M&S Sale Purchases

I am such a bad blogger – I told you about my M&S haul on Facebook & Twitter and then didn’t take the photos to show you what I got. And as I’m a very discipline ‘returner’ of products, the haul has reduced already as I’ve brought some of it back. Whoops!
But here goes on what I did keep…
Firstly, I stocked up on brilliant basic tops. Every woman should have a M&S’s heatgen top in their wardrobe. Endlessly wearable and very cosy…I’m currently wearing mine to bed! This black cowl-neck top has a cute lace insert over the shoulders at the back. Just makes it a little more interesting…

411DmwNyIGL. SX280 SH35  M&S Sale Purchases
Heatgen Cowl Neck Rear Lace Thermal Top – £10

Click on the link above to see the lace detail – I can’t seem to download the picture of it. These tops come up quite snug as most thermal wear does so I bought a 12 but a 14 would have fitted me also. Definitely getting one more of these.
I bought loads of cotton vests in different colours. These are great for under cardigans and v-neck tops. It’s a good way of introducing another colour to an outfit and I’ll show you how I’ve done that with one of these tops tomorrow. Cheap as chips – 2 for £5!

DSC01827 M&S Sale Purchases
M&S Cotton Twin Pack Vests

Next up, in my bid to buy for spring, I shunned two pairs of ankle boots in M&S and instead bought these Footglove patent pumps…

DSC01824 M&S Sale Purchases
Footglove Wide Fit Patent Pumps

Can’t find these on sale online – just full price ones. The only difference between mine and the one on the link is the colour. It’s impossible to capture on camera but the pair I’ve bought are a murky grey/green. A very versatile neutral colour that will work all year round. Reduced from £29 to £19 and I promise not granny-looking in real life. Thanks to my lovely broad feet, I can only buy my pumps from the M&S or Clarks wide-fit range …admitting that is making me feel very old!
Next item is teetering on the edge of being returned. I was looking for a cardigan or wrap style layer that was a bit different shape-wise and wearable indoors and out. I spotted this two tone cocoon shaped…can’t find a word to describe it….here’s the M&S pic:

SD 01 T01 8663 V4 AU12 EC 0 M&S Sale Purchases
Open Front Cocoon Reversible Wool Mix Wrap

Now for some reason, this is only available to buy from M&S in Ireland – you’ll not find it on the M&S UK site but yay for my Irish fans! It’s grey on the inside and oat coloured on the outside. Reduced from £50 to £25. I’m mulling over – it does look lovely in the photo but in real life, it needs a bit of tugging and pulling to get it to sit right and I think that will annoy me! Leave it with me for now…
Finally, I have googled till it hurts and cannot find the other wrap I returned. It was blue/black/grey knitted patchwork style - like a wide scarf but could be worn like a shawl. It was expensive at £35 in the sale and not as nice on me when I got it home. I brought back a few other bits but I’m really struggling to find them online. You see, with the M&S sale, this is the time you need to be IN a store to pick up the bargains. Online has been fairly much cleared out. But I have trawled on your behalf and here is an edit of what I think is worth buying online (limited sizes but others may be available in-store)…

41eLvyU8hLL. SX182  PImandsPetiteWW2012New,BottomRight,1,1 SX182 CR0,0,182,0 SH35 SH35  M&S Sale Purchases
Petite Pleather Trim Jacket
classic black jacket with a nod to the leather look trend
415e jl lPL. SX182 SH35  M&S Sale Purchases
Lambswool Tunic with zip detail
also available in cobalt blue – a great basic
41ajrcYQcoL. SX182 SH35  M&S Sale Purchases
Love this rock chick leather (real!) front cardigan
41QB8Ly1eBL 1. SX182 SH35  M&S Sale Purchases
The Owl Dress is reduced too!
(only tiny sizes online)
41iYaQ2GaVL. SX182 SH35  M&S Sale Purchases
Limited Printed Trousers
I almost bought these but put back at the last minute…

And it goes without saying, stock up on the undies while you’re in. I couldn’t find a matching set to fit the day I was there, despite having my 8 year old helping me. His loud gasps of amazement at the 40GG bras did shorten the time we spent in the lingerie section though! See you all tomorrow….


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  1. ASH Reply

    Love the look of the cocoon thing, but if it keeps annoying you probably not a keeper…? You never know the tricks the retailers go to in order to get stuff to look good for the pics – and we all know about M&S photos!!
    How odd that it’s only available in Ireland… x

    • You are so right – I don’t like fidgeting with my clothes and it does look SO much better in the M&S photo – which in itself is a worry! The photos I took myself are awful…I wouldn’t share them! Avx

  2. ASH Reply

    PS LOL at 8 yr old and 40 GG bras :-D

  3. Treasuresnpleasures Reply

    Some great buys Avril, I have a cocoon type cardi and I can comfim it’s bloody annoying, I spend ages tugging and pulling at it to get it to sit properly. I have the opposite problem with shoes I have narrow feet which is also a nightmare.

