Bad Hair, Boat Trips & Boucle

Headed to the Ards Peninsula on Saturday with the kids to make the most of the good weather. The holidays are coming to an last! It’s been a fun summer but I’m ready for the routine again and I think the kids are too. After lunch at The Spinnaker, we boarded the Strangford-Portaferry car ferry for some bad hair photos. 
Now, it does look like my daughter’s trying to climb over the side of the ferry in this photo and given her form last week down by the River Shannon, I can understand your concern. But she was just looking over the edge….I think. In any case, she’s still with us. I think I need to completely stop taking blog pictures near water!

 Bad Hair, Boat Trips & Boucle

Today I wanted to wear the cream boucle jacket I picked up at Pearl’s Clothes Sale. Some days, it’s just like that…I decide on one item and build the rest of the outfit around it. I’ve tried this jacket with a few different combinations and it works best with pale colours underneath. So I teamed it with my pink lace top that I picked up in TK Maxx recently – great for throwing over a vest to take away the bare look – you can see it better on this link.
We headed to Mount Stewart once we got to Portaferry, for a walk around the gardens and the lake.

Portaferry1 Bad Hair, Boat Trips & Boucle

My LK Bennett Annina Bag (last seen here) came along for the trip. H&M bootcuts and M&S ballet pumps completed the outfit.

Portaferry3 Bad Hair, Boat Trips & Boucle

Posing by the lake because 8 year old told me to…he’s getting very bossy when directing these blog post photos icon smile Bad Hair, Boat Trips & Boucle
What have you been getting up to this weekend? Hopefully you’ve found time to enter my competition for a chance to win a £100 Fat Face voucher. Thanks to everyone who’s entered so far – have been overwhelmed by the response! Still a few days left to enter on the link here – good luck! 

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  1. Hi there, really love the way you’ve styled the white jacket. I bought a Chanel-esque type one in the Zara sale but haven’t worn it yet and you’ve given me lots of ideas. OK, I’m off to bed … was on my way, but got distracted when I saw you had posted!!! Goodnight :)

  2. I love your jacket so much and that crochet shirt looks great layered in this look!!! Xx. Pip

  3. Love it, can’t wait to see what you do next! Come check out my blog, maybe we can follow each other!
    Material Fixations

  4. That jacket was a great find, I love it! Yes please keep away from the water for pics, you are making me nervous! I can’t believe how quickly the holidays have flown by, personally I’m gutted, I don’t miss the routine at all and am not looking forward to getting up early, because on school days, I struggle to get up (says she who has been awake since 5am this morning).

    • Lol Sharron…I struggle to get up also…feeling your pain with a 5am wake up! But I find I’m more disciplined during term time. Have to get up and the kids are away by 9 – so much time to get things done…or at least, that’s the theory! Ax

  5. The layered look is lovely. I too am ready for the kids to go back. It has been a long wet summer here and my hubby has worked most of it so entertaining 3 kids has been hard work at times! Ready for some routine, but not the getting up! X

  6. The jacket looks really good. I’m drawn to the white/cream ones but the practicalities dictate I veer to the dark side. I’m torn between wishing for the school routine (less bickering between two small things) and the hols (lazing around in the morns). Not sure which is the lesser of two evils.

  7. hahahaha! I am glad that your daughter is still with you :-))
    I like you white jacket!!

    Don’t Call Me Fashion Blogger

  8. Looking gorgeous-can’t wait to go on a shopping spree once I’m back in non maternity wear!

  9. Great photos Avril! I am looking forward to the school routine again too! Have a good week:)
    ~Anne xx

  10. very sweet white jacket xo
    would you like to follow each other?

  11. I also pick one item that I want to wear and build my outfit around it!
    :) Pics look great!

  12. wow – loving your jacket! I would totally build an outfit around it too!
    And your 8 year old takes great pictures – so cute that they are a bossy photographer :)

  13. How sweet that your little man helps with pictures, I love it!

  14. I love the jacket and the lace top, you look so pretty!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  15. You look amazing – I love this jacket!! x

  16. Yes! I agree.. the jacket and top work perfectly! It’s funny how the cycle goes.. at the beginning of the summer, the teachers are ready for the kids to leave and the parents are waiting with open arms to enjoy the care-free days of summer. At the end of the holiday.. mom’s are anxious for the return to SCHEDULE and kids are a bit antsy. Funny comments about the bossy little ones.. that’s how they are supposed to be at that age! Lol!

  17. I too pick one thing I want to wear (usually shoes!) then build my outfit around it. Your jacket looks great!

  18. Your jacket and pumps look great,looks like you had a great day bless him my son love to take pictures too :)

  19. I love boucle! Then you added lace, love it even more.