Two posts close to my heart…

I couldn’t do a bloggy look back without mentioning the Daily Mail. I was incredibly lucky to be asked back in April to take part in a Daily Mail article about fashion at the school gate.

DM+School2 Two posts close to my heart...

It opened up many doors for me and boosted my readership & page hits. I’m sure many of you reading today have come to the blog from hearing about or reading about this article. Say what you like about the Daily Mail – it was an AMAZING opportunity and I’m forever grateful for it. Here are the two posts that appeared on the blog to coincide with the article…

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  1. I always read the Mail Online because I enjoy the features and I have to say that is how I found your blog.

    • I agree – it’s a guilty pleasure for many. I don’t buy it but my Mother in law does and I always enjoy a read when I visit her. So glad that’s how you found my blog…and I yours! x

  2. Aww they were lovely posts. I don’t read the Daily Mail (I believe I found you via This Morning’s Twitter). I can’t believe they didn’t use the pics of you in the blue top and stone coloured jeans, they were gorgeous!x

    • Thanks Louise – I preferred the pics taken at home also! I had no time to prepare for the ones at the school so I literally turned up for them in what I was wearing that day! All chuffed that I might have featured on a This Morning tweet :) Avrilx

  3. I can safely say that your blog is the best (and possibly only positive) thing to come out of my guilty pleasure that is the DM. Thank you!