Shoes, shoes, shoes…

I brought home a few pairs of shoes from Marks & Spencer yesterday that I thought you might like to see. Really impressed with M&S’s range this spring/summer. I was really spoiled for choice and the quality is great – particularly in the Autograph range. I was looking for some nude wedges firstly and spotted these ones…

Autograph Peep-toe Leather Wedges – £45

These are surprisingly comfortable on and a lovely nude shade. With some tan and a lovely pair of 3/4 trousers, I think they would be amazing and very leg-lengthening.
Next, some coloured pumps..

Autograph Suede Pumps – £39.50
(only available in black & snakeskin online)

Coral’s so in this SS12 and these look lovely with blue jeans or white linen trousers. However, they also come in a royal blue which I’m thinking I’d prefer as it would co-ordinate better with my wardrobe blue.
Finally, I wanted a pair of sandals that have a heel, in a neutral colour and that I can run in (v important when you have 2 to chase after!). I brought these home for a try-on..

Footglove Leather T-Bar Sandals – £39.50

I love this neutral taupe colour – it seems to go with so much. These sandals have foot glove technology, which makes them really comfortable and I could definitely run in them. So now the dilemma….I can’t afford them all. Which do I chose? What do you think?



  1. Love them all I’m afraid!! Wedges for posh and sandals for everyday….when we have appropriate weather for them??!!!

  2. Definitely the nude wedges, could be very tempted by those myself and they look absolutely fabulous on x

  3. The wedges are very Kate Middleton. I love the pumps though.

  4. Which pair is the cheapest?! Go with them!!

    Signed: Your personal financial advisor!

  5. love the wedges and the sandals….cant you do eeny meeny miny mo???!!!

  6. Ooh they’re all good – the sandals are great tho – you’ll wear them till they fall off your feet – they’re a keeper!

  7. I love wedges and those nude ones are lovely – might have to get a pair too.
    PS – Ignore your financial advisor, just hide them in the back of the wardrobe!!

  8. Catherine Reply

    Wedges and pumps have to say, however… could compromise. Similar wedges exist in M&S for £25, so you could take back the £45 ones, buy the £25 ones (although not leather), and then keep the pumps. Sorted.

  9. I’m liking Catherine’s shoe geometry!! Going to try on the blue pumps tomorrow and then decide. The sandals are prob the most practical and Katrina knows her shoes. Of course, I could return them all and get a few more pairs to show you?! x

  10. The wedges are the prettiest, which is all that matters – right? ;-)
    Nic x

  11. Stealing Mummys Mascara Reply

    Loving the little pink ones!! x

  12. Lying low Reply

    Bought the similar style sandal last year.fab.really comfy and a change from fit flops.

    • They are a great height and comfy with the straps. Sorry I didn’t keep them now looking back…tho they wouldn’t be much use in the weather we’ve been having! Avril x

  13. Anonymous Reply

    Just found your blog via style guile on which I am hooked. Think I have found another addiction. Your blog is very entertaining and you choose less expensive clothes which is great cos I’ve just taken early retirement and have more time to shop but less funds! SheilaJ Nothampton

  14. Catherine C Reply

    Avril, make sure you are signed up to the likes of vouchercloud, vouchercodes etc, they regularly do 10% off M&S online vouchers, so you can buy them online and get delivered to your store of choice. Worth waiting for if you have your eye on something.

  15. What did you keep in the end? I bought the nude wedges a while ago (when the hope of summer was still high) and haven’t worn them once. I’ll take them to Crete with me in August! love the coral pumps… do tell us what you kept!

    • Joanna, I didn’t keep any of them!! I went back the next week with them (still unsure) and there was a sale on so I bought a completely different pair! What am I like….looking back on this now, I still like the wedges best. Hope you get to enjoy wearing them in Crete – lucky you! Avril x

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