A New Necklace & Isabel Marant Style Bargain Boots!

Today’s weather was pretty bad but Mr SGS still went golfing so the kids, Aunty Sharon and I headed to George’s Market in Belfast for a mooch about. It was quieter than normal but I still managed to pick up exactly the sort of necklace I was looking for to wear with my new Wal-G jumper I showed you on the blog yesterday

Would you believe me if I told you it was £7 from the Vintage Pintage stall? I never fail to pick up something gorgeous from Danielle when I call in on a Sunday. Worth checking out if you’re local!
It meant that I had to wear my new jumper today and I took lots of photos so you can see the food-baby friendly wrap front on it…

Today, I also wore my new boots – a Christmas present from Aunty Sharon herself. They are Isabel Marant Dicker copies from Mango and I’m so pleased with them. Thanks to Joanna at Poppy’s Style for the tip off! Gorgeous suede, really well made and oh so comfortable. Only £69.99 and reduced in the sale to £34.99 (only brown left). Click the link to read more..

Mango Suede Ankle Boots

and here’s another shot of the jumper close-up to see the marl effect…so pleased with this purchase and tempted to order the burgundy..
I hope you’re looking forward to a New Year – I know I am. I’ve loved 2012 but I always look forward to a new year, new start (and new resolutions that last about a week – I love sugar in my coffee and white wine TOO much).
Thank you for all the amazing support, lovely comments, fantastic tips and useful advice during the past year. I shall drink a glass of bubbly to you all and wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR at about midnight xx



  1. I’ve been looking a necklace like that for AGES it’s gorgeous Avril and you wear it so well (of course) beautiful xx

  2. happy new year avril ! my new years resolution?… to visit st. Georges market more often.its on my doorstep!

  3. Anonymous Reply

    Hi avril,
    Love the outfit. You look great . What colour are the boots you have from mango? Are they the brown ones?
    Thank you for sharing your blog over the last year. You have helped me so much with ideas for outfits and have saved me south time by finding such lovely items for me!
    I am looking forward to seeing what you suggest for the spring. Wishing you and your family a very happy and peaceful 2013.
    Kitty x

    • Aw, thank you Kitty – such a lovely thing to say…has brightened up my NY Eve no end! Happy New Year to you and your family too. Hope I can keep helping out with the outfits during 2013.
      My boots are unfortunately not the brown – mine are mink. Tho a confession – I ordered the brown when I saw them in the sale! Don’t think I’ll keep them however as I really have more ankle boots than a girl should have but they are SO comfortable and SO bargainous – couldn’t resist. They have’t arrived yet mind you…never say never! Thanks again Kitty for your lovely comment, Avril xx

    • PoppysStyle Reply

      Keep them you fool:) Just buy one pair less next year xx

  4. Anonymous Reply

    Ps. That will be so much time, not south time!
    Kitty x

  5. Eleanor Ferguson Reply

    Hi Avril- have been following your blog for a while and love your style. Also love hearing about life in Lisburn as I was born in Northern Ireland and my sister lives near you! Sadly I can’t always wear what you wear since I reckon I’m about 20 years older than you. Can’t seem to find fashion blogs for over 50s so have started my own. If you or your readers are interested it’s called Inspired Follies. Can’t do the link thing yet but hope you can find it.

  6. ClaireH Reply

    Love the boots!!!!!!!

  7. Miss Top Ten Image Reply

    Love that necklace!
    Dear I wish you a super happy 2013. May this new year comes full of tones of love, health and work!!


  8. Love your jumper,perfect with your necklace too. Great look :) All the best for 2013 looking forward to organising my time more and stopping by your blog more :)

  9. PoppysStyle Reply

    Brilliant!! SO glad I helped you spend some money lol! They look fabulous – thrilled you managed to get your size and I LOVE the color! I went and bought 3 pairs of Vince Camuto ballet flats last night off Nordstrom’s sale. I’m making up for the lack of NYC spending:) I’m planning my Spring closet – forward thinking:) HAPPY NEW YEAR!! xx

  10. I love the navy top and the necklace is just perfect. I love the boots as well – I was looking at them but pulled myself together because I do not need another pair of brown/beige/taupe ankle boots but yours look fab on you! It’s been lovely getting to know you (be it by blog) this year and hopefully I wlll get to know you better in 2014! Happy New Year Avril!

  11. Love that necklace Avril, I’m on the hunt for a gold necklace that goes with everything this year. Must get a trip to St Georges Market soon I always foyer about it. Love the new boots too, but I’m on a boot buying ban, I think I already have enough.

    Happy new year for 2013 ad hope you have a nice NYE! Hopefully we’ll meet this year!

    Ps. Sue’s a year ahead of herself above!! Lol

  12. Life, Loves...... Reply

    I am lovein your top alot….great outfit
    Happy New Year

  13. Kitty M Reply

    You look fabulous – and I may just have to blame you for a another new purchase as I’d spotted a similar pair of boots in M&S – even more inspired to get them now lol :-)

    Wishing you the Happiest New Year! x

  14. Style At Every Age Reply

    Happy New Year lovely lady! Looking forward to seeing lots more of you and reading your blog in 2013. Fab oufit and the boots are a great buy! xx

  15. Anonymous Reply

    Hope you are getting commission on the Wal-G tops- they look so lovely on you that I ordered two….!

  16. Great – now I’ve bought your top. Must. stay. away. from. your. blog.

  17. Anonymous Reply

    Same here. Bought it in the burgundy. Tempted to get the blue now….

  18. abbieabby jones Reply

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  19. Jack Smith Reply

    You look fabulous with the shiny necklace and the Isabel Marant Boots.

  20. lihai Reply

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