Yellow Jeans from Black White Denim – 6 Different Ways

I get asked all the time about styling coloured jeans. We’re so used to wearing darker colours on our legs so when we opt for colour, it can be difficult to know how to pull it off. Fear not as I am taking on one of the more challenging jeans colours today in my link up with Black White Denim. Yellow! 
So what is Black White Denim I hear you ask? Jo Davis opened her Wilmslow-based boutique in 2010 and her online store 2 years ago. Black White Denim makes looking effortless very simple for busy women because they stick to the three building blocks of every stylish woman’s wardrobe: black, white and denim. Colour is introduced seasonally through coloured denim, footwear and accessories – hence my lovely parcel of yellowness
BWD9+Collage Yellow Jeans from Black White Denim   6 Different Ways
My challenge was to find as many ways to style these 2nd Day Lime Sally Skinny Jeans with Black, White and … yes you’ve guessed it … Denim! And I came up with 6 – using just what was in my wardrobe, proving the point that so much of our wardrobe does depend on these elements. Here are all my looks – 4 daytime and 2 dressier.

Look Number 1 – Casual Daytime Cold Weather
BWD7+Collage Yellow Jeans from Black White Denim   6 Different Ways
Jeans (throughout) – 2nd Day Lime Sally Skinny Jeans
Denim Shirt – TU @ Sainsburys
Black Oversized Jumper – TK Maxx
Necklace – Mango
Black Elastic Riding Boots – Hobbs
This is the outfit best suited to the current (gorgeous!) weather. Such an antidote to the snow to have gorgeous yellow legs!

Look Number 2 – Daytime Casual

BWD6+Collage Yellow Jeans from Black White Denim   6 Different Ways
Denim Jacket & Patent Pumps – M&S
White T-Shirt – Superdry
Scarf – TK Maxx
A slightly warmer weather option. Denim works SO well with coloured jeans and if you can find a scarf with the jeans colour in it, it’s the perfect way to pull the outfit together.

Look Number 3 – Night Time – Rock Chick

BWD5+Collage Yellow Jeans from Black White Denim   6 Different Ways
Boucle Jacket – Gok 4 TU @ Sainsburys
Shoe Boots – Autograph @ M&S
Black Oversized T-Shirt – H&M
Necklace – Mango
Black boucle jacket and shoe boots with a rocking necklace. Perfect for a girl’s night out.

Look Number 4 – Daytime Casual

BWD3+Collage Yellow Jeans from Black White Denim   6 Different Ways
Denim Shirt – TU @ Sainsburys
Navy Suede Ankle Boots – M&S
Necklace – Vintage
I kept this one simple with my denim shirt left untucked and a vintage statement necklace to dress it up a little. Navy suede boots pick up the blues nicely.

Look Number 5 – Smart Casual / Night Out

BWD4+Collage Yellow Jeans from Black White Denim   6 Different Ways
Black Blazer – ASOS
Statement Necklace – Accessorize
White T-Shirt – Superdry
Black ‘hairy’ Pumps – M&S
Ah, the hairy shoes are out again! This time with my go-to black blazer for another smart look. 

Look 6 – Summertime Stripes

BWD1+Collage Yellow Jeans from Black White Denim   6 Different Ways
Denim Jacket & Necklace – M&S
Striped Long Line Top – Next
Patent Flat Pumps – Clarks
Ideally, I’d have worn this outfit with sandals but a combination of baltic temperatures and white feet kicked that idea to touch! This shows how perfect stripes are with coloured jeans – such a summery look.

Although these 6 looks are with yellow jeans, you can swap the yellow for any other coloured denim, green, red, blue and even floral!

Regarding the jeans themselves, they are by far the nicest, softest, most perfect fit skinny jeans I own. What a treat to have them in my wardrobe and I’m looking forward to wearing them for many years to come – I can tell they will last. Size-wise, they are true to fit. I’m wearing a 29″ waist, being normally a 10-12 in jeans. I measured my waist with a tape measure and ordered that size. How refreshing to have something that IS the size it says it is.

