Autumn Hues & Brown Boots

This is not the outfit the day started with – as it got colder and wetter outside, the cardigan & scarf were added and boots replaced pumps. Even though the weekend is to be warmer, today has a real feel of autumn to it and my colour scheme kind of fits that..
Autumn+Hues5 Autumn Hues & Brown Boots
Jersey Cardigan – East
Blush Top – Dorothy Perkins (last seen here)
Jeans – French Connection
Scarf – Passigatti (local boutique)
Boots – Marco Polo (from TK Maxx – last seen here)
Autumn+Hues4 Autumn Hues & Brown Boots

Close up of my necklace which pulls the colours together well and gives a bit of a focal point to the outfit. I can’t remember where I got this one – it’s an oldie.

Autumn+Hues2 Autumn Hues & Brown Boots
And by request, here’s a a round up of some similar brown ankle boots 
currently available online in my favourite shops:
This first pair is the closest in style to what I have but I’m including a range of heel heights and colours so hopefully there’s a pair for everyone in this selection:
0211 E90B 007H950 613 01 378 402 Autumn Hues & Brown Boots
Hobbs Outlet £139
12WAUT AZ151 DGY Autumn Hues & Brown Boots
Boden – £129
(more of a grey/brown colour but in fact, that makes them more versatile than brown)
ZI111C095 102@1.1 Autumn Hues & Brown Boots
Zign Brown Boots – Zalando £75
 Autumn Hues & Brown Boots

River Island – £70
ES111C023 703@1.1 Autumn Hues & Brown Boots

Esprit (not leather) – Zalando £69.95
41UZ7Ugz2TL. SX182 SH35  Autumn Hues & Brown Boots
Marks & Spencer – £59
MA311C021 303@1.1 Autumn Hues & Brown Boots
Marco Polo – Zalando £149
 Autumn Hues & Brown Boots
Dune – £85
Hope you like my brown boot choices…enjoy your weekend and don’t forget to enter the competition - only 24 hours left before I draw a winner of the £100 Fat Face gift card. 

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  1. Julie Reply

    Lovely outfit – really love the colours together.

  2. Great outfit, pefect for the cooler days…love all these boots think i’m going for some nice ankle boots this year I’ve been buying long ones for the last few years but these look great with skinny jeans :)have a lovely weekend …

    • Thanks Claire – hope you enjoy your weekend too…like I said below in other comments, the ankle boot look is one you really get used to. It took me a while after being a total long boot convert. They are perfect for this in-between weather when long boots are just not right yet. Loving your photos from Blackpool on the blog today, Avril x

  3. Oh I like those Dune boots & your necklace is lovely xxx

  4. Oh gosh – more lovely boots but I just dug out a pair of Belstaffs that I haven’t worn in an age that I literally had to dust the dust off so I don’t think I can justify a pair of brown boots at the moment …. but there’s no harm in looking is there?

    You look lovely – great legs for skinnies!

  5. You look so pretty! I love the cardi and that necklace. And the boots are just perfect. :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  6. As school come back so do fall tones!
    Material Fixations

  7. Today was so Autumnal I found myself googling boots, thanks for giving me some good ideas.

  8. All my boots seem to be long so I’m eyeing up some of the Clarks ankle ones atm! Just looking forward to maybe one week of sun next week for summer clothes first ( so says the weather man?) We can but hope…. you have the right idea with the layers! XX

  9. Anonymous Reply

    Avril, those boots look great with the skinnies! I would never have put ankle boots with skinny jeans but this has really inspired me. I m relatively new to the blog, but now follow on FB and twitter. ( I’m the technophobe who can’t work out how to enter The competition , @tashcat on twitter.

    • Yay! Well done on your first comment! Thanks for the message – ankles & skinnies is a great look but needs to be gotten used to. The first time you wear it, you’ll not be sure at all but after the second time, you’re flying! Go for it :) xx

  10. This looks so adorable! I really like the simplicity and your sense of style is great! Please check out my new post, I think it´s similar to your style!

  11. Avril are you shrinking? Love the look and how you have tucked jeans into your ankle boots… have solved my skinny jean footwear dilemma for the autumn…..will try with my brown boots.

    • Hello Claire – international mystery woman with many different ID’s!! lol…I preferred Crazy Walker :) I have not shrunk but will thank you for your compliment…I must have been sucking the tummy in particularly well for that photo. Can’t wait for you to return and send me pics of your Canadian purchases! Avril xx

  12. Lovely outfit! I like the brown boots, nice choices.

    Have a great weekend,
    Manu Luize.

  13. I like the piling you added lol the necklace is beautiful ;)

  14. I was surprised to see that sixth pair of boots are M&S. Might have to investigate those further. Great look btw!

    • I can report with authority following a visit to M&S this morning that they are GORGEOUS in RL and they will almost certainly be a sell out. I was one of three women trying them on and one immediately went and bought them. I’ve posted a pic on the FB page on this link : Facebook xx

  15. Love the outfit Avril
    and the necklace is great and does
    pull everything together.

    Sun is shining here but it is cold.

    Hope you have a lovely weekend.

    Thanks for posting all the photos of the boots
    they are great.
    I need to buy a pair so hopefully will get
    something nice next week.

    x Fiona

    • Can recommend M&S for boots this winter Fiona – really impressed with the whole range when I was in this morning. Great grey ones and black ones…wish I could have bought them all! Have a lovely weekend xx

  16. You’ve inspired me that I can wear my new hush puppy ankle boots (that are still in the box,apart from when I take them out to look at them) with skinnies : )

    • Of course you can but I’ll let you into a little secret…it took me AGES to pluck up the courage up to wear ankle boots with skinnies. I actually had to just head out of the house in them without over analysing in the mirror – it’s one of those looks that you just have to get used to…and now I have, I love it! xx

  17. Oh man, totally need those RI boots in my life.

  18. u look too lovely here ! I really liked ur link chain necklace ! We still have harsh summers here in India,u are so lucky to wear cardigans !Thanks so much for ur comment on my blog ! If u want we can follow each other on gfc n bloglovin. Let me know.

  19. K smith Reply

    I’d convinced my self I didn’t need any new boots. Now I am not so sure!! Looking great :)

  20. Great boots, I’m yet to find my perfect pair! X

  21. think I prefer the Boden pair, although they are all really nice x

  22. Lovely outfit, I love all the layers :) x

  23. Such a chic outfit, and perfect for Fall! I really LOVE those great skinny jeans tucked into those fabulous boots! So stylish!

    xo Jenny