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Another rainy weekend so we headed into St George’s Market in Belfast for some coffee and a look at the crafts, food and clothing stalls in this indoor market, which runs every Friday, Saturday & Sunday. There was some discussion on the Facebook page about what footwear everyone was wearing this weekend and I’m glad to report I wasn’t the only one in boots again :)

I wore a denim jacket from M&S (similar), black jeans from Primark, stripy scarf (similar) and white top from H&M and my hot pink cross body bag from Kurt Geiger – out of stock now but available on eBay here. Oh and the boots…they’re from River Island (first seen here)
The stall I was most looking forward to seeing was Vintage Pintage. I’ve just come across this fab vintage business on Facebook and the stall didn’t disappoint. Look at her gorgeous range of stock..a vintage lover’s delight…

Vintage Pintage is owned by Danielle Spence, who sources her vintage goods from house clearances and vintage wholesalers. She’s got a lovely selection of brooches, handbags, scarves, shoes and clothing, as well as small homewares like cups/vases etc. I love that there’s a story behind each item – it’s like picking up a piece of history.

Did I buy? Of course! My hot pink Kurt Geiger got sidelined by this Chanel inspired navy quilted cross-body bag – a bargain at £16!

I also got a fab scarf…it’s going through the wash now so watch this space! You can follow Vintage Pintage on Facebook and keep an eye out for the online shop starting up. Have you ever had a great vintage find? Leave a comment to tell me about the best places to find vintage where you are.


  1. Alannah Reply

    thank you for your post. I have a denim jacket and now I know I can wear it with my darkest jeans, a white blouse and a matching scarf. I was worried it would be too much denim, but I will give it a go tomorrow. I have a great raspberry coloured bag that will set off the outfit as your pink one has. Thank you again.

    • Thanks Alannah, totally! The only no-no for me is blue denim with a blue denim jacket. Cannot see the problem with wearing a denim jacket with black or coloured jeans at all. I do it all the time and the fashion police have never stopped me :) So glad I was able to give you some inspiration. Nothing beats a lovely pink bag! Thanks for your comment, Avril x

  2. Carrie74 Reply

    Love how your scarf’s tied today, is some whizzy special way??

    • Hi Carrie! I was debating whether to do a post on this one but I’ll try to explain. It’s a medium length, wide rectangular scarf but it gets v narrow on me if I just do a loop with it. So I tied the opposite corners together with a knot. Hung the scarf around my neck with the knot at the back and then twisted and looped the rest of the scarf over my head. Does that make sense? I’ll see about doing a post on it with pictures…what do you think? Avril x

    • Was going to post the same comment – think we (ie me! haha) def need a separate post with step by step guide with pics!

      Nic xx

    • Anonymous Reply

      I was also wondering how you achieved this look with your scarf, it looks fab, please post pictures

  3. Love the tea cup on the stall :) Yes, how have you tied your scarf, I always wear mine in the same way, as it’s the only way I know ho wto arrange them.

    • Hi Anna – Have a look at my reply to Carrie above – does it make sense. Would you like a blog post explaining with pictures? So glad you liked the VP stall. I could buy those wee tea cups all day. So gorgeous x

  4. Gorgeous bag Avril! Would love a good poke around that market:) Have a fabulous week!
    ~Anne xx

  5. Just put me in any clothes and they are instantly vintage. I’m pure vintage!!! Love the outfit. Any vintage fans out there should look at shutterbug on fb and in the shop in Kilkenny city . The market stall looks great.

  6. Anonymous Reply

    Blog post on scarf tying would be great. Wendy’s amazing video is good, but it would be good to see a ‘more real’ person doing it, if you know what I mean!

  7. Looking Fab in your forties Reply

    Very cute navy bag, mind you I love the pink one!

  8. Anonymous Reply

    You are so right, Vintage Pintage is a great find and there are some lovely pieces to be found. I love that you can find vintage essentials that no-one else will have. Definitely worth a visit!

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