  4. PoppysStyle Reply

    Ooooh Love the leather front cardigan! I can’t believe you are so disciplined and return sale items! I’m impressed! xx

  5. daisychain Reply

    I am so gutted I missed the boat on the owl dress, I was coveting it full price!

  6. Carol Li Reply

    I love the M&S heatgen collection. I have at least 7 pairs of the thermal leggings and some of the 3/4 sleeve heatgen tops and long sleeve heatgen bodies. If you’re looking for petite thermals, these fit the bill nicely and are available from a Size 6.

  7. I have 4 heatgen long sleeve tops/bodies and two heatgen vests which I have worn to death this winter.
    Love their thermal socks too.

  8. I bought the Heatgen Cowl Neck Rear Lace Thermal Top in black a month or two back and it is great for outer and under wear. Very cosy but nice with the lace!

  9. I’m a great returner. I think I love the thrill of the buy and when I get it home, find out it’s not quite perfect and then it goes back. Even the £3 items! And if you have a limited budget then the returns are absolutely necessary!

    • Yay – I’m not the only one! I do feel better when I return…hate having to ebay or give to charity. I think you know in your heart within about 10 minutes of getting it home, if you’re going to wear it. Avx

  10. Anonymous Reply

    Love the pleather trim jacket and Leather front cardi! Feel a purchase coming on! Great blog featuring affordable, stylish fashion. Happy New Year! Gina x

  11. Always Maylee Reply

    That long wrap/cardigan looks so comfy and amazing! Happy new year! :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  12. Life, Loves...... Reply

    loving the long cardi/wrap

  13. “the pair I’ve bought are a murky grey/green”
    Oooh, you’re really SELLING those shoes to us Avril!! ;-)

    Enjoying reading about your sales finds…
    I’m a returner too. Better to make the effort to take things back, I find, than to have to make the effort to take them to the charity shop 3 months later!

  14. Anonymous Reply

    I’ve had the footglove ballet pumps before and loved them. Was excited to see tham at £19 as I have a £20 voucher to spend. Like you said full price on website. Might have to pop in.

  15. Raindrops and Daisies Reply

    Hi Avril

    At last I get to comment on your post!
    Was laid low with tummy bug and so could post from phone
    but it takes me forever but am now back on the computer – yay!

    Love your buys. I think that the cocoon thing is gorgeous
    but wonder would I be pulling and dragging at it
    - anyway I have ordered it and will let you know!

    I agree with you about taking things back, I much prefer to try things on properly at home and then if they don’t suit I bring them back promptly otherwise they are stuck with the other mass of stuff at the back of the wardrobe.

    I bought the lambswool blue tunic before Christmas and also got it in grey, it was a great buy as I have worn them both and they are very easy wearing.

    I hope that you have a great weekend.


    [ps I thought of you during the week as I know that you have twins
    (are they identical?) well anyway the reason I thought of you is
    because my daughter has a date tonight with a twin (identical) and it got me thinking of all the people I know who have twins…
    there’s me rabbiting on again…..


    • Oh Fiona, I do love your comments – thank you! Do let me know how you get on with your cocoon…I sent mine back! I am saving for a trip to London so am being ruthless about returning. I wish now I did get the tunic but there were only big sizes left in the shop at the weekend. Just as well I suppose but you’ve confirmed what I suspected – it’s a very wearable tunic. Oh and to answer your question, my twins aren’t identical but I’m guessing it will be interesting when they get to that dating stage…if one gets a date and the other doesn’t. Hope your daughter had a great time – she better not get them mixed up!
      Hope you’re all over your tummy bug and feeling lots better, Avril xxx

  16. GlamRosie Reply

    Hi Avril, I am awaiting my order of the trousers! The rest of the order was cancelled, so frustrating! I did manage to get to a store also and grabbed a load of vests, same price as yours but the thin strapped ones, such good value. Gutted I was slow to start this year – the leather jacket and cardi looked amazing! x

    • Aw, that;s hugely frustrating about your order getting cancelled – not good customer service at all. I think you’ll like the trousers….they are so cute. I look forward to seeing them on the blog! Avril x

    • GlamRosie Reply

      I know, especially when my daughters larger order of sparkly shoes that were ordered after arrived in full and sooner! They will be in store on the 10th so will report back asap! I’ve seen them in the store but not tried on in my size, fingers crossed! x

  17. Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment. Loving those Jimmy Choos on your blog today! Avx