Where I wear a dress…

If you’ve followed this blog for a while, you may have noticed that apart from when I wear black opaque tights, I never get my legs out. It’s not that I don’t like my bare legs, it’s just generally not warm enough and I therefore find it difficult to justify buying them. But before we went on holidays, I came across this jersey Esprit dress in TK Maxx for just £7. It’s light, easy to pack and for that price, I decided it was no harm to have it just in case. And boy, have I been glad of it this week? What amazing weather!

 Where I wear a dress...

Today’s photos were taken in Basildon Park, near Reading. It’s a National Trust property, used as the set for the Kiera Knightly version of Pride & Prejudice. The grounds are huge so the boys could play football and there were plenty of big trees to have a picnic under. 

IMAG0208 Where I wear a dress...

My sandals are a pair of mauve jewelled pull ons that I picked up in Marlow last year. I cannot bear a toe post so these are a great alternative to flip flops – flat, comfy, easy to pull on and a great neutral colour. I literally wore them all last summer. Am so sorry I didn’t buy a second pair…
The hat is my sister in laws from M&S and my white vest (just seen) is one of Primark’s best. The arm candy is a super stylish rucksack full of picnic food…all part of being a mum I guess!

 Where I wear a dress...

Flying home to Belfast tomorrow so the blog will be late or non existent depending on how the travelling goes. Hopefully the weather will follow me home…

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  1. Anonymous Reply

    Lovely dress…and looking glam in your sun hat. My legs don’t come out often because the whiteness would blind people?.back to the Johnsons for me! Glad you have had good weather.

    • I’m sure that’s not true Claire! Hope you had a great anniversary night out and that you’re getting this weather also up where you are. Will email once I’m back with my own laptop. Thanks for the photos Avx

  2. Gorgeous dress …can’t believe the price! Please bring over that weather with you!! I need it in Donegal next week:)
    ~Anne xx

    • No problem Anne! Have been looking at the weather forecast for home and it’s ok…not quite as warm though. We’ve a BBQ on Sunday so it better not rain! Have a great time in Donegal…looking forward to seeing the photos, Avril x

  3. You look adorable in that dress!Nice pics! ;D




  4. Anonymous Reply

    Lovely photos, you look so nice. Glad you are having a lovely hol :-)
    Anna x

  5. Amazing outfit and photos! I love it :)

  6. You can’t justify buying your legs!!! I though u were born with them… You look lovely in today’s photos , very summery. Lovely location too. Safe journey home.

  7. Gorgeous dress!! Hope you had a fab holiday! And the sun is shining in Belfast so you may get to model the dress again!

  8. You have fabulous legs & love the hat. Hope you had a great hols xxxx

  9. Totally lovin’ this!! ♡

  10. very cute style you have. you have a great sense of style.

    thanks so much for visiting and commenting on my blog! your blog is delightful. :)

    have a great rest of the weekend!!


  11. Aww thanks so much for stopping by my blog and becoming a fan! Love your blog here too! Will follow next time I’m in a computer. I’m commenting via my phone.

  12. Great dress, and what a bargain!