Ankle Boots Shopping & the Dreaded Wedge Trainer

Yes, it’s time for the weekly Ankle Boot post :) After last week’s vs Knee High Boots post, I had lots of questions about where to shop for said shorter boots. I’ve already blogged about my favourites on two other posts so I’m sharing these links again for those of you who may have missed them. I believe most of the boots featured are still in stock:

And now for the ever controversial Wedge Trainer. I featured one of these photos on Facebook yesterday and was bowled over by the response – 87 comments and counting!

Scarf – Matalan £8
Navy Boxy Jersey Top – Dorothy Perkins (similar here)
Jeggings – Warehouse
Wedge Trainers – Matalan £22
I’m really torn over them. The part of me that likes to try new things and challenge what’s appropriate for the school run, wants to keep them. But truthfully, I think they are ugly in the extreme. But I thought that of ankle boots with skirts, patterned trousers and leopard print and have come to love all three…
Anyway, just getting the debate going over here. Should I try a different colour or should I just let the wedge trainer train pass me by? Please don’t suggest I buy Ash ones…the budget does not allow!

Before I go, a few people asked about my navy Dorothy Perkins boxy top that is now out of stock BUT I came across these tops in Matalan yesterday and the shape is very similar. They have a lovely exposed zip on the rear and come in 5 or 6 colours, some of which were in the sale (priced at £5). Great for skimming over mum tum, they are the perfect wardrobe basic:
Zip Back Long Sleeved Top – Matalan – £10

Ok, I’m donning my hard hat…hit me with your wedgie comments :)



  1. Anonymous Reply

    I quite like wedge trainers, but prefer them in a similar colour/ tone to trousers so they don’t make feet look “clompy”. I have some lace up wedges in black which I love and, after your post on ankle boots and skirts, wore with a dress ( look at Burberry Prorsum A/W ) today and I think they looked fine with the most opaque tights in black. Kind of a cowards way to wear them.
    Hope that wasn’t too hard!!!!youre great at keeping me up to date!!!

  2. Heather Reply

    Honest truth? I’m not that keen on the brown wedge trainers but I do love the idea of them and I am quite keen on the floral ones they have. In fact I feel a trip to Matalan coming on soon!

  3. I like them. I’ve been trying different pairs all year and wish I’d bought the first pair I’d tried way back in March and then I would have had my wear out of them by now. You look like you really want to like them but you’re holding back … they will still be here next year you know … so cave in to the wedge side and then you can tick that box. Do you have any boyfriend jeans? I think they go perfect with them with the hems on the jeans rolled up.

    • I don’t have boyfriend jeans….that’s a good point. I’m thinking I’ll try a different colour of trainer though. I’m glad I’m not the only one who has dithered over buying them…but I also wonder if that’s a sign? I keep thinking they will be a short lived thing..Avx

  4. I think you really suit the wedge trainers! I recently got a pair myself after humming and hahhing for ages about them! i really like that yours are a brown colour though, makes them a bit more classy and wearable :) You look great! cat xo

  5. daisychain Reply

    I’m actually quite a fan of the wedge trainer, the pair I have is black and not perhaps so obvious with the wedge though, maybe that’s why?! x

  6. ASH Reply

    I think they look good on you! Don’t think of them as ‘trainers’, I find that helps. x

  7. They look more like shoes than trainers. Great styling.

  8. Avril I think you look great in them… perfect for the school run!!
    ~Anne xx

  9. Butterfly I let go Reply

    I’ve just come back from the US and they are a huge trend there too. I was really tempted but as I’ve already bought 3 pairs of boots – 1 knee length and 2 ankle – I can’t really justify another pair even at Matalan’s prices. I really wasn’t sure at first but I’ve seen some rally nice designs out there.

  10. Life, Loves...... Reply

    Emmm…I picked up black ones in Dunnes here in Ireland on many occasion and also a ash colour in Penneys….I just don’t know maybe a black pair to wear with black jeggins/skinnies…

    Jury is out on these wedge trainers with me as well. You can carry them off perfectly thought Avril.

  11. I have seen afew pairs and I think there not me but then see them on someone else and think yes I like them! still unsure if they are me :)I love the Nike trainer style hign heels shoes If I ever seen these at a good price I would snap them up,being a fan of nike running shoes helps I know they get a mixed reation too :)

  12. Gemma Reply

    Avril I have been on the fence about these things for quite some months now, you’ve just pushed me over the edge…..I love them on you. I think they look fab, these ones don’t look to clumpy, still nice and neat. I’m off to Matalan on a birthday spending spree :-)
    Gemma xo

  13. Anonymous Reply

    I love wedge trainers after getting some recently. I have a black pair from new look which I think would go better with your outfit than the brown ones. I think you look good in them but I don’t like that colour on you so try some others. Mine are very comfy and don’t feel too high and therefore great for school runs xxx

    • Thanks for that – I think a darker colour would work better too. You’re the second person who’s suggested New Look so I’m going to have a look over the weekend. Thanks for the recommendation! Avril x

  14. I think they look great on you. I love the colour. I bought some few weeks ago in New Look but not getting as much wear of them as I thought I would. They’re a light grey colour. They feel nearly too trendy that they make me feel a bit like I’m trying to look too young (I’m 43)! I think the fact my 2 teenage daughters fell completely in love with them didn’t help!

