Green Jeans in the Snow

Fed up of dreary dark colours, I was inspired by The Online Stylist to get out in the snow with my bright spring-like jeans! Bargain alert – these jeans are just £7.50 in Room 31 if you use SGS25 at the check out! Actually, they’re only £10 without the code which is just as good a bargain in my book!

Now as always, greens are tricky to capture properly on blog photos but these are more green than they appear in the photos, even though they are described as Harbour Blue on the website. This photo on Room 31’s Facebook page is probably the best representation of the colour.

Loving the studded detail and they even come with a studded belt. For the price, the fit is good – I’ve not had to hoike them up as often as some other more expensive brands. I’m wearing a 10 so I’d say the fit is fairly spot on – perhaps slightly on the big size as I would wear a 12 in some brands.

It just felt so lovely and spring like to have a bright pair of trousers on. I wore them with my denim shirt from the other day, long sleeved top, River Island ankle boots and a Soaked in Luxury scarf (last seen here).

Looking forward to wearing these with taupe/browns and they will be great with metallic/white when the weather gets warmer. And they also come in red (just size 12 & 14 left). So well done Ruth on another great Room 31 find…I may have also purchased the red…it would be wrong not to really!
Have a great Monday – I’ll be back soon with some photos of the choir weekend away. Need to sleep it off first..


  1. Heather Reply

    Fab jeans! And they look great against the white snow!!

  2. Treasuresnpleasures Reply

    Jeez u really did get plenty of snow Avril! I’m so over winter I need it to be spring v soon! Those jeans are a lovely colour I can imagine they would work well in any wardrobe.

  3. Wow. That’s some snow you all have there. Hopefully it will all be gone by early April (my hubby has the dates figured out, so expect me to FB message you soon). ;)

    I love the green jeans. You have the perfect pair of legs for those lovely jeans. Rock them!

  4. Looks like you are having fun in the snow. Ours just didn’t stick. I love spring colours getting through. Thanks for the new blog tip – the online stylist. Just added the blog to my blog list.

  5. Gosh they are a fab fit Avril for the price! Lovely photos and looking forward to seeing the choir weekend away ones! Have a good week:)
    ~Anne xx

  6. The Flaky Fashionista Reply

    Great photos and look forward to seeing the myriad of ways you will style those jeans over the next few months. Did you buy them in the red colour also?

  7. Surbhi Suri Reply

    that’s a great color, looks even more beautiful with snow in the back !

  8. MyStyle Reply

    Hi there!! Loving these coloured jeans on you, the colour is very flattering and a perfect pop of colour for winter too! I am all about coloured jeans too and have a cobalt blue pair. Have a good week ahead, Sharon xx

  9. Fashion Floozy Reply

    looking good!!

  10. Ileana Reply

    Love the color of these jeans! So unique!!!
    Great outfit ^^

  11. ClaireH Reply

    Looking great Avril……I agree about needing a bit of colour now it’s “spring”…. I’m going to put my (only one worn) green jeans on now you have inspired me!

  12. PoppysStyle Reply

    Great jeans – and wow so much snow x

  13. Life, Loves...... Reply

    Love the colour,and the denim shirt is lovely with them

  14. Looking hot to trot lady!

  15. Love these jeans and such a bargain! I really want to order some, but not sure what size as I can’t get into normal clothes yet! ah well….xx

  16. Look fabulous Avril- I must say I love the colour too!

  17. Thanks for featuring Room31 – the jeans look great against the snow!
    Only a few pairs left now x

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