My Marmite Specs from Specsavers

Unlike many of the reviews I do on here, this one is for a company I’ve been a customer of for over 15 years – Specsavers - and it was in their Lisburn store that last week, I acquired my new marmite spectacles. Everyone who has met me wearing them since I picked them up on Saturday has either completely hated them or absolutely loved them so I’m quite excited about sharing on the blog to see what you all think
SSavers1 My Marmite Specs from Specsavers
Now for those of you who wear glasses, you’ll know the drill regarding visits to the optician. It’s an amazing health check for your eyes, going beyond assessing your sight to ruling out a number of sight-threatening medical issues. Since my last test, Specsavers are now taking photographs of the back of patient’s eyeballs. So you really come out with the security of knowing your eyes are super healthy (albeit a bit short-sighted in my case).
SpecSavers1 My Marmite Specs from Specsavers
The back of my left eyeball!
So sight test done, I was let loose in the shop to chose some new glasses from the Designer RangeI knew I wanted full-on statement glasses this visit. At the grand old age of almost 40, I am officially fed up with sensible specs. My prescription hasn’t changed in years so I already have an accumulation of corporate-appropriate eyewear suitable for job interviews and funerals. This was fun-glasses time! Cue photo montage of me trying on basically every mad looking frame there was..
Spec+Collage My Marmite Specs from Specsavers
Specs+Collage My Marmite Specs from Specsavers
I then whittled it down to two – my marmite ones and some cat’s eye leopard ones. And here’s the thing – I could have both thanks to Specsaver’s buy one get one free arrangement. Perfect.
SpecSavers18 My Marmite Specs from Specsavers
Left – Gok Wan 18 & Right – Osiris B26
You can try both on online if you click on the links!
All in all the sight test and glasses choosing took just over an hour. 48 hours later, the specs were on my face. I call that first class customer service. And I’ve not even mentioned the staff in the Lisburn store who went over and above the call of duty to ensure I was looked after. Running in to the lab to bring out frames that had sold out but could be ordered in and showing me staff members with the same frame style themselves. But at the same time, not rushing me and not being too pushy. I like that because choosing glasses can be quite stressful – they are a very visible accessory so you want to be happy with your choice.

 So here are some photos of me wearing the new glasses. Over to you guys – which do you prefer?

Specs2+Collage My Marmite Specs from Specsavers
PS Thank you to Specsavers UK and especially to the team at Specsavers on Bow Street, Lisburn for supplying me with my new glasses.

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  1. Both very different but I like them both. I like the retro secretary look – reminds me of a pair which I used to wear when I used to stomp around the workplace pretending to look bossy and efficient. I think it worked as someone asked who the “auditor” was referring to me. Aah those were the days, little skirt suits and cloppy heels. Not it’s all about the jeans. Yay!

    The left pair is a bit more daytime and more “Alex” from the Frugality in a good way and the second pair is great for an evening look.

  2. The pair on the right are my fav but then I am guessing you’d know those would be my vote ;) I do like the others but they’d take some getting used to due to their size I think. Lovely to see you out of your sensible frames! xx

  3. Hi Avril-as a customer of Specsavers too, I really rate their service and the spec deals they offer. I defected to Vision Express one year and it was a nightmare so back I returned to the faithful and ever helpful Specsavers. I love both pairs on you, they both compliment your face in different ways which is a good thing and having more than one pair gives more options as to wearing for different occasions xxx

  4. I like both but think the Goks suit you best… they jumped out at me from looking at the thumbnail pics before reading about your choices.

    Nic x

  5. My vote is for the pair on the right. I have a pair quite similar to the pair on the left (the Gok ones) and still feel a bit unsure about them, feel I look like an owl!


  6. Cat’s eye leopard print ones are gorgeous. The others remind me of Reg Holdsworth or Deirdre from Coronation Street.

  7. I prefer the cats eyes ones personally

  8. Both look good, it’s nice to have 2 pairs – I get so bored of my glasses very quickly, so nice to swop & change x

  9. Hi. I think the ones on the right are lovely on you. they really suit you. Nearly makes me wish I wore glasses. I totally agree though about the service in Specsavers. I went to the Letterkenny branch last year and they were so thorough I ended up in eye clinic at the hospital just to be checked out. Thankfully everything was fine but I was so impressed with their professionalism.

  10. I think both pairs look fab – you are lucky enough to really suit most styles of glasses! I recently blogged about my new specs too over at

  11. The cats eyes frame suits your face shape the best, not too sure on the other pair. Perhaps a little too big for my liking lol

  12. Anonymous Reply

    Neither suits you. You had two EXCELLENT matches in there, though.

  13. I like the cat eye ones better. :)

    And DUH! Why do I never think to take my picture in the mirror when I try on specs?!?! I have horrible vision and can’t see how I look without putting my nose on the glass. ::slaps head::

  14. Love the cat’s eyes ones; they really, really suit you. And sorry, but kinda’ hate the Gok ones. Definitely a bit too Deirdre Barlow, I’m afraid :(

  15. Yup, I’m with most of the other posters here in going for the Osiris ones on the right. Grown up but sassy and fun – you look great in them :-)

  16. Of course I love the Gok glasses! Love a retro oversized frame x

  17. JW Reply

    Personally I hate the geek chic look (think Alex from The Frugality who’s mentioned above looks awful in hers, she’s so pretty without them) so the Gok ones are a thumbs down from me. But I love the other pair, they really suit you :)

    • Thanks JW – they are similar to Alex’s and I quite like hers too. I think it’s because she’s so pretty that they work. Not everyone’s cup of tea of course though and both Alex and I know that! She’s had her share of comments too! Lol – how boring it would be if we all looked the same, Ax

  18. I love the cats eyes one too I think the Gok ones are too big on you.

  19. I love them both actually Avril! Both different looks and both work on you x

  20. Def the Cats eyes the look really cool on you…the others are a bit of a nothing style really, not geek chic, just plain sorry!! xx

  21. Going to the opticians is on my list of things to do for this year! I am in dire need of a new pair, I think I have had mine for about 5 years now! I like both pairs on you, but then I am a huge glasses fan x

  22. Anonymous Reply

    Hi Avril,
    I love Specsavers too. I have always gone to them for my contact lenses and most recently glasses. I have also just been liaising with them as they have kindly donated 80 hi-vis vests to my childrens primary school so the children can be seen when walking to/from school or when on outings.
    Like the other posts I prefer the cats eyes glasses on you, it’s funny but I now feel more confident wearing glassess than contacts!

    • Hi Jo – thank you for your comment. That’s great what Specsavers have done for your school! Nice to see them involved in the community too. And like you, I’m enjoying my glasses these days now. I only wear my contacts about once a week now. Thanks for dropping by Jo, Ax