Hats, Scarves & Boy’s Coats…

I’ve a few things to show you on the blog today…first up, I’m wearing a hat. Purely to cover the grey as it’s been 9 weeks since my last colour. I’m booked in for the 3rd February so you can be sure of a few hats between now and then – oh and copious amounts of Colour Wow!
Secondly, my coat. It’s wool and it’s grey (which you know I love) and it was reduced to £10! Bargain. But where, I hear you ask? Well, in the boy’s/boys’ (where DOES that apostrophe go??) department of Dunnes Stores…size 32-34″ chest. Which (thanks to years of working in Penney’s (Primark) kids-wear many moons ago), is the last size before a men’s Small – so fits a boy around age 13-15. I actually looked at it for my son originally and then decided it was too big…but then took a notion to hide at the very back of the store and try it on – as it could look a bit weird to see a grown woman trying on children’s clothes, no? 
Anyway, it was purchased on the basis that if I tire of it in a couple of years, my son can have it. It’s another one of those win/wins = no brainer.
Coat – Dunnes (boys’/boy’s department – similar here & here)
Jeans – Gap
Jumper – All Saints (from a charity shop years ago!- similar here)
Boots – Clarks (old – similar here & here)
Handbag – Siopaella Consignment Store
Hat – H&M (old)
Lastly, the scarf. My absolute favourite of all the samples I ordered last week and I will share some of them with you all very soon as I would love your opinions. 
I do love a stripe and when it includes pink and grey, it’s a winner in my book. I will definitely be ordering this one for the shop though it will be about 3 or 4 weeks before it’s likely to arrive. But you can email me to book one. It will be £12 (plus £2 postage)
Where did I take this outfit today? On a trip to Moira to my favourite haunt – The Fat Gherkin, where I met Emma from Adventures of an Unfit Mother…who lived up to her name because we were so deep in conversation, she forgot to pick up her son from nursery! But all’s well that ends well. She wasn’t *too* late…and it just meant we had to make another date to continue the conversation very soon. 
I should say, if you’re looking for a fabulously written blog, I can’t recommend Emma’s enough. Twice winner of a MAD Blog Award, her regular posts brighten up my week immensely and not just because I know her but because she has a true gift for writing. There’s a book in this woman and I want to read it.
Before I go, I know you’re all wondering about January Sales Essential Number 4 – it’s almost ready – as is Number 5. They’re going to be like buses and will arrive one after the other very soon…
Till then my friends,


  1. BRILLIANT coat – I must remember to shop in the children’s section more! No VAT means lower prices!
    That scarf is beautiful – wow, I love it

  2. Loving the coat and the scarf! Have you got the scarf for sale in your shop? x

  3. Well I might head out to Dunnes Avril and sneak around the boy’s section on the pretence of looking for something my godson! That scarf is absolutely gorgeous…..beautiful colours:)
    ~Anne xx

  4. Michelle Lee Reply

    In awe of your coat….what a find!! I did buy a H&M kids top a couple of months ago for 3 quid so I must remind myself to check out the kids wear department more often!! The scarf is beautiful Avril and is just perfect with the coat x

  5. I won't wear sludge brown Reply

    That scarf is amazing Avril and it appears pink is going to be huge this year so bang on trend (again)!! Donna x

  6. fabulousso40s Reply

    Totally gorgeous scarf Avril xx

  7. Thanks so much for those lovely words Avril- they made my day and brought lots of lovely readers to the blog- you’re a star! Loved our coffee, and just about made the pick up in time! Oh and for the record, I can confirm the fabulousness of that scarf :-)

  8. PoppysStyle Reply

    What great colors! And the coat – just inspired! A great idea! xx

  9. Jane G Reply

    Gorgeous scarf Avril & I love pinks and greys together. I’ve also stolen a jacket from my son’s wardrobe which he’s grown out of & hardly worn, I just swapped some buttons & away I went….thank goodness he doesn’t want to steal from my wardrobe lol! Jane xx

  10. Wow that is a great coat, would never have guessed it was a boys!! it looks great :) love the colours in your scarf too :)

  11. Doris Eleanor Reply

    Me too with the grey- roots that is. Thanks for the tip about Colour Wow. Pricey but works well and will keep me going till trip to hairdresser’s on Sat. (And it’s Boys’ Coats if there’s more than one boy, not that it matters on here.)

    • Well, I’ve had my Colour Wow for over a year now and I’ve still got lots left in it – hasn’t ‘hit pan’ (as they say in the beauty blogs), yet! And thank you – at last someone has kept me right on the apostrophe…I blame too much checking of homework lately…I’m apostrophe numb! Ax

  12. Jules Simps Reply

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  13. fashmr paul Reply

    love the colour mix in the scarf – really nice !

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