Charity Finds, Christmas Cakes & Literary Debuts!

I have a whole lot of random stuff to share with you before Christmas! Firstly, I’m so excited to finally see the finished version of style and image book, ‘Your Best You’ by Sonya Lennon & Brendan Courney.

You may remember earlier this year, I travelled to Dublin to take part in some photos for this book so it was great to see the final shot appearing in the book (twice!)..

I’m really impressed with the book. As well as being full of fashion and beauty advice, it’s got a great ‘dressing for your body shape’ section and lots of advice on exercise and diet. You may be wondering why I have two of the books – watch out for a giveaway in January. But if you can’t wait that long, you can pick it up on Amazon.
Also this week, we went to the nursery nativity play (cue non-stop blubbing)..the cuteness of it all! 

I’ve had several supermarket dashes and lots of food preparation for the big day. In the midst of it all, this lovely delivery came from The Fat Gherkin.

The Christmas cake is made and iced – so relieved to get this job out of the way. Hope it tastes as good as it looks..

I’ve also had a couple of shifts to do in the Cancer Research shop – wearing my new M&S dress today – loving it with this H&M white shirt and River Island ankle boots..

and look at this absolute beauty of a handbag that’s sitting in the Lisburn Road shop at the moment. Dark grey Lulu Guinness in excellent condition for only £40. PM me if interested. Can’t promise it will still be there after a busy Saturday though…

So, like everyone this time of year, it’s going to be a busy 3 or 4 days but I’ll squeeze in a couple more posts before I take a break with the family for a few days over Christmas. Oh and the Christmas sales – I need time off to explore them too – for research purposes only :)


  1. LOVE the fact that you are in a book – a real life book!! Well done!
    Navity plays and carol concerts set me off every time – even if it doesn’t involve my children!

    Have a great Christmas Avril, has been lovely getting to know you this year


  2. Love your photo in the book Avril:) The twins look so cute at their nativity play. Hope you have a lovely weekend.
    ~Anne xx

  3. Merry Christmas Avril. I went to my son’s nativity this week and can confirm they are a blub fest.

  4. congrats for being featured in the book. ive been so busy baking lately and no outfit post so can’t wait for a healthier new year and back to fashion posts. Stopping by to wish you a merry Christmas :) can’t wait for the sales x

  5. Treasuresnpleasures Reply

    Oooo that book sounds great! Did u make that cake? I love the wee snowflakes around the edge. I really need to hit the Fat Gherkin, Ive heard great things about it. Love that dress on you, you look very professional.

  6. Carol Li Reply

    Thanks for sharing the details of the new book. I can’t resist style books so will be purchasing via amazon. Your kids look adorable in their outfits!

  7. ClaireH Reply

    Ooooh Avril,stop showing that dress my resolve is weakening!!! Just done my cake but not as nice as yours. I deliberately include Away in a Manger in all my nativist ides…it gets the mums every time!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. ClaireH Reply

    Nativities damm predictive text!!!

  9. Ah you look great in the book. Also I want to eat your twins, they are just too cute! Merry Christmas Av xx
    S xx

  10. Wow – a book feature! This time next year maybe you’ll be writing your own book :-)
    I’m ploughing through masses of style books at the moment for my Journey to Style project. They are a VERY mixed bag indeed. I’ll buy this one out of respect to the fact that you’re featured in it IF you can promise that it won’t tell me that ‘a white t-shirt, a black blazer and a pencil skirt’ are ‘essentials for every woman’s wardrobe.’ LOL!

  11. Phew…what a week worn out reading it! Love your outfit in that pic – such a great dress on you! Hope you have a fantastic Christmas with your family and fingers crossed we get to meet up in 2013! xxx

  12. Life, Loves...... Reply

    Wow cool, your debut….that is so cool…fair play Avril, I will have to purchase
    Love your dress and the girls are so lovely!


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