So I was back in M&S…

returning the cocoon wrap from this last post (which has been reduced again to £19!) and I picked up a few wee things..just can’t resist those further reductions.
First up, a couple of scarves. The Lightweight Botanical Floral’ Scarf - I didn’t name it, M&S did, clearly expecting that catchy name would sell them faster! Well, despite the name and the dodgy online photo it’s sold out online but there were a few left in Sprucefield this morning for just £10.

Next up, another scarf I had tried on in recent weeks and dithered over. At £7 it was a no-brainer this morning – the Lightweight Leopard & Check scarf:

Like the reviewer on the website, I don’t think the leopard and the check go particularly well together but if you tie it right, it does look lovely – it can be quite hard to find a nice scarf with red in it so I’m pleased with this one.
Next up, some jewellery. In the sales, I never pass up a long silver chunky necklace. They go with everything and help to brighten up an otherwise dull outfit. This one was just £8 and I can only find it on the M&S Ireland site. It’s called the Autograph Twisted Y-Design Necklace.

Finally, I only bought these because I am meeting a friend in the M&S Cafe on Monday so I knew I could easily return them and they were reduced to £9. Brace yourself, they are Velvet Jeggings.two evil fashion words and surely not ever to be combined? Let’s see – the official M&S photo is not giving me much confidence but they are a gorgeous aubergine colour and beautifully soft. Jury’s out till I try them on later! 

And here’s an outfit post I intended sharing on Thursday but the day kind of ran away with itself as we got ready for back to school on Friday. I talked about how I like to use my M&S layering vests to bring another colour into an outfit so I wore the pink one with a jersey cardigan in a putty colour and then added a gorgeous new scarf my godson sent me for Christmas which has both of those colours in it. I also wore a Freedom @ Topshop necklace that my husband picked for me himself – well impressed as it’s gorgeous!

Pink Vest Top – M&S
Jersey Drape Cardigan – Linea at House of Fraser (simiar on link)
Scarf – Savida at Dunnes Stores (thank you Evan!)
Necklace – Freedom at Topshop

Don’t think I’ve shown this coat on the blog before – I tend to take my photos without coats. This is an oldie from Hobbs. Bought for me by my sister in law, it’s a perfect between seasons coat. The colour is a dark olive green and I was delighted to spot some of that colour in my new scarf – love it when a plan comes together..

Coat – Hobbs
Jeggings (I know, bad word) – Warehouse
Boots – Mango

Hope you’re having a great weekend and remember, if you wear red this weekend, take a photo and send it to me for a chance to win a Radley cross-body bag! Full details on this link.


  1. ASH Reply

    Lovely buys Avril. Love the coat. :-)
    I’d also seen and dithered over that red/check scarf… agree about the red – may go back and have another look. Look forward to seeing how you wear it. xx

  2. Carol Li Reply

    It looks like you’ve had a successful sale shopping trip. I find M&S and bit of a hit & miss. Sometimes, there’s loads I like and other times there’s nothing.

  3. Martha Merrill Wills Reply

    I love your jeggings! I suppose jeggings is a bad word, but I think they’re divine!

  4. PoppysStyle Reply

    Ooooh!!! Love the scarf that Evan got you and I must get some of those tanks when I’m over! The Mango boots look fabulous too! Didn’t realise velvet was a bad thing – I think they look great and the color is lush! I just got some velvet matchstick jeans in blush in the sale at J.Crew – they are lovely – dressed up or down. xx

    • Evan is a wee star – that’s the third amazing scarf he’s sent me. Could be something to do with his v stylish mummy ;)
      I’m just not sure about velvet myself – I worry it’s a bit old fashioned. But now you remind me of your blush ones, I’m thinking that they actually are going to be fab…off to try them on now! xx

  5. The Flaky Fashionista Reply

    That scarf looks really interesting; look forward to seeing how you style it. I’ve stayed away from the sales in Dublin so far … but now you’re tempting me to have a little look tomorrow!!

  6. MyStyle Reply

    Hi there!! Love your blog and especially this post-a lady after my own heart who adores scarves!! These ones from M&S and your gifted one are really lovely and I too have rather a scarf addiction as shown in my latest purchase and post! have a great week ahead!

  7. Anonymous Reply

    Hi Avril,
    Great scarves and lovely outfits. How do you manage to stay so slim? Your clothes always look so good on you I have started to do some exercise since turning 40 last year but it’s always such an effort. My problem is the white wine I think. It has a tendency to hang around my middle. What’s your secret?

    Kitty x

    • Aw, thank you Kitty. Secret 1 – I wear a support vest every day (twin pregnancy has made this an essential) Secret 2 – Pilates and Secret 3 – without ever planning to, I actually do the 5/2 diet. Never realised I did until I read about it. I eat normally for 5 days out of the week and eat very little for 2. Not planned or anything…my body just seems to need less food on certain days. Having said all that, I find it harder to maintain my weight as I approach 40 and know I will need to work a bit harder going forward…the daily walks re-commence tomorrow! xx

  8. Anonymous Reply

    Thanks for your reply. Would you mind advising where to get a good support vest from please?

    kitty x

    • Kitty, I’ve tried a few different brands but the best one I have is a random brand from TK Maxx. Have seen good ones in M&S and House of Fraser sells the Maidenform ones, which are also good. The trick is to tuck them into your jeans so they don’t ride up on you The ones that tuck under your bra are good too as they tend to not ride up as much and your boobs are not squashed down. HTH x

    • Anonymous Reply

      Thank you Avril. Will definitely investigate those .
      Kitty x

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