Two Outfits in One Day

I’m not complaining about the weather but I am mostly wearing two outfits every day. One for the garden and one for venturing out! Having seen a few rare outfits out and about over the past week, I’m erring on the side of caution when it comes to flesh exposure….this ecard sums it up nicely..

So today, I started out in a short dress for the garden…this is a dress I’ve worn previously only as a tunic – it’s that short. Also, I’ve got v short legs so even though it looks ok in the photo, it was pretty indecent from the back and definitely not Tesco appropriate.
So when I needed to go out for groceries with the kids in tow, I changed into my Avenue 57 top (now sold out sadly) with leggings. I bought this from Fiona’s shop a couple of months ago but something wasn’t working for me with it. Finally, this week, it clicked – it had long sleeves and I wanted it to have short sleeves as it’s so lightweight and summery. The long sleeves felt wrong to me. So it got the chop. That’s two pairs of trousers and a top that have been snipped this week. Need to resist any more cutting up…getting a bit scissor happy…
Wearing with some old white short leggings (yes, I know, I know…white leggings. A no-go area but they are non-transparent, I promise!), very old and worn out sandals from a couple of years ago and some of my own jewellery. My favourite heart necklace and bracelet. Love how these brighten up the outfit and pick up on the silver detail on the sandals.
So what about you – have you got a garden look and an ‘out and about’ look? Or am I just weird…

…ok don’t answer that second question.



  1. fabulousso40s Reply

    Your not weird I do exactly the same thing….he…he… I thought it was just me as well my husband says I’m mad!!! If I had your legs though I would go out in the first outfit, just don’t bend over in Tesco…he…he xx

    • Haha – I’m glad I’m not alone! Thing is, it’s not just the bending over in Tesco, it’s leaning into the car to put seat belts on too and getting into the car! Clearly, I needed to go to finishing school to learn how to do all these things without flashing my pants :) x

  2. little homebird Reply

    Looks great, I’ve just ordered 2 I hope they aren’t too big! Did you just cut the sleeves off and leave them or sew around the edges too? Ali :)

    • Hi Ali, I did leave it initially but have since given it a tiny hem. It was starting to fray a bit. You could also sew the end onto the elastic at the shoulder to make a kind of puffed sleeve/off shoulder thing. Hope you like them! x

    • little homebird Reply

      I will let you know when they come! Thanks :)

    • little homebird Reply

      They have just arrived and I love them but think you are right about needing to make them short sleeved. I’m just a bit scared at chopping away at clothes for fear of ruining them! x

  3. flabbyface Reply

    I’m a size 28 and if i dressed as others thought i should dress during the sumer months i would be walking in the scorching heat in burka.
    I dress to feel comfortable. If that means i’m showing too much back flab, so be it.
    Jules x

  4. The Flaky Fashionista Reply

    LOL, you can be sure that I have two different outfits for the garden and public. The sun is fantastic for psoriasis, so I’ve been grabbing every chance I have to get out under the rays. However, I’ve even banned the kids on the road from coming into our back garden!!! So yes .. I’m positively indecent in the garden, but very respectable with linen palazzos and tees or vest tops (get me, showing my arms!!) when I venture out the front door. I love the first dress you wore … really? is it too short? And ADORE that heart necklace :)

    • I didn’t know that about psoriasis….that’s great for you! And yes – as I’m long in the body and shorter in the legs, that dress is VERY short. On a shorter bodied girl, you’d get away with it but you literally can see my pants from the back – without any bending over! haha x

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  6. I’m the other way round Avril – long in the legs and a stubby old body . Impossible to dress in the summer as I have no waist for dresses :( I do the same – garden clothes versus seen in public clothes. Only now I have to be a bit more careful with builders to consider – bother.

    • Well now, I never thought of the downsides to having longer legs! The grass is always greener eh? And lol at the builders…we had the window cleaners today. I had to leg it back indoors to change! haha x

  7. I have a cycling look and a shopping look – I just whip off the leggings.,

  8. Hannah Ruth Reply

    Your legs do look awesome in the short dress though! x

  9. Katy - Giggles And Makeup Reply

    You look lovely! Both dresses look lovely :-) xx

  10. Jenny G Reply

    If you’re weird then I am too Avril! Like both outfits – especially the dress – your legs look great! I changed from ‘short garden skirt’ to jeans (yes jeans!) to go to the supermarket on Saturday!xx

  11. Emma Henderson Reply

    You look fab! I don’t have a garden but if I did I would totally have a garden look xo

  12. silver brogues Reply

    Your garden dress is gorgeous – and lucky neighbours;) I love that top on Avenue 57 but didn’t know how much wear I’d get from it – looks great with the short sleeves!

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