Do I Need a Bright Coral Blazer?

Yesterday, as well as meeting up with blogging Belfast Mummy, Clare, I took advantage of being in Belfast for a kid free hour and nipped into Zara to try on some of their new range. My favourite piece was this coral blazer… 

Pink1 Do I Need a Bright Coral Blazer?

I love a nice blazer but I just couldn’t work out if I’d get bored of this colour after a while. So I put it on the maybe list for now. I can’t find it online but for info, it was £59.99.

Zara+Trip4 Do I Need a Bright Coral Blazer?

And then my grand blogging plans were spoiled slightly as nothing else I bought into the changing room fitted me (I just cannot get the sizing right in Zara!) so how about I share what I was wearing instead..

Zara+Trip1 Do I Need a Bright Coral Blazer?Zara+Trip2 Do I Need a Bright Coral Blazer?

Another great find from Room 31 today. Loving this grey striped twist knit that I picked up in the sale. It needed a belt so I’m wearing a black skinny one from Accessorize. Also wearing my H&M skinny jeans, River Island ankle boots and on my arm I’m sporting a black leather/suede Billy Bag handbag that I got in TK Maxx about 5 years ago. 
Before I left Zara (empty handed), I took a few photos of statement necklaces for a friend who’s looking for one….so much choice!

Natalie1 Do I Need a Bright Coral Blazer?

Natalie2 Do I Need a Bright Coral Blazer?

Natalie3 Do I Need a Bright Coral Blazer?

Make sure you enter my current competition for a chance to win a year’s subscription to Easy Living magazine. Thanks to everyone who’s entered already – I’ll be announcing the winner on the 1st June. See you tomorrow icon smile Do I Need a Bright Coral Blazer?


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  1. Love the coral but I invested in the creamy white one …think I will have more outfit options from that:) Have a lovely weekend!

  2. Love the coral blazer,the colour is great :)

  3. It looks more peach than coral, but it may just be the light? I think you’d suit it if it’s proper coral!

    Nic x

  4. I love it such a fresh colour!

    Meant to comment on your MN thread about tapered chinos then lost it, but I wear our primark lace T with mine. Tend to try and cover the tapered bits which bulk out my hips.

    Have a nice weekend.

  5. Thank you for linking to me blog, hugely appreciated. Love the blazer, agree with your concern about the colour, similar to my love of orange it’s not as easy to wear on a regular basis as more neutral colours.

    The last statement necklace you linked to is fabulous, perfect for holidays. x

  6. oooh – I have seen this blazer in Zara and have nearly bought it too..
    I put it back because I had the same concerns as you !!
    Love your striped knit.



  7. I love the blazer! Very nice!


  8. crazywalker Reply

    I agree about Zara sizing. I love the stuff when I see it in magazines and on other people but have yet to but anything really fab for me in there yet. Think their jackets look great online this season. Coral looks great on you but I’m still traumatised by too much of it in the 80/90s!!!

  9. Carrie Reply

    Love the striped knw, and what a bargain!! I need to lay off the bargains here (Mumsnet scarf, Merrell Wakefield coat, Goat jumper, 2 Isabella Oliver tops and FC blouse all in the space of 2 weeks. Oops), but v tempted. And you’ve made it look better than the website too. Jury’s out on coral (my mum would love the jacket. Not a damning indictment, she’s a stylish lady, but y’know).

  10. Love the blazer! Perfect style and LOVE the color.

  11. Anonymous Reply

    What size is the striped top you got? Looks great on you!

    • Thank you! I got a Small as I knew it would be generous in the body. When I got home I whipped off the belt, threw on some leggings and slippers and it made a great loungewear piece too! :)

  12. That’s a gorgeous blazer, I love coral for summer! I actually picked one up in Penneys and I’m loving it! :)

  13. Lovely colour. I have three Zara blazers in black, navy and tan. I love the cut.

  14. The coral jacket looks great and the colour will be so versatile – but I really like the stripey top.

  15. Looking Fab in your forties Reply

    Agree the colour is gorgeous!

  16. Sorry but I think it’s a bit too peachy – I think you’d suit and get more wear from a slightly stronger shade of coral?

  17. It’s gorgeous! I think it really suits you. I got a black blazer the other day but really should get some in some pretty colours for summer evenings!xx

  18. Dee Dee Ford Reply

    Ugh I’m dying for that blazer!!! Love at first sight.