Workwear – Bargainous Navy Trousers!

Following requests for more workwear on my blog, I approached Claire, a regular contributor to my blog who works as a classroom assistant. I knew Claire was in the middle of a 30 day challenge – trying to do 30 days in a row without wearing the same entire outfit to work. What better woman to help with a workwear dilemma. Claire’s first post features her bargain Primark navy trousers. In her own words – ‘These are amazing – washable, have pockets, a deep waistband and belt-loops and are only £5! Run, run, run to Primark!!!’

 Cardigan-H&M, Lace Top-Matalan, Shoes-Next
 Top-Zara, Shoes-Zalando
 Silver Cardigan-River Island (similar) Shoes – local boutique
 Cardigan-H&M, Scarf-Next, Shoes-as before
Cardigan & Scarf – H&M

Claire shows how simple it can be – note the careful accessorising with scarves and necklaces. And in true School Gate Style, everything’s high street and inexpensive. Don’t know about you but I’m off to Primark for a pair of those trousers…race you? 
Thank you Claire for sharing some of your work outfits – I can’t wait to share more next Monday!


  1. hi there

    great article and may try a similar challenge as I always seem to wear the same thing to work day in and day out.But can i ask are the trousers very nylon-y or shiny? I work in an office where the heat (at times) can be too much and I hate being hot and sweaty.

    • Hello Mrs! Apparently, they are a little bit shiny but Claire tells me she’s not bothered at that price! Haven’t managed to make it out to Lisburn yet to check them out. Hopefully later this week x

    • MrsS Reply

      I went to Primark today and got a pair of these trousers. They are slightly shiny but they’re a great shape and the perfect length for me. Definitely a workwear winner!

  2. Anonymous Reply

    Hi. She looks amazing in each outfit. I can’t believe those trousers are so cheap. Will have to check them out as would be a great alternative to wearing jeans. She makes it look so simple! Great work.

  3. Stealing Mummys Mascara Reply

    Great post! It’s so hard to style up work wear – I absolutely Love those scarves, really cute! xx

  4. Looking Fab in your forties Reply

    I never find anything in Primark. I always find it looks so awful when I walk in, I just walk out again but I always see nice things on people and find out its from there! Great looks here and accessorised beautifully.

    • Thank you – I used to hate going in myself but then Claire convinced me to give it another try. I always go first thing in the morning, during the week, when it’s quiet – otherwise, I wouldn’t go near the place! x

  5. Wow she has a gorgeous figure! Love the lace Matalan top in first pic.

    Nic x
    ps can’t wait to meet you tonight Avril!! :)

  6. Love this – I struggle with Primark too. On odd occasion I’ve been in their in Bury when I’m home the whole store just turns me off – I feel overwhelmed…I’ll give it another go though when I’m back in June!

  7. MrsS Reply

    All these outfits look great – Claire makes it look so easy!

  8. Anonymous Reply

    Wow great outfits, i never find anything in primark either its always such a mess. Whats the link to her blog please?

    • Thanks and I agree with you re:Primark. I always try to go first thing in the morning when it’s nice and tidy! Claire doesn’t have her own blog, although I think she should. Busy busy girl. Lucky for me, she sends me photos regularly – I love getting her emails x

  9. Anonymous Reply

    These are great. I am back at work next month after a year maternity leave so this is perfectly timed. I was looking at the lace Matalan top but its all sold out :-(

  10. ABsolutely love the lace top from Matalan in the first pic. What a beautifully dressed lady xxx

  11. inspired by this I went to Primark and can say that their long length jeans are officially long enough for a 5 foot 11 person who normally has to buy tall ranges only! Hooray! Did not spot the bargainous £5 trousers though Claire….

  12. Wow love the trousers! I do like to grab a bargain in Primarni! And it’s great that they’ve got pockets. Always need room for snotty nose hankies, mobile phones, keys and pennies for the tuck shop.

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    Nice dressed thank for sharing…..Workwear

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