Competition Time!

February’s competition has closed and our winner was Lynne Douglas – thanks to everyone for entering. There were 210 entries in total!

Watch this space for the March competition – have a fantastic prize to give away from Warehouse. Full details here on Thursday March 1st!


  1. i couldnt live without My moisturiser at my age you have to keep everything well hydrated!!!!!

  2. I couldnt live without Neutrogena Concentrated Unscented Hand Cream for when my hands are feeling rough and uncared for!

  3. Eliz Arden 8 hr cream – for everything from sore ears ( after cheap earrings), housemaids hands (too many dishes) to reviving toe nails (too much nail varnish on for too long)!!

  4. I couldn’t live without my Aussie miracle leave in conditioner. Smells lovely and tames my unnaturally large hair!!

  5. I’m with Liz, it would definately be my Elizabeth Arden 8 hr cream, 1 stop shop!

  6. A nice body cream, Palmers or similar, to keep my skin smooth and soft. No scaly crocodile skin please! Lovin the blog BTW.

  7. Not entirely sure it’s a beauty product but I couldn’t live without imperial leather deodorant, it’s the only deodorant on the market that works consistently for me.

    For a genuine beauty product I couldn’t live without ELF lengthening and defining mascara, just a 30 second slick of it can make me feel instantly more confident.

  8. This probably marks me out as a slattern, but my desert island product is Batiste Dry Shampoo. I can make do with little (or no) beauty products, but my hair is fine and flyaway and looks a greasy mess in no time. I depend on my dry shampoo to give me that extra day between showers.

  9. Has to be my lip balm – I carry one everywhere so couldn’t leave it behind when I head to my desert island. I love Vaseline Rosy Lips for adding moisture and a hint of colour.

  10. It would have to be Liz Earle cleanser with the trusty muslin cloth. Love using it every morning!

  11. Mine would have to be sudocrem! So many uses but not very glam!

  12. Erm…I have too many desert island products…can I not just say my skincare regime – it all works together!!! I would ditch clothes for my skincare…

    If really pushed it would be Ultrasun sun protection – I’d need it on an island wouldn’t I? :)

  13. I couldn’t live without my Vitamin C skin care products. They always give my skin a lovely glow! And they have SPF in them aswell which would be handy :)

  14. max factor facefinity compact foundation x

  15. Lip balm – I can’t be more than a metre away from one at any time!

  16. weleda poemgrante body oil – use on my hair as I am currently growing it so I can have it cut/ made into a wig for the little princess trust/ body and face.

  17. sharona Reply

    It would have to be my Light Blue Perfume by D&G. I’m in love :))

  18. All 4 entries done :-). Regarding my Desert island product. Vanity says a Fabulash mascara long blonde lashes that need colour). Practicality says Vaseline! It has so many beauty uses so ,as a multi tasker, it’ d be perfect for a desert Island! X

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