My Easter Yellow jeans and I are off to dream about chocolate. 
Hope you all have a lovely Easter – enjoy the break!

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  1. Great post Avril, I’m obsessed with yellow at the mo but hadn’t really though of yellow jeans, they are so versatile too. Yellow works with denim blue grey black and white so well that it’s perfect colour to go for in coloured jeans!

  2. Love look 4 – gorgeous! Yellow jeans I might just be able to do – yellow near my face seems to wash me out … Xx

  3. Love this colour jeans, they go great every way you wore them :)Happy Easter Avril :)

  4. They look fab on you. And as you say you can do so many looks with them! xx

  5. Anonymous Reply

    Great looks Avril. Plenty of ideas there. Thanks! MarieS

  6. Hi Avril! I adore denim and the pale yellow obviously is a grand choice to go with so much in an existing wardrobe, I really love all of these looks-very versatile and stylish and the jeans themselves look fabulous. Have a great weekend, Sharon xxx

  7. I would never think of wearing yellow jeans … thanks for the idea! Really like them with the Breton stripe and denim jacket. Hope you’re having a good Easter weekend, Helen

  8. oooh I have yellow jeans, some FANTASTIC ways to wear them – excellent!

  9. How ingenious are you at styling those jeans and all those looks are so different from each other? And I have to say you are one of the few women I know who can pull off yellow jeans.

    And how rare is it to find size 29 jeans? I’m like you – a bit inbetween. I will have to see what else they online.

    • Thanks Sue – I probably could have just about done the 28 actually as they are so soft and stretchy and I do like to shoe horn myself into my denim where possible! It was a bit of a challenge getting all 6 looks done in one morning with three kids in tow and snow on the ground! The challenges of being a blogger! Happy Easter! Ax

  10. You look sensational, in all of your looks. So happy we found a stylish Mamma!

  11. Great styling Avril….love the striped top with them:) Have a lovely Easter with all the family!
    ~Anne xx

  12. Those are a really lovely colour! I like the denim jacket look best, I think. Cannot wait to break out my coloured jeans again. Hope you & the family have a lovely Easter xx

  13. Love how you have styled them in all the photo’s xxx

  14. I love look no. 5 the most – this has given me some great ideas. x

  15. Hazel Reply

    I love yellow it’s such a happy colour but rarely wear it as I don’t suit it. Yellow jeans look great and are away from the face so for me would be very wearable.

  16. I’m having a bit of an Emperors new clothes moment. I think these jeans are awful. I don’t think they work with black at all and the stripy dress look is especially awful. The jeans are a poor fit with all that folding at the knees; your legs look like yellow sausages. Sorry, generally you can do no wrong, but these jeans do nothing for you. Ugh. I am sorry but feel akin to the dilemma that occurs when you see someone with spinach in their teeth-I could pretend I haven’t noticed but just can’t. For the record I’m a huge admirer of you and your sense of style but this is not good at all. Send them back!

    • I know they won’t appeal to everyone and that’s ok. I do really love them though and will be wearing again and again – perhaps best to avoid those future posts?! Haha! Happy Easter! Ax

  17. Anonymous Reply

    I think you always look amazing Avril but will be completely honest with you these are not good with black! the best is look 2 daytime casual. I love coloured jeans but not this colour.

    Wishing you and your family a lovely Easter.

  18. These are such a lovely shade of yellow. Love the fact that you have styled them so many ways too.

    X x

  19. Wow! Such an amazing post! Look 4 is my fav! I think they look amazing with the denim shirt & your new blue boots! I also like look 6 & agree they would look better with sandals but don’t blame you one bit for not wearing them for the shoot & risking frostbite! Id like to see you wearing them this Summer & showing us other ideas you’ve come up with as I’m sure you will be more inspired once the weather warms up! Ax

  20. Oh you did good here Avril, I love the colour of these jeans….pretty yellow and you have styled then is so many ways….well don!