Finally – Ankle Boots!

I’ve been following a thread on Mumsnet today as I’ve been looking everywhere for a nice shoeboot/ankle boot to wear with skinny jeans now the weather is (hopefully) warming up and the long boots are losing their appeal.
I ordered 3 pairs to be delivered and all three went back. One pair went too far up the leg, one pair was too neat and ‘tottery’ and the third pair was too big & wide and made my feet look like boats! 
Today, I wandered into Dunnes Stores to check out their coloured jeans and as I passed by the footwear area, I spied these

Ankle+Boots2 Finally   Ankle Boots!

Ok, they are rather plain looking but I knew with one glance that they were my perfect boots. The right height of heel, the right colour (deep navy/black), not too long in length and not too short, and enough detail around the top to prevent me looking top-heavy in them.
There was ONE pair left and they were in my size. so that was another sign.

And the best bit – they were £19!

Ankle+Boots5 Finally   Ankle Boots!

They’re not leather and they won’t last me a lifetime but for now, they are a comfortable, on trend, in-between season option and I know I’ll wear them loads!

Finally in this extra post today, I had heard through some of your comments (thanks for the comments!) and fellow blogger Lucy @ Suburban Style‘s recent post, that Primark had a copy of the ASOS Zebra scarf that I featured last week. I can confirm to my local readers that the Lisburn store has them in stock and I bought one today for £4

Ankle+Boots1 Finally   Ankle Boots!
Now that wasn’t a bad day at the shops, was it? And I only went in to get some bread…

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  1. Bread…in Dunnes and Primark? ;)
    I love bargains soooo much I might have to have a wee recky later :)Beaut finds!

  2. Love the boots, my other half is Irish and I love popping into Dunnes when we go over!

  3. I went to look for the zebra scarf today…no joy in Primark. Bought another silk one with lovely colours for £3 instead. Now I’m not sure which way to tie it without looking like a 70′s horse-y woman…its square and i usually wear long ones. Any tips? will watch the video again…