Down by the Shannon

A short post all the way from Tipperary…and yes, about 4 hours driving and a couple of hours of stopping, on your own with 3 year old twins, ensures it IS a bloomin’ long way to Tipperary. But we made it here and it’s always worth the trip catching up with the family. Here we are on our first day, down by the River Shannon. 

Ballina15 Down by the Shannon

DT1 took the photos while DT2 tried to fall into the water a few times…imagine the headlines…mummy blogger allows toddler twin to fall into river Shannon while ensuring twin sister takes beautiful blog photos…the Daily Mail would have a field day!!

Ballina11 Down by the Shannon
Sandals – TK Maxx
Ballina12 Down by the Shannon
Necklace – Jewellery Stand @ St George’s Market, Belfast

So, for my kids’ sakes, I gave up the photo opportunity after just a few rushed shots and we headed to a local hotel for refreshments and to use the facilities, which had a rather splendid mirror – just what I’m looking for at home in fact!

IMAG0322 Down by the Shannon

As the girls were washing their hands, an elderly (and hopefully deaf) nun walked in and started talking to them. As she walked away from us, DT2 piped up ‘Why is that lady wearing a rug on her head Mummy?’ Now, here’s the thing, how do you explain a nun to a 3 year old? I was stumped .. ended up using the trusty ‘God said..’ escape from awkward kid questions – ‘God asked her to wear it because she’s special to him’…and she bought it! But please, any better responses to this and similar questions…share them with me!

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  1. Lovely outfit. Wish I could wear white jeans as well.

  2. LOL!!! at the nun thing…. I have all those awkward questions to look forward to………. I’ve also told Lee I WILL be getting a full length mirror for the New House.
    Lovely colour pairing here, casual yet pulled together <3 xx

    • Thanks Sera, tell me if you find a good one anywhere. So hard to get long and wide ones! And yes, brace yourself…apparently the average 4 year old asks over 400 questions a day! lol..good luck with the move xx

  3. Haha I love your response, must make a note of that! My challenge this morning was why the Power Rangers said they’re playing with fire when they weren’t *rolleyes*

    Like this outfit lots, looks great with that jacket – in fact I’d like to wear all of it today! :)

    Nic x

  4. Love the nun story! And where is your jacket from? Really like it.

  5. Ha Ha thats kids for you! And keep them away from rivers – I couldn’t believe what happened to that 4 yr old in somerset, how awful. Mind you, kids run quick and when my youngest daughter was 4 she ran away from my Mum and got herself run over, so its not always the parents fault, well unless its to do with blog photo’s then it is lol! x

  6. Where’s the top from Avril? Looks great!

  7. Missing my girls!! #itsalongwaytotipper….

  8. it´s great to see what you do here.

  9. it´s great to see what you do here.

  10. I’m still laughing at that post. Only saw it now. The daily mail headlines cracked me up. I told you about when Dearbhaile asked me what a nun was aged 3. I told her she was a lady who prayed a lot and didn’t have children. Dearbhaile piped up ” oh she’s a nun cos she has nun children” that became our nun story !!!

  11. You look good in the white jeans and you’re right, it’s all depends on what you pair with them to set them off in their most flattering light.