A Day at the Museum

It was raining and cold so I put on my best teenager outfit and said ‘Whatever’ to the weather!

 A Day at the Museum

I have never worn Converse style trainers before. I must confess, I don’t really like them but this blog has encouraged me to be brave about my style and try lots of different looks. But no way was I forking out for a real pair! I found these in Dunnes Stores for £8.50…and don’t they look authentic? It means that if, after wearing a few times, I just cannot warm to the look, I’ll not have broken the bank. 

Museum1 A Day at the Museum

When hubby saw me in trainers, sweatshirt and jeans his first words were ‘my wife, the teenager’. I took it as a compliment and an excuse to be grumpy and demanding all day icon smile A Day at the Museum
The best thing to do in Belfast on a rainy day, is go to the Ulster Museum. And the best thing about the Ulster Museum is it’s free! So we drove there, had a picnic in the car to bide our time hoping the torrential rain would stop…(it didn’t) and then ran for cover.
There’s an arts & craft room at the museum that the kids just love so we all got stuck in making stuff…

 A Day at the Museum

Proud mummy….(she drew an owl…her first recognisable drawing!)

 A Day at the Museum

And we dressed up in Leonardo da Vinci style outfits as there’s a special LdV exhibition running at the moment (was impressive though we only got 5 minutes to look as the kids thought it was ‘boorrrring’)

 A Day at the Museum

And then I posed a bit at some of the modern art and we were told off by the lady (becoming a bit of a theme here) because there was a v small sign saying ‘no photos’!

 A Day at the Museum A Day at the Museum

I wore the same sweatshirt today as yesterday . In my defence, I had very little time to get ready. BUT I did accessorise a bit to change the look.
This bag is amazing. It was bought for me by a lady at the church when I left my job there. She is a tireless fair-trade campaigner and bought this for me in the Fair Trade shop in Belfast’s Spires Shopping Mall

Museum11 A Day at the Museum

It’s covered in metal bottle tops that have been sewn on by hand. But not only that, there are little beads around each bottle top to decorate it – and embroidery in-between each top too. It’s a wonderful piece of work and in this grey colour, it’s perfect with my new trainers! Every time I look at it, I keep thinking of the stories behind it – all the bottle tops and the person who made it….
Finally, yesterday was yet another day for wearing my trusty Merrell Wakefield which is proving to be a great year-round option .
But to cheer you up, I’m still giving away 2 Stella & Dot bracelets! Get you over to the competition and enter for your chance to win. Closes at the end of this week!

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  1. Oh crikey – that’s my look most days – delinquent teenager is what I call it. But it’s very comfortable believe me.

  2. Lily Reply

    I’ve got exactly the same trainers as you – very pleased to see you wearing them! Like you I didn’t want to fork out lots of money for the real things but these are great, I’ve got loads of wear out of mine.

  3. Lily Reply

    Your bag is amazing btw!

  4. My comfy teenager like converses are from Ruby and Ed, back of one heel it says ‘Ruby’ and on the other it says ‘Ed’. Light Purple colour, bought them on impulse when in Tetbury last April (Royal Wedding weekend) from a little boutique there, and they cost £32 but were definitely worth it.

  5. I wish I could wear converse but sadly they just wouldn’t suit.I love your bag and the story behind it:) Hope you have a great week!
    ~Anne xx

  6. I love my converse but those pupmps look great. Wish there was a Dunnes near me.

  7. Anonymous Reply

    Hurray to the converse – you know I’m going to love those! Spidie x

  8. Converse are fab, you’ll find yourself reaching for them regularly and I can guarantee you’ll be getting a ‘real’ pair before you know it. However you need some serious laces education – no bows on show! Tut tut ;-)

  9. FAB copy of the converse and at that price if you don’t like them you won’t be forced to wear them!

    I bought originals in the US 2 years ago, they sat unworn for a year and then recently I’ve started to wear them as everyone seems to look so good in them .. apart from me but I am learning to love them and I do want to wear them more and more BUT … they are so uncomfortable! I can wear for a bit but never for a whole day shopping or day out walking with the children!

    If anyone wants inspiration on how to wear converse shoes then check out the converse brand page on Avenue 57 – http://www.avenue57.com/a57/brand/394/converse.aspx

    Hope it’s ok to cross reference here?


    • Of course Fiona and thanks for that. It was you and your Avenue 57 girls who got me thinking I could work this look so it’s all your fault. Now you have to show me what I’m doing wrong with the laces!! lol x