One Day Out – Two Coats

We took a run down to The Argory as part of our ‘Maximise the National Trust Membership’ initiative. Hubby is determined to make the absolute most of our annual fee and The Argory was the next closest to our home that we had still to visit. After a quick caffeine fix at the The Fat Gherkin in Moira, we continued on down the M1 where we practically had the whole of this beautiful estate to ourselves.
The post is called One Day Out – Two Coats and it’s where where you learn a little about what it’s like to go on a day out with a blogger. Endless outfit photo opportunities in a new location – perfect for showing off something you’ve not worn before. BUT you need to dress practically for a country walk! A dilemma, especially, as you’ve seen my Merrell more times than you need to. Lightbulb moment – wear one outfit down for the blog photos and then change!
Here’s the first non-walk appropriate outfit:
Argory+Outfit1 One Day Out   Two Coats
Coat – Press & Bastyan
Jumper – H&M
Shirt – Gerry Weber
Jeans – Gok4Tu at Sainsburys
Boots – River Island
Handbag – Radley Cross Body
I don’t wear this coat enough. I bought it about 10 years ago in a sale in Glasgow. Its pleather trim is bang on trend for this season – as is the black/white check. It was a great coat for wearing over a suit when I worked but I’ve struggled to wear it much casually. Here’s another posey shot…8yo was taking the photos and prefers it when I’m not looking at him! 
Argory+Outfit2 One Day Out   Two Coats
Once the nice location photos were taken, it was straight to the car, ankle boots off, coat off, replaced by wellies and Merrell. Perfect for the mucky walk on which I found my new favourite front door!
Argory+Outfit3 One Day Out   Two Coats
Wouldn’t this be fab for my daily photos? The outfit here is the same as the first photo apart from the Merrell and my Karrimor wellington boots.

If you like the look of my checked coat, here are some similar ones in the shops at the moment:

spacer 2 One Day Out   Two Coats

51+AgTqlIlL. SX182 SH35  One Day Out   Two Coats
Marks & Spencer
 One Day Out   Two Coats
Debenhams – Ben de Lisi for Principles
053045130 large One Day Out   Two Coats

And just in case you’ve not seen my many many posts on the Merrell before – here’s the latest version of the Wakefield. It’s stocked in many places – just DON’T buy from Sports Direct as other fans of this blog have warned me. This is the same colour I have and mine is a size S which is about a 10.

ellenwood heather One Day Out   Two Coats
Merrell Ellenwood in Charcoal Heather
Do keep warm and dry this week – lots of wintery weather about! See you on Thursday icon smile One Day Out   Two Coats

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  1. The Flaky Fashionista Reply

    Oh seriously sharing your love of the front door, lol! And laughed at your 8yo instructions for posing! A little Mario Testino on your hands perhaps??!! V v cool wellies incidentally

  2. Life, Loves...... Reply

    It looks like you all had a nice day out. I am googling you wellies as I type .I am on a wellie quest!
    Coat is bang on trend, bring it out more!!

  3. Style At Every Age Reply

    Love your ten year old coat – gorgeous you should deffo wear this more and I was so tempted by the wallis one last week but couldn’t really justify so close to Christmas x

  4. PoppysStyle Reply

    <3 the Press and Bastyan coat - I got a gorgeous pink suit from them years ago for a wedding - my first 'posh' purchase:) Just shows that some pieces last a lifetime and always look classic.

  5. Jill Reply

    I used to love Press and Bastyan! Past life! You look great.

  6. Press and Bastyan – now we are all showing our ages aren’t we? I’m going to drag my old Press and Bastyan number out now – thanks for the inspro! And I love the dual outfits – it sums it all up doesn’t it? What we would like to wear and what we have to wear.

  7. Treasuresnpleasures Reply

    Haven’t been to the argory since I was a wee wipper snapper, can’t imagine there’s a lot to do for a toddler so I may leave it a few years before we go back.

    Totally know what you mean about the outfits, what’s practical to wear doesn’t always look blog worthy. Comes with having kids I suppose!

  8. Love your coats.
    My favourite going out coat is 17 years old. I bought it int he Christmas Sales in 1995.
    It is a Four Seasons full length black velvet coat and still looks new.

  9. Claire Haddleton Reply

    I am forever grateful that you introduced me to the Merrell Wakefield…….I have worn it every day since Sept ESP in this torrential rain!!!!!

  10. Anonymous Reply

    Curious as to why not Sports Direct?

    • I should have explained. It’s because a couple of blog fans have had nightmares trying to exchange their coats for different sizes. No response, no refund, cannot contact them etc. If you check their Facebook page, you’ll see that these two cases are not the only ones! Hope that explains. I guess if you know your size and won’t need to return, it might be worth the risk. You have been warned! Avril

  11. Anonymous Reply

    Thanks Avril – I was obviously lucky I got a Firetrap Durga coat from them with 75% off and I had read the feedback and was dreading having any problems, but I was fortunate and it fitted well – I had tried one on in the shop and knew I needed the next size up – so I got a bargain :) Alison

  12. goodbadandfab Reply

    Just lovely! =)
    personal style and fashion musings of a LA fashion lawyer living life in the fab lane!