8 years ago today…

I met this gorgeous boy for the first time..

Callum1 8 years ago today...

It’s my football obsessed son! Turned my life upside-down back in 2004 and he’s grown into an amazing young man. Makes me proud every day. 

We had a lovely day today on his actual birthday. Yesterday we had the party day and it was just a bit hectic so it was lovely to have a quieter day today at the park with his sisters and the kids’ honorary Aunty, my best friend, Claire

Callum11 8 years ago today...

We’re at that difficult time of the year…it’s lovely and sunny out and quite warm in the sunshine. But it’s not yet summertime officially, so can you ditch the woolies yet?
I went for a mixture today, skinny navy jeans with maroon colour pumps from Clarks (difficult to find – these are the closest I can find) and my Primark lacy t-shirt layered over a vest. I’ve added a Topshop boyfriend cardigan over my shoulders…there was still a nip in the air out in the park.

Callum3 8 years ago today...
Cardigan – Topshop (old), Lace Top – still available in Primark
White Vest – H&M
Callum4 8 years ago today...

Callum5 8 years ago today...

I love greys and stone colours – not very exciting I know, but if you’re buying less expensive clothes, neutral colours tend to look like they cost a bit more.
Still debating whether to dig out the white trousers yet…what do you think? 
Hope you’ve had a lovely sunny day wherever you are. See you tomorrow. I’m off for some cuddles with my gorgeous birthday boy icon smile 8 years ago today...


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  1. crazywalker Reply

    Fab….I love a bit of sludge myself,agree about it looking more expensive……if you ever see that cardi in Top Shop again let me know.where are your ballerinas from?

    • Thanks! That cardigan is fab – have worn is so much since I got it a couple of years ago. Has bobbled a lot though… so frustrating. The ballerinas are from Clarks Outlet – my wide feet have to go there for ballerinas. Have linked to some on eBay but hard to find. Let me know if you ever see any. It’s a brilliant colour – goes with everything.