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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Too many coats?

Some women talk about how you can never have too many shoes...or handbags. But for me, it's coats. Give me £100 to spend on one item and I'll buy a coat any day over a pair of shoes. So I'm drooling over this Marie Claire selection of the 50 Best Spring Coats and Jackets, which I picked up on a tweet. Yes, I'm now on Twitter! Follow me please :) @schoolgatestyle
But I must resist as I have some lovely Spring coats already...including this beauty from Karen Millen, bought for me by my fabulous sister-in-law last year. It's about as perfect as a trench coat can get.
Black Trousers - Warehouse
Black Boots - Carl Scarpa
Proof that you just can't beat a good coat for covering up. Doesn't really matter what you wear underneath - if you've a fab coat, you're sorted! Perfect School Gate Style :)
Trench coats are all over the high street at the moment. Here are some of my favourites...

Next - £80

H&M £29.99
H&M £14.99

F&F at Tesco - £28

Colourful from M&S - £39.50

Finally, in honour of a friend's blog about mugs today, I have hidden my pasty mug above and instead share my most geeky mug for Kate Take's 5. It's a hint to a banking past that I prefer not to talk about :)
Now, if that's not a sign that it's time for tea...


  1. Too many coats?? Definitely, positively, absolutely not!! A girl needs a coat for every occasion! Or maybe I'm just trying to convince myself as I've been shopping.....

  2. Your Karen Millen trench is gorgeous! I like the red M&S one...a lovely pop of colour for Spring:)

    1. Thank you Anne and thanks for commenting! It was such a treat to have it bought for me. My SIL had a mad wobbly moment I think! Agree re: the red one, it's much more interesting :)

  3. Love the vertical styling on your trench - a great styling trick (not that you need it!)


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