Dyeing for Black Jeans

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

What's a girl to do with nice jeans that have faded a bit about the knee? I have two pairs of dark blue skinnies that I don't wear anymore. Meanwhile, I'd been looking for a pair of black skinny jeans. The lightbulb moment happened when I spied clothing dye in the shops the other day.
It took three cycles of the washing machine (don't tell DH!) and one box of black dye and what did I end up with....dark navy jeans. It could only happen to me!
Despite the lack of blackness, I'm wearing them today with my black ankle boots, long black cardigan and my now famous Tesco top!

On a more successful front, I received my February Glossy Box yesterday. It was a lovely selection this month and I'm looking forward to using it all...
Bare Minerals Eyeshadow
DuWop Venom Lip Gloss - powerful stuff!
Dr Bronner Organic Hand Sanitizer
Paul Mitchell Smoothing Serum
Posh Shower Gel
Don't forget, I'm giving away a Carmine Beauty Box in this month's competition. Get your entry in before midnight on Saturday 25th February. I'll announce the winner on Sunday :)


  1. I must look into ordering the Glossy Box!Something to look forward to every month:)

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