More Red & More Shoe Decisions!

I did some more jeans dyeing yesterday and am really pleased with the results. My H&M blue skinny jeans were really faded at the knees (as visible on this post – blush). Using Dylon Denim Blue, I’ve transformed them to a dark blue denim colour and the best bit is that the stitching stayed yellow so they don’t look like they’ve been dyed! 

Today, I stayed on the red theme from yesterday, wearing a long sleeved top from Dorothy Perkins in a gorgeous bright red, layered with a white vest underneath. I’m a big fan of layering block colours like this. The addition of the white vest just breaks up a very simple look and makes it look more stylish. Shoes are a pair of classic black leather courts from New Look. Every wardrobe should have a pair.
Oh and on the subject of shoes….I was returning my shoes from the previous post as I had decided to go for the nude wedges when what do you know? M&S had a sale on! With lots of shoes on half price….nude wedges were abandoned and I bought three TOTALLY different shoes (it’s an addiction, I admit it). Here’s pair 1:

Autograph Penny Loafers £25

Plus points are that these are SUPER comfortable, great neutral colour that I love, patent, tiny block heel, will match everything. What I can’t make up my mind on is, are they a bit old fashioned or Sloane ranger’ish? Is this a bad thing? Now for Pair 2:

Limited Collection Black Pump £15 (not online)

Plus points are the fact that I will wear them to death. I’ve a bad knee so really flat pumps are not great for this – the small heel makes them much more comfortable.  I love the hairy cow-skin effect, teamed with patent. Just a bit more interesting than your usual pump. And only £15. But are they a bit boring? Finally pair 3 – brace yourself!

Nude Flatform Wedge Sandals £15

Plus points, they are sandals (which is what I originally went looking for), nude patent, super comfortable a little bit different and only £15. BUT are they just a step too far down the weird route..will people stare at my feet in bewilderment?
Over to you – last time, I promise…what do you think?



  1. Ooh I am not sure, have been thinking about “flatforms” for a while, but can’t find the right pair. Those look good though.

    Loving the new blog design aswell

  2. Ha! I put the loafers in my online basket yesterday but decided to think about them, already have the pumps but in leopardskin, and wanted the flatforms but online only had the black in the sale and didn’t want black. I think you must have read my mind!! x

  3. Black pumps.

    I have never liked penny loafers on grown women and I find the ‘snake’ look on the wedges a bit disturbing… :O)

  4. Still in love with the nude wedges, pumps are a classic and for £15 you can’t go wrong. Unsure re flatforms, although amazingly practical.

    Now for your next mission, swimwear… Swimming classes start again on Sunday and I urgently need a new swimsuit. x

  5. Hi, I’m new to commenting on your blog though I have followed from afar for a while. I know what you mean about the flatforms and getting over the fact that you think people are looking at your feet. Lucy from Suburban style highlighted an alternative pair from the New Look sale which might be up your street instead. I was very tempted but I went to buy some boots (yes I know it’s May) instead and besides I have purchased two pairs of wedge sandals already in tan and black this year to get me through the summer so I couldn’t really go and buy another pair. Leave the loafers – at the risk of getting hate mail – that pair is a bit too dare I say it “mumsy”.

    • Hi Sue and thanks for your comment! I saw Lucy’s pair – they are nice too. I’m wondering if they are like ballerina pumps and brogues…at first, they seem odd to wear if you’re not used to them but once you do, they grow on you? Thanks for the feedback on the loafers. TBH, they are the pair I am least sure of – you’re on my wavelength! decisions, decisions….have a feeling I’m just going to keep them all…birthday coming up which would justify it :))

  6. I think that the only way that people will stare at you when walking down the street is if you adopt your last pose – otherwise you will be the coolest kid on the block!

  7. Anonymous Reply

    He,He, I’m laughing because I’ve just got home after buying the same ‘Penny Loafers’ and my 18yr old daughter said they look like something her Nan would wear!
    Ops, guess they’re going straight back then – my search for fashionable, comfy flat shoes continues!!
    Love your blog by the way; came across yesterday after the ‘Mail’ article.

  8. Anonymous Reply

    Hi. Have just come across your blog, also from the Daily Mail article and have to agree with one of the above comments about the platform sandals… what were you thinking. They’re a definite no no I’m afraid. Apart from that I love all your other looks but please no platforms!

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