What to wear when you’re Tall

I’ve been asked several times about the best places for taller girls to shop so I decided to enlist the help of one of my followers, Rachel, who is 5’11 with an inside leg measurement of 36″
Rachel was good enough to send me pictures of some of her outfits and share her shopping tips. The first of Rachel’s recommendations is New Look’s tall range. She also loves New Look’s shoe selection which she finds great for bigger feet.

Rachel+Tall+Girl2 What to wear when youre Tall
New Look Tall Skinny Jeans – £9.99
New Look Patent Loafers (old)
Boden Essential Top (old)
Necklace by Uniquely Different – £24
here’s a close up of the necklace…

Rachel+Tall+Girl7 What to wear when youre Tall

Rachel also recommends Primark’s Super Soft Tall jeans. Even though they are labelled as 34″ inside leg, they are more than long enough for Rachel. At only £11 a pair, she’s just bought 3 pairs!

Rachel+Tall+Girl1 What to wear when youre Tall

Another favourite of Rachel’s is Topshop’s Tall range & Zara…

Rachel+Tall+Girl8 What to wear when youre Tall
Shirt – Zara
Jeans – Topshop Tall
Shoes – Carvela (old)

Rachel’s wardrobe is about 70% Dorothy Perkins as their tall range is very well priced. She picked up this stunning dress there recently..

Rachel+Tall+Girl4 What to wear when youre Tall
Grey Lace Shift Dress – Dorothy Perkins
(sold out in Tall but limited sizes in Regular)

Maxi dresses are tricky if you’re tall. Rachel’s advice is if you see one you like, try it on. Some regular ranges are surprisingly long at the moment as they are being made for wearing with heels – like this one from Monsoon.

Rachel+Tall+Girl3 What to wear when youre Tall
Maxi Dress - Monsoon (similar on link)

Rachel also managed to find a long enough Maxi in the Next Tall range, another of her favourite destinations, especially for trousers – but not jeans!

Rachel+Tall+Girl6 What to wear when youre Tall
Twist Maxi Dress – Next Tall Range

Finally, I discovered that Rachel is a Stella & Dot fan also! Loving this silver pendant..

Rachel+Tall+Girl5 What to wear when youre Tall
Odette Link Pendant – Stella & Dot

Thanks to Rachel (and Claire the photographer) for sending through these great pictures and sharing all her tips for taller ladies. I hope you found it useful! If you are also tall, please share any hints or tips you have in the comments below – I’d love to know if you shop in the same places Rachel does? Where’s your favourite tall range? Best place for maxi dresses/trousers? Do tell all!

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  1. Lily Reply

    Oooh, excited to see a ‘tall’ blog :-), Rachel look fab! I’m 5’11″ and 34″ inside leg. Like Rachel, I also find Next tall and DP tall good. My local New Look and Top Shop no longer have tall ranges so choices are limited but Primark doing a tall range is the best thing ever! For jeans, I also find TX Maxx really good for longer lengths.

  2. kirsty Reply

    never knew Primark did a tall range, i haven’t been in in ages as it’s so not buggy friendly but will definitely be in soon! I’m the same height as Rachel & use DP & New Look mostly. Got great skinny jeans in DP recently for £15 (not in sale) & they are such a good fit!!

  3. I am a big fan of Zara for their longer legged trousers, but didn’t know so many of these other shops did a tall range. I find shorter dresses especially difficult. They’re all a bit on the short side at the minute but on me they just look obscene!

  4. Alison - another bank escapee Reply

    Great to see ideas on places for us tall people. Most of my trouser are Next extra long or tall range. Planning a trip to Primark now to try their jeans, have bought 3/4 lengths there but just assumed their full length trousers would be too short!!

  5. Very enjoyable to read. However, I have the opposite problem. Can you do one for us petite ladies please.

    • I’ve had a few petite posts with my friend Claire who sends me pictures regularly. If you do a search for ‘Claire’ using the search box right at the top left hand side of the screen, you’ll see some of them. And there will be more as she is fab at sending me pictures xx

  6. Anonymous Reply

    I didn’t realise Primark did a tall range either, will definitely be