Saturday Night Out

The most exciting thing about this week’s Saturday going out outfit is that this week, I actually AM going out!! To a trendy pub! The other notable thing about my night out is that it’s a 30th birthday…yes, 30! Someone unrelated to me and almost a decade younger, wants me to party with them. Love you Lucie icon smile Saturday Night Out This is what I’m wearing…

Sat+Night1 Saturday Night Out
Dress – River Island £15 (still showing as £25 online)

This is a taupe/mink River Island dress in a gorgeous silky material. I love the detail on it, from the frill around the shoulders to the waistband and the exposed zip on the back…

Sat+Night2 Saturday Night Out
Shoe Boots & Tights – M&S

It was reduced to £15 in the last of the sale so that made up my mind! 
To glam up my look, I have painted my nails in No.7 Beanie – a lovely taupe shade…

Sat+Night3 Saturday Night Out

Also, this Saturday, and on the taupe/grey theme Claire sent me another Saturday night outfit. Loving this tunic with the skinny jeans and toe-out shoes. Looking good girl!

Claire+going+out+grey+tunic Saturday Night Out
Tunic – Warehouse, Shoes – Similar from Office

Finally today, I got a tip from a friend about one of the Maybelline Foundations. She was using it yesterday and let me try some – I was really impressed so bought it today. Nice to apply and has a lovely it is..

Sat+Night4 Saturday Night Out
Maybelline The Eraser Foundation - £10

I promise it wasn’t just the ‘instant anti-age’ line that sold it :). I love the sponge applicator and the colour & texture. Perfect for those busy mornings when you have to do your makeup on the run.
Hope you all have a lovely Saturday night, whatever you do. Tomorrow’s going to be a stripy Sunday so send links or pictures of your stripy favourites to [email protected] icon smile Saturday Night Out


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  1. Love the dress! You got a great bargain:) Enjoy the party!! Sofa and wine tonight for me I’m afraid:)

  2. Hey! I’ve tagged you in a meme over on my blog – Tried to tweet you the good news, but twitter says your account is suspended – not sure if that’s a play on words thing because of your school gates connection!! Anyway, if you have time, please do take part!! Thanks, MWM

  3. Looking Fab in your forties Reply

    got to love a bargain and what a great dress for £15!