Capsule Packing

I’m all about packing as little as possible for holidays…there’s nothing worse than bringing loads clothes you never wear! So I thought I’d share with you what I’m packing in my suitcase for two weeks in England…

Packing1 Capsule Packing

I counted about 30 items in total, including scarves, shoes &’s the breakdown. 5 tops in various colours:

Packing4 Capsule Packing

Four vests – 2 white and 2 neutral:

Packing5 Capsule Packing

Three pieces of knitwear. One jumper, one long cardigan & one cropped cardigan:

Packing6 Capsule Packing

Four scarves – with co-ordinating jewellery:

Packing7 Capsule Packing

Two jackets – a lightweight mac and a casual blazer:

Packing9 Capsule Packing

One lightweight jersey knee-length dress – hopefully will get the weather to wear:

Packing8 Capsule Packing

Two pairs of shoes, one pair of sandals & one cross-body bag:

Packing2 Capsule Packing

Two pairs of jeans – one blue skinny & one white cropped – and how it all looks in the suitcase:

Packing3 Capsule PackingPacking11 Capsule Packing

I’ve also laid out what I’m wearing on the plane – adding a denim jacket, coloured jeans, a scarf, larger cross-body bag and shoes (to be decided on – possibly converse)

Packing10 Capsule Packing

And my cosmetics/skincare is pared right back also. I’m a Neal’s Yard consultant so at this time of year, I order in lots of samples tubes/sachets to bring with me, thereby cutting down on bottles/tubes/jars in my luggage. I’m bringing a 1/3rd full deodorant and face & body self tan – all will be binned on the last day of the holidays as they’ll be empty by then. Can’t forget the contact lenses too!

Packing12 Capsule Packing

So my staycation packing tips?

  1. Stick to one colour palette – I’ve kept my wardrobe quite neutral and everything goes with at least two other things in the suitcase.
  2. Bring partly used bottles/tubes/containers of skincare/cosmetics. Jettison at the end of the holiday!
  3. Ask at the make-up counter for sample sachets and tubes of skincare and cosmetics. Also pick up a sample of perfume to bring with you.
  4. Don’t pack heels – they take up too much space and are not comfortable enough for a holiday – you WON’T miss them!
  5. Don’t bring anything you don’t normally wear at home. You won’t wear it on holidays either. The exception to this is if you’re going to the sun. In which case, you can bring all the summer clothes you can’t wear here at home!
  6. When you’ve packed it all in the case, take out two items. Be RUTHLESS! There’ll always be a shop where you’re going and it’s the perfect excuse to buy while you’re away…and you’ll have plenty of room to bring it home icon smile Capsule Packing
Have you any packing tips or advice – please share it with me!

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  1. Claire Reply

    Love this; I always pack far too much and take things I never wear so will take heed next time I pack my suitcase!!

  2. kudos!I love this!!def be coming back to this post if i eber get to go away!

  3. perfect tips for packing wisely! x

  4. I’m a “throw everything in for all occasions” kind of girl and honestly go away for a weekend with 6 or more pairs of shoes just in case.
    I see you’ve laid your clothes out in outfits, a bit like meal planning for your two weeks. Perhaps if I did that, i’d not end up with a bulging suitcase, nothing to wear and an over luggage fee to pay at the check in desk.
    Great tips, enjoy your holiday

  5. Hi Avril! You have it down to a fine art there! I must take note when packing next week!! Have a fabulous weekend:)
    ~Anne xx

  6. This is really helpful – Do you not find that underwear takes up a lot of room though?

  7. Great post Avril!! Looking forward to seeing you.

  8. Anonymous Reply

    Great post A…….don’t want to be a party pooper but take Wellies and your Wakefield too .
    Claire H

  9. Anonymous Reply

    HI Avril, please could you tell me where you bought your neutral blazer from which you are taking on holiday with you and also your neutral cross body bag that you will wear on the plane? Both are items that I would love to own. I have never posted before but have been following your blog since I read about you in the daily mail. I find your blog really inspiring and you have really helped me fashion wise with lots of your style ideas. I am finally emerging from the rut that is ‘black leggings everyday’ and just wanted to thank you for that. Enjoy Cornwall. It is a beautiful place.

    I have only posted as anon as I can’t work out how to put my URL in?

    • Thankyou for your lovely nice to log on and see it after a long day travelling. My blazer is H&M..I’ve seen them in the store but not online. It was 29.99 from memory but I had to size up to a 14…v small fitting! if you look at my boat race with my it bag post from
      the 2nd or 3rd June, there is a link. on the phone so limited in what I can do! the bag is by mandarina it in tk maxx last year and if I see another, I’ll buy again…is fab.try googling maybe but if I see anything on my travels, i’ll share! thanks again..avril xx

    • Anonymous Reply

      Thank you for your reply x

  10. I’m impressed!! Next time I go away, you’re doing my packing!! x

  11. Hazel Jones Reply

    Have a fab holiday, wish I was as economical with my packing, I tend to put in a few “just in casies”

  12. Fantastic post, great tips. Really pays to plan your outfits ahead of time and pack properly.

  13. Thanks for this great post. Hubby says I take too much and never use half of it. I try every year to cut back but I find it hard. Must be the girl
    Guide in me – be prepared for every eventuality. Will try and follow your tips this year.

  14. A girl after my own heart when it comes to packing!

  15. Great list! I find making a list really helps with packing. It helps me keep to a minimum of what I need, and ensures I don’t forget the essentials. I like that you mention not to bring heels – I always do and always regret it!