My Yumi Yellow Dress

I was given this dress a few weeks ago for Blogfest and had intended wearing it with a white shirt underneath to the event. However the only white shirt I have wasn’t white enough and I had a footwear dilemma too. Add to that the tizz I was getting myself into about heading to London, I decided to play it safe and wear my Gok dress. But now I see these photos, I’m wondering if I missed a trick. Said it before and say it again…taking photos of your outfits is very useful!

Yellow+Dress1 My Yumi Yellow Dress
Yumi Yellow Pinafore – Room31
Black Studded Shoes – Office
Black Lace Cropped Jacket – Warehouse (past season)

I styled the dress with this little black lace jacket I bought a few years ago in Warehouse and I’m so pleased at how well they go together. The length is perfect to show off the bow at the back. And I’m loving my new mad shoes from last week’s post. Who’d have thought they would work with a skirt?

Yellow+Dress2 My Yumi Yellow Dress

Yellow+Dress3 My Yumi Yellow Dress
Some close ups of the front and the rear button detail
Yellow+Dress6 My Yumi Yellow Dress

And here it is without the little jacket. With the right white shirt, it would look great..I’m off now to read The Flaky Fashionista’s White Shirt Guide again..

Yellow+Dress5 My Yumi Yellow Dress
Don’t forget, if you like this dress, you can get 25% off at the checkout with the code SGS25. And there’s free delivery for all orders over £30 at the moment.
Yellow+Dress4 My Yumi Yellow Dress

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  1. miss b Reply

    I love all the little details on this dress.

  2. Agonydoc Reply

    This dress looks gorgeous on you, the colour is a real lift on a grey December day and the black accents make it sooooo much easier to wear…but then that’s me, I’m a wimp when it comes to colour but this really appeals :)
    I look forward to seeing it with a white shirt too

  3. Ooh – liking the shoes with this – helps to have the right shaped legs for this kind of ensemble as well. The Gok dress is so different to the Yumi one, it would have been really hard to compare. Hindsight is wonderful but it can also send you round in a tizzy.

  4. The Flaky Fashionista Reply

    Oh thank you so much for the kind mention. Hugely appreciated! Love the dress and think that a white shirt would look great under it. Don’t second guess your Blogfest outfit – the Gok dress was perfect and as a more sophisticated dress, it probably suited the event better. Helen

  5. Such a sweet outfit & your shoes are PERFECT with it!

    Nic x

  6. daisychain Reply

    That dress is utter perfection on you x

  7. PoppysStyle Reply

    SO flattering on you and I love the bow detail. You look teeny tiny in it!:)

  8. I think this is one of my favourite outfits on you. I love the colour and it really is very funky.

  9. Crazy Style Love Reply

    What a pretty dress! I LOVE the colour, and the detail on the back is adorable!!

    xo Jenny

  10. Love to see a bright pop of colour in Winter:)
    ~Anne xx

  11. oh that is so cute and I LOVE the colour and style … I love the shape of the skirt part of it … do I REALLY need another dress in my life?


  12. Thanks for featuring R31 on your blog
    Ruth –


  13. Alex Reply

    Love this dress!