Easy Living School Runway Competition

I found out about the Easy Living School Runway competition from another blogger and was persuaded by my hubby to enter myself. However, I want one of you to win! After all, I’ve hopefully inspired you all over the past couple of months and if you share your look, you could win a professional photoshoot! This is the photo I entered as it’s what I was wearing yesterday (before & after my Gok changing room exploits):

Frontdoor1 Easy Living School Runway Competition

It’s out with the trusty Merrell Wakefield coat
- that cold weather hit again this weekend and I’m very glad of this cosy coat. Underneath, I’m wearing the olive version of my black Tesco top. I picked this up at Tesco in Newtownbreda for just £5 the other day (love a bargain!), layered with a charcoal H&M cardigan (similar on link), a Monsoon skinny black belt, black jeggings from M&S and my Carl Scarpa boots. 
If you aren’t entering yourself, then please vote for me on this link. Have never been styled or had my make-up done professionally – every girl’s dream. And wouldn’t it make a brilliant blog post!
Hope you’re having a lovely Sunday and that the sun is shining wherever you are! 


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  1. I only wish my school gate outfits were worthy of a photo! Sadly I usually look like I have been sleeping in a doorway most mornings! Hoping the blog will inspire/shame me into making more effort!

  2. Good luck with the competition Avril! Don’t have a facebook account! My teens worried I might spy on them!!