Dressing for the Mail

I hope you all enjoyed the Daily Mail article featured yesterday. My blog has been so busy since – thank you to everyone who’s come over for a look, liked the Facebook page and followed me on Twitter. The comments have been amazing – I’m still on a high today!
As I’ve been asked, I thought I’d share with you what I wore for the photos that appeared yesterday…

I got only a few hours notice for this photoshoot and with the no black and no denim rule AND having to get the kids dressed too, it was a real challenge. My twins are not yet in school but the Mail really wanted a uniform on them so I had to buy their new nursery uniform 6 months in advance. Thanks to a very understanding school secretary & good old M&S, it wasn’t as difficult as I’d thought.
My own outfit ended up being what I was actually wearing that day, due to time pressures. I suppose it kept things realistic if nothing else! I added a statement necklace from New Look and had my hair blow-dried at Peter Mark in Forestside and my make-up done by Emma Hanna at Space NK on the Lisburn Road. It was lovely to not have to worry about hair and make-up and just focus on keeping things chilled for the kids.
So the photoshoot was for a National newspaper, but my outfit cost less than £100. The jeans are from Sainsbury’s (£18), my top is from Dunnes (£7), my leather patent pumps from Clarks Outlet (£20 similar) and my coat from the Boden clearance last year (£40). Necklace from New Look (old) and my sunglasses from M&S (£9.50).

I’ve no more professional photos to share now so it is really back to normal tomorrow. I help out in a church on a Wednesday, while the girls are at playgroup so it’ll be a slightly more dressed up look. See you all then and a final thanks to everyone for your lovely comments, emails and messages. It’s been an amazing week so far and it’s only Tuesday! 


  1. I love red denim jeans and teamed here with ballet pumps and a stripey top it looks GREAT! It was a great article and I loved reading it – keep up the good work!

  2. These are really lovely pics! I wondered if you’d had your make up done!! Love the top.

  3. You look lovely Avril and the kiddos are so cute! The red denim jeans are also fab on you…pity no Sainsbury near me:(

  4. Wow well done you! That’s brilliant and very deserved!

  5. Denise Reply

    Awesome Avril well done! Very proud of you :-)

  6. You look fab – love the red jeans! x

  7. Love the top pic, and so lovely to have pro photos of you and the little ones to keep too! The necklace is fab and really lifts the look and what better way to brighten these dismal days than with some red skinnies. Doesn’t need to be high end and overstyled. Just easy-to-wear and simply stylish.

  8. Red jeans looks great, very impressed you managed to colour coordinate with the twins’ soon to be school uniform xx

    • Thanks! That was pure fluke…had planned to get some green jeans but time ran out on me…so funny that Lucy in the picture below me in the Mail had the same jeans on too. Great minds! x

  9. You mean you went to the hairdressers – and went to have your make-up done? Shame on you!!! Who was looking after your poor children? x

  10. Lovely pictures and article – shame about the Hate club that is the DM comments section. I do occasionally scroll to the bottom of articles to have a giggle at what some of these charming people have decided to write. But when you “know” the person its not so funny. They don’t actually appear to have read or understood what the article actually said, which I guess means we should feel rather sorry for them.

    • Thanks for your comment – great to have the support! I was fully prepared for the backlash – I’m sure there are a few trolls in there. All of the lovely comments on the blog and on Twitter/Facebook have more than made up for the nasty ones on the DM site, which I didn’t read anyway, only heard about! :) Avril x

  11. Tracey Reply

    Saw this in the mail and then spent the next hour reading all the posts!! What a fab idea…love your outfits and has given me the confidence to try a bit more colour and some different styles. Will be hooked on this blog form now on.

    • Tracey, thank you! That’s such a lovely comment and has cheered me up today. Has been a roller coaster of a week but the best bit has been all the new blog followers and their great feedback. Thanks again, Avril x

  12. Thank you everyone for your lovely, lovely comments – what a brilliant week! So great to have your support xx

  13. First time stopping by, saw the DM article and loved it. See you are a BIBS finalist, me too. See you there maybe? Mich x

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