The Merrell Wakefield Coat – BEST BUY EVER!

Lots of people asking me about my Merrell Wakefield and where to pick one up at the best price. As well as wearing mine this week (too depressing to share on the blog), I’ve also worn it here and here

44715803 l The Merrell Wakefield Coat   BEST BUY EVER!

This coat is SERIOUSLY waterproof, covers your bum and is nicely fitted at the waistline with a great hood. I wear the size Small, which is a 10 but if you are blessed with norkage and in between sizes, you will want to size up as it is snug at the bust. If black is not your thing, it’s available in red on the Taunton Leisure website for £96.99 with free UK delivery.

prodimg9702 The Merrell Wakefield Coat   BEST BUY EVER!

In Ink Heather:

44718690 l The Merrell Wakefield Coat   BEST BUY EVER!

Or in the greeny/grey colour I have at Nevisport for £110:

FAJKINZZ0053CHARCOAL The Merrell Wakefield Coat   BEST BUY EVER!

It will serve you well in this awful weather – I speak from experience! x

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  1. Carrie Reply

    Agreed. I bought mine via a GO Outdoors price match (black, size S), thinking I’d keep it in reserve for autumn, but have had FAR TOO MUCH wear out of it since I got it last month. But it’s great. Slightly embarrassing at school gates as a friend of mine has the same coat (but there are about 12 other mums who all have the same waxed dog-walking coat from the local farm shop, so don’t feel *that* bad!).

    • You’re like me Carrie. I got mine in December but honestly, it feels like I’ve worn in more since April than I did before then! It’s a great coat though and I’d only admire any other mums at the school gate with one! And it’s way nicer (and less smelly) than a waxed one – I speak from experience here too!! Avril x

  2. I will have to check this out I am so in need of a new winter coat.

    • A bit depressing to be thinking of this now Sharron though…but the bargains are good for winter stuff this time of year! Thanks for dropping by the blog…loved you in your shorts today on your blog….it’s like we’re in different countries! Avril xx

  3. Anonymous Reply

    This coat looks fab – is it washable? I’ve just ordered the Boden parka in the preview but that isn’t washable – with a 2 year old that likes to be picked up usually with muddy boots on I’m slightly concerned about that!!


    Emma x

    • Hi Emma, I’ve not needed to wash mine yet as I’ve been able to wipe off anything to date. However, I’ve checked the label and it says it’s machine washable at 40 degrees! Hope that helps – sorry for the delay in replying. Haven’t had a chance to look at the blog today until now! Avril x

  4. love the coats, your blog is just lovely by the ways, keep up the good work :)

    (open to all)

  5. I’ ll have to think about buying one of these coats next winter,now it’ so hot here that I am sweating just at the sight of them!

    • It’s funny, we are not that far apart but our weathers clearly are…no winter coats for you until at least October Francesca! In the meantime, can we PLEASE have some of your lovely sunshine! Avril xx

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