Bank Holiday Heat & The Next Sale…

As I type, I’m sitting in the garden in shorts and a vest top at 9pm. Love this weather! 
It was a bank holiday in Northern Ireland today so we got up late and at about midday, headed up to watch some of the 12th of July parade. 
It was 27 degrees with little or no breeze so I braved a garden outfit OUTSIDE the garden..(with lots of help from Sally Hansen)
 Bank Holiday Heat & The Next Sale...
Pocket Breton – Boden (in the sale!)
White Shorts – Mango (years old)
White Canvas Pumps – Tesco
Cross Body Canvas Bag – Mandarina Duck @ TK Maxx (SS11)
On my mind this evening is the Next Sale. I’m asking myself (and those of you who follow on Facebook) is it worth heading there tomorrow morning at 5am? Hubby can mind the kids and I’ll probably be home before they wake so it’s not going to disrupt our Saturday at all. I’ve loved some of the range this season but is it madness to get up at stupid o’clock for a high street sale? I actually worked the Next sale many years ago (long story) and was open-mouthed at the crowds that literally ran in the door when it opened…and the piles of stuff they bought. But it did put me off going as a customer ever since – the panic, the elbowing, the frantic shopping
 Bank Holiday Heat & The Next Sale...
Photo Credit – Detroit Free Press

What about you? Will you be at your local Next at 5am tomorrow? If you’re reading this on Saturday, have you been already and scored a bargain? I’d love to hear all about it…
Oh and I’ll let you know how I spent my Saturday morning in the next post! 


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  1. silver brogues Reply

    Love the breton – might order another colour in the sale:) You look so summery – we had planned to get out but it is sooo warm – feet in the paddling pool instead! Enjoy the rest of the bank holiday:)

  2. Jenny G Reply

    Avril I think you look great in your ‘garden outfit’ – I’m not brave enough yet (by the time I get round to it the weather will no doubt change!). I have been to the Next sale in past years quite early on but never silly o’clock and not on a day like this! Have a great weekend! xx

    • Thanks Jenny – the style on the 12th in Belfast is not known for being too demure so I knew I’d not stick out …and I was right! haha…a friend commented on Facebook that not even Gok could have sorted some people out yesterday :) Have a great weekend x

  3. I’m not brave enough to go and fight my corner in the Next sales! Women and their elbows scare me! X

  4. Oh my lord your legs are so so amazing. And the colour? You’re not proper Irish, are you? Tis not fair!

    Next sale, no thanks. GAH. Although I did do an online order but everything’s out of stock for two to six weeks. Yeah just in time for my summer holidays. Not. Will cancel if they’re not here by wed!


    • Sally Hansen all the way – she must have Irish in the family. It’s magic stuff and washes off each day if you want or it will last through a shower or two if you’re careful washing – so no tanning disaster to live with for a week! I actually have yet to successfully order online from Next…I seem to have ended up on a password blacklist with them and they won’t let me log in. Maybe not a bad thing. x

  5. I braved the Next Sale once. Never again.
    I love the Boden top.

  6. ClaireH Reply

    Next sale mania is not what it used to be… queues all the way down the road any more thank God!
    Your legs look great I’d keep them out. I’m addicted to St Tropez which gives me the confidence to get mine out… the yellow Breton.

  7. PoppysStyle Reply

    You look fabulous Avril! Love the shoes! It looks almost as hot as Cyprus xx