love the sheepskin one, not the price tag though. Would my family notice if I cancelled Christmas for a gilet.?

  4. Anonymous Reply

    I say gill-it but my husband tells me it’s gee-lay! Sounds too posh for me! Lol


  5. Oh they look lovely on you! I used to have a Jack Wills one (what can I say, I went to a very Sloaney university) but now I quite look the like of the Joules ones. That said Jack wills do have a lovely tweed one this year, even though it’s not waterproof it looks very snug.
    Thanks for your sweet words about my blog Avril!
    Frankie x

  6. I was drooling over the Celtic Sheepskin ones today, but at £345, I don’t think I’ll be getting one anytime soon!

    If you fancy a nosy….

    I agree they’re not mega stylish, but there are some pretty-ish ones around. The finer, more fitted ones with detailing & furry hoods are nice for casual wear. I’ve actually been wearing my husband’s Zara one this week as was freezing sitting working at the kitchen table – was cheaper than having the heating on all day just for me! ;)

    Nic x

  7. Love gilets, just done an outfit post in one actually. I’m afraid mines only primark so probably no where near as warm as yours but I’m going to take a look out for one in the January sales I think. Like how you’ve dressed yours up I usually go quite casual with mine but I think yours is a lot smarter anyway.

  8. Heather Reply

    I think gilets are great and do rather want one. The only problem I have is that it’s my arms that get cold. It would probably be of no benefit to me to wear a coat without sleeves!

  9. PoppysStyle Reply

    I love them but more so for out walking rather than day to day wear. I have an old Jigsaw one that I love and a lighter Patagonia one which is lovely and light – not keen on fleece ones – but give me a down one any day. I love the Fat Face one above!

  10. ASH Reply

    Love the classic North Face – and the River island models (great price too!) Will be hunting those out in RI tomorrow! xx

  11. I have a very old black padded one which someone described me as looking like I worked in a DIY store when I wore it – so it has been relegated to homeware. I have a grey wool GAP one which is lovely but so bulky, I look like a weeble. I have a black faux sheepskin one which gets dragged out every year so ultimately I think I must like them … but I just don’t like the fact that they don’t keep my arms warm. Can’t have it all.

  12. I am a fan but have to admit it is a comfort choice rather than a stylish one.
    Great photography from the almost 4-year-old.

  13. Mrs B Reply

    I bought a sheepskin one from Next half price in the sale. It looks best with a slim line jumper underneath.

  14. Mrs B Reply

    I bought a sheepskin one from Next half price in the sale. It looks best with a slim line jumper underneath.

  15. stiperstones Reply

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. stiperstones Reply

    I have a few gillets but my favourite is a Rab one. Although it was quite expensive you get what you pay for and in this case it isn’t at all bulky so doesn’t make me look to Michellin Man!

    I now see it is actually called a vest!

  17. I always say ‘gee-lay’, which – you’re right Gail – does sound a bit posh!
    Mine is a rather dreadful (but oh so warm!) brown one from the Land’s End sale some years ago. I think it was £13 :-)
    There’s no style involved at all, but it’s great for when I’m at the computer on cold mornings (like right now). Also good for layering under a coat on REALLY cold days – i.e. days when it’s cold enough to not care that I look rather ‘bulky’!
    I wouldn’t mind getting something nicer – Patagonia do lovely light ones, as someone said above. What I don’t like about the ‘outdoors’ ones, though, is that they always brand them prominently on the front.

  18. Avril,

    > the almost 4 year old (5 sleeps)

    I think I have a little ‘un with the same birthday as yours… 18th November? :-)

  19. Those River Island ones are beautiful, and I normally would never go for faux leather (pleather?!) I’ve an ancient black Gap one, maybe I should dig it out but it rains so much here I always end up on a coat with arms….!

  20. Because the whole TV and film industry wear Northface their items make me think of work! Not a bad thing though-love my job and they do keep you warm on night shoots!

  21. Claire Haddleton Reply

    Gilet (not a body warmer any more) is an essential piece of clothing on playground duty!!!!

  22. daisychain Reply

    I used to own a few gilets, I love the river island ones!

  23. I like them much more than they like me…..;-))

  24. Iva Grbesic Reply

    Avril you and I have some psychic fashion connection because I am wearing a gilet in my post today as well! I love the gilet (we call them vest in North America), I think you can totally make them trendy and look cool. It’s all about the attitude.

  25. The Flaky Fashionista Reply

    Nope! Dare I say that they’re a little too ‘mumsy’? I have one (doesn’t everyone?} but it’s strictly used only when out walking on chillier mornings and I need to throw on something over my tracksuit. Having said that, I quite like the RI ones that you’ve shown!

  26. Life, Loves...... Reply

    I am thumbs up for casual ones, I have one I wear doing jobs and I swear by it.Now I need new one for going to town over jeans.

  27. Hannah Postgate Reply

    I had a couple of puffy ones that went to the clear-out effort, the only one I kept us a quilted affair circa 1984 from Ghost’s first samples. Seems a very very long time ago… Life before children when I worked in a little boutique, shows how enduring Ghost is though. Just so you know there’s a bug in your comment – can’t correct. Hx

  28. LaDawn Reply

    I am loving gilets even if my boobs feel flat packed. They are practical which is uber important! My office is like a sub zero freezer so it is super easy to wear and type at the same time!

  29. Daniel Hale Reply

    They are called:

    Body Warmers/Bodywarmers in UK
    Waistcoat in UK
    Gilet (Gee-lay) in UK and Europe
    Puffy Vest/Down Vest/Quilted Vest in USA and rest of the world

  30. Anonymous Reply

    Say ‘Gillette – the vest a man can get’