Pastels in the Garden

My almost 8 year old told me my photos are a bit boring so I challenged him to make today’s pictures more interesting. So here is today’s blog as directed by schoolgatestyle junior!

27+feb3 Pastels in the Garden
Long Shirt – Primark
Skinny Jeans – H&M
Black Ballet Pumps – Clarks

27+feb2 Pastels in the Garden
27+feb4 Pastels in the Garden
Can you tell how cold I am?! It didn’t feel as spring-like as it looked!

Today’s long pale pink shirt a good example of what you can find when you keep your eyes peeled in Primark. The cotton is heavier with a stretch – really nice quality with a fine pastel stripe.

pink+shirt1 Pastels in the Garden

Long shirts are great for this in-between weather as they are lighter than jumpers and cover your bottom! They can be layered nicely with cardigans over and long vests under. Not that easy to come across but here are a couple available online…

very+tuni Pastels in the Garden
Very Linen Mix Tunic Shirt – £22
very+tunic Pastels in the Garden
Redoute Poplin Cotton Tunic Shirt £15
Back to more sedate photos tomorrow…I’m too old for this galavanting about the garden and the neighbours are starting to give me funny looks icon smile Pastels in the Garden


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  1. Looks like you have a budding Mario Testino on your hands here, great photos.

    Love the shirt too, bought a similar one today from New Look!

    Also thanks for linking my blog on Mumsnet.

  2. Love your garden poses but…how about some more ‘Wall jumping’!!! The McCleery’s….. loving your ‘action’ shot on Fb and Twit !!!
    the blouse is lovely by the way! off to primark (as soon as we’re out of quarantine! lol! :0)

  3. hi is your primark shirt current?…again i searched today but no luck. It looks just lovely.