    • Thanks Sammy…hadn’t looked in New Look. I like the sound of grey actually as I wear lots of it. I would keep an eye on them … sounds like you’ll have a few takers if you don’t wear them! Avril x

  15. Good on you – 87 comments – you are the social media maven! I need to get tips from you, even the thought of Twitter intimidates me. Like you, I am back and forth. If they aren’t comfortable I would not be tempted. Are they comfy?

    • Not really…lol! I think that is why I’m torn. I am moving towards taking them back and look at some other brands. Thanks for your lovely comment…was great catching up on your blog today. Hadn’t been by for a couple of weeks. Still smiling about your hangover post :) x

  16. Iva Grbesic Reply

    I love them and hate them!! I’m just as torn as you Avril. Maybe I’ll wait and see what you’re going to decide…

  17. Little Rus Reply

    Oh I must admit I adore wearing ankle boots (with everything). I think it’s just the matter of finding the right shape because the wrong one can totally ruin the look of both the legs and the outfit.
    Wedge trainers-wise… Honestly, I wouldn’t wear them myself. I like the look on other and I think high street did a great job by offering brilliant budget-friendly options… Still… It’s not for me, I am afraid.

  18. Jill Reply

    I wasn’t sure about them but I got some a couple of months ago (Ash – sorry!) and I love them and have worn them lots and lots. Part of that is because they are unbelievably comfy so I would only buy them if they are comfortable – if you are not sure and they are not comfy you will probably never wear them. I really like them on you. I got my Ash ones (Thelma – chocolate brown) half price on the Outnet so worth watching out for as I couldn’t have managed full price. Still not what you would call cheap but they are leather and cost per wear . . .

    • Thanks Jill…like I said to Siobhan below, I am coming around to the look but think I need to buy some proper ones. Thanks for the tips on getting them with discount. Will keen an eye out. Avril x

  19. Siobhan Hunt Reply

    I recently got a pair of wedge ash trainers, and love d modern take on d trainer…love them now…and they r very popular here in my local area with ladies in d 30s and 40s..u look great too, as always. Love your blog:-)

    • Aw, thanks Siobhan…I’m really getting the feeling if I’m gonna do this trend, I need to do it properly with some Ash ones – not fake Matalan ones! Maybe one for the Christmas list… x

    • Siobhan Hunt Reply

      Yes indeed, put them on the list!! I got great compiments on my pair so far, Sporty chic! I have seen another irish (dublin) blogger mention ( i sound so geeky!)a brand called Report wedge sneakers,available on usa site, for 69$, free shipping, seemingly comfortable. So check out google or ebay too, u never know u might find a comfy purse friendly pair, to help Santa! P.S There r brands that have d wedge with straps only too!

    • Ooo…off to have a look for those Report ones. I’m a big fan of DSW as one of my US blogging friends gets amazing shoes there. Thanks so much Siobhan, Avxx

    • Siobhan Hunt Reply

      Happy wedge hunting! i will be checking it out too, the site looks great, i never knew about it before. Nite now Avril, i must step away from d laptop….step away…ok nite! PS that scarf you wore was lovely too…ok nite NOW! Siobhanx

  20. Anonymous Reply

    no you;re right, the wedge trainers look awful with your skinnies. Very unflattering!!

  21. Wedge sneaker are the only sneakers I could ever wear! I love ths outfit especially the colors!!
    Don’t Call Me Fashion Blogger

  22. Anonymous Reply

    I quite like some of them but think a lot of the Ash/Marant copies look on the cheap side. Sorry, not liking these Matalan ones at all – they are very clumpy and unflattering.

  23. Not a fan im afraid! thought about Doc Martin’s? I think you would suit them with your skinny jeans and much more hip at the school gate :-)

    • I did DM’s the first time round…don’t think I do again. What I dislike about the wedge trainers are the laces…so the DM’s would be the same unfortunately. Thanks for the suggestion tho! Avril x

  24. My fabulous Mum just ordered me that scarf:) xx

  25. Anonymous Reply

    I don’t think the extra tight skinnies are meant to be worn with wedge trainers, not a good look I’m Fraid especially for a fashion guru!

    • Oh my word…can I just clarify something – i am NOT a fashion guru! Where on earth did you get that impression. From what I wear?? I’m all chuffed that you think so!
      I am just a mum who’s trying to work out what she can wear in her late 30’s without looking like mutton/lamb. I don’t have any fashion or styling experience and earn no money from this malarky. Please don’t expect fashion guru here…you’re on the wrong blog Mrs! Avril x

  26. Anonymous Reply

    I think they look great in the first pic but to be honest a little less great in the second. I’ve come to the conclusion that they are very beautiful things from the front but wedgie horrors from the side… so not for me I’m afraid!

  27. Hey Avril, What was the outcome with the wedgie trainers – have you worn them since? I love mine, also not Ash expensive ones but they are black and I reckon that makes a big difference. I live in Israel and they are big news here. My only prob is they make me taller than my friends and my husband so I only wear them when I am with kids or out alone! Yes its weird I know.

  28. Susan Chuang Reply

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