Love Umbrellas in the Snow

The other week, I received the most gorgeous gift in the post – a customised, heart shaped metallic silver umbrella – from Klair at Love Umbrellas. Now I’ve followed Klair for a while on Twitter and Facebook and marvelled at the amazing umbrellas she creates for special occasions, mostly weddings. But I’d not realised that you could have one of her fabulous creations to use every day.
So I picked a particularly rubbish day to do a few photos showing off the umbrella…snow and gales. And what I immediately noticed about this umbrella is that it’s not a delicate thing at all – it was well able to cope with the strong easterly wind that tried to blow us both away (they’ve even been weather tested by ITV’s This Morning!) 
Love+Umbrellas2 Love Umbrellas in the Snow
Klair customises these umbrellas herself and can work to one of her many creative designs on the website/Facebook albums or do something special just for you – as she’s done with this – adding colour and detail to a plain heart shaped umbrella. 
I’ve had a compliment every time I’ve used it since it arrived (lots of times). I think the heart shape alone makes people smile and then the buttons are a beautiful bonus.
Love+Umbrellas6 Love Umbrellas in the Snow
Customised Button Umbrella – Love Umbrellas
Grey Jeans – Primark
Navy Boots – M&S (sold out)
(Super Bobbly – don’t buy one) Pink Jumper – Phase 8
Scarf (just seen) – Sainsburys
Necklace – Boots
Love+Umbrellas+Collage Love Umbrellas in the Snow
I think one of these umbrellas would make an amazing present for a friend or indeed a teacher. They are so unique yet really practical. Here are some of my other favourites from Klair’s site..
Umbrellas+Collage Love Umbrellas in the Snow
You can find out more and contact Klair via the Love Umbrellas Facebook Page. I know she’d love some new likes on there and that way, you will have access to her regular flash sales and competitions.
Speaking of competitions – have you entered mine yet? I’m giving away a gorgeous breton top from Hot Squash AND a styling book called Your Best You. Click here to enter. Only a few days left before I announce the winner!
(I was sent this umbrella free of charge but was not obliged to blog about it. All views my own!)

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  1. Anonymous Reply

    Avril – What beautiful umbrellas! Just to say the gorgeous Yumi round collar pleat cream top arrived a couple of days ago – really pleased with it, its a lovely little top,lovely detail on it and you were spot on about the sizing! Hope you have a lovely Easter weekend, Claire (in the not so sunny South East!)

    • Thank you Claire for your comment – they are gorgeous, aren’t they?
      I’m SO pleased you love your new top also Claire – sorry for the delay replying – I did read this but didn’t get round to replying until now. Hope you had a fab Easter yourself, Avx

  2. i see no scarf from dainsburys..can we get another pic? was looking at them last night they are so lovely and grt value. love the necklace it looks beaut. oh and i heart the umbrella ….. ;) im a teacher too……:))

  3. That’s a gorgeous umbrella. Really love the shape – very cute. Such a shame that we still need to use them though … who ever thought we’d be having a white Easter?!

  4. Beautiful umbrellas Avril, Love them :)

  5. The umbrella is gorgeous! Love it and the butterfly one, but I’d hate to get them wet…..;-)

  6. I’m in love with your button brolly! Will be checking out the site xo

  7. Love the umbrella very unusual and yet practical!! There’s nothing more boring in miserable drizzle than another black brolly!!

    Avril, I know you read a lot of blogs, could you recommend someone who blogs on clothes you would wear clubbing? I can’t find any and I need inspiration!!


    • Hi Rachel and sorry for the delay replying. You had me stumped and I’ve spend a couple of weeks mulling this one over but to no avail. I did post a few night out outfits when I started this blog but they are more in the LBD department as opposed to clubbing attire. If I find something, I’ll let you know. Sorry I can’t help immediately. Ax

  8. Oh that’s gorgeous Avril, so unique! I hope the snow didn’t ruin your boots I’m so funny about suede getting ruined.

  9. How fabulous! So unique! I bet I’d leave it somewhere though!

  10. How can one have brolly envy? I have it!