Snow Time & Les Mis

The snow where we live has been a bit pathetic really. After a mad looking Friday night blizzard, we got our hopes up but Saturday dawned bright and it’s been thawing since. But we got to bum sledge down the hills in the park before the thaw set in and you’ve guessed what I wore…good old Merrell & wellies!

As you’d expect, it’s all about the layers. I’ve got a full thermal base layer under my Still knitted cowl neck dress (last seen here) and Gok for TU at Sainsburys perfect skinnies in navy. Karrimor wellies, wellie socks from TK Maxx and my M&S sale bargain scarf (seen here) finish the outfit. Glad I got these photos before the sliding began as I was covered in snow and muck by the end of it. Turns out the 8 year old has a deadly aim! 
We got a late call babysitting offer so decided to go to see Les Miserables in the cinema. Mr SGS had already seen it with his sister & mum as I wasn’t keen but he enjoyed it so much, he wanted to watch it again and talked me into going.
The snow was totally gone by then and it wasn’t actually that cold so I gave my River Island boucle biker (from my sales haul – link here) a first wear. Photos are sepia as no matter what setting I tried, the jacket looked black and my (black) jumper looked bright blue – weird!

Boucle Biker Jacket – River Island
Wool V-neck long-line jumper – H&M
Necklace – Freedom @ Topshop
Jeans – Gok’s black perfect skinny jeans from TU @ Sainsburys
Black Leather/Suede Ankle Boots – Moda In Pelle
will do a separate post on these – a fab Christmas present from husband!

Of course, I did wear a big warm black scarf, hat and gloves for extra warmth factor. And my verdict on the movie – amazing. I thought the singing throughout would be weird but it was perfect and epic and sad and wonderful. What amazing actors! If you’re wavering as I was, I urge you to give it a try. 
Hope you had a great weekend…I’ve some shopping confessions to make on the blog this week. It appears giving up shopping AND wine for all of January was too much. And shopping is better for you than wine, isn’t it?! I’ll fill you in when it arrives…


  1. Hi. Went to see Les Mes too at weekend. I thought it was brilliant.. I feel like a real theatre buff now! Now back to the merrell coat. I saw one in the sale – down to €148.99 and wondering am I too late this season to jump on the bandwagon?

    • Hi Sammy, I bought mine at Christmas and honestly, I’ve worn it year round. I actually wore it loads during all that awful rain we had in July and August. That seems like a good price. I think anything around the £100 sterling mark is great value. Avril x

  2. I must have a Merrel for next year. It has started snowing again here today. Hope it goes your way.

  3. The Flaky Fashionista Reply

    Snow has finally arrived here too … although not enough to warrant closing of schools so The Child is disgusted. I also went to see Les Mis on Sat night. Loved, loved, loved it! Keep warm!

  4. Anonymous Reply

    Well Avril, you will be more than pleased to know that not only is shopping good for you, but wine is as well! I am in the middle of doing some research on certain wines and it’s looking good! Actually I have just been on a sales shop this morning, and am adding up the damage, better get that glass of wine before I start.

  5. Loads of snow here and I froze my toes this morning taking the kids sledging… That’s wellies for you – waterproof but no warmth at all. But I can’t bring myself to spend a fortune on snow boots for just a few days a year, so I guess I’ll just have to freeze!

  6. Rakel Reply

    Love your jacket ^^

    Would you like to follow each other?! let me know on my blog :)

  7. MyStyle Reply

    Hi my dear!! You look really chic and cosy and it sounds like you had a great time in what snow you had! Our snow really settled yesterday but I stayed in the warm, lol! Thanks for the review on Les Mis, I am thinking of going to see it. Love your new boots too, look forward to your forthcoming post on them and your River island boucle jacket looks really lovely, a good bargain for sure! Have a great week ahead! Sharon xx

  8. ClaireH Reply

    Avril so glad you loved Les Mis….still haven’t recovered!!!
    You gave me the Wakefield coat( which I wore today sledging) I give you the Toggi Quebec boots (an investment, but your feet will never be cold again and they look lovely!!). C

    • Ooh, now these Toggi boots are interesting :-) Not too expensive and not very ‘snowboot-looking’ so much more versatile. Thanks for the link ClaireH! How about sizing? Reviews suggest that they come up small. Did you find this?

    • ClaireH Reply

      They came up pretty true to size…..I also added thermal insoles just to make them extra cosy. Look nice with jeans.

  9. Love your jacket Av. Looking superstylish (is this a word? It should be) and gorge as always xx

  10. Treasuresnpleasures Reply

    Well you got more snow than us down the road Avril, although we’ve just had a wee snow fall there now, but I would say that’s it, I shouldnt be complaining as I have to drive to work in it. I really have to invest in one of them coats for next year. I love that biker jacket too, all I want to so is buy jackets at the min but hopefully we’ll not need them in a few months time. (some chance!)

  11. You still look very stylish and well put together even in your wellies. I tend to put a pair of cheap sheepskin shoeliners in my boots – I move them from boot to boot depending on which I’m wearing. To be honest, I should just buy a bulk lot as they were only £2-3 but I’ve found they make such a difference in terms of keeping your feet warm as they also create distance between your foot and the boot sole.

    I can’t bring myself to watch Les Mis. It looks too Mis :o(

  12. Kitty M Reply

    Ooh I LOVE your boucle biker jacket – that look so nice!

    I am all set to watch Les Mis on Saturday night with a friend. My ‘hubbie’ wont do musicals, all the years we lived in London I only ever saw Cats can you believe! I am now patiently waiting for my little boy to be old enough to come with me in the future :-) x

  13. Life, Loves...... Reply

    River island jacket rocks, Avril

  14. Style At Every Age Reply

    Love the River Island jacket! Can’t wait to watch Les Mis everyone I know has loved it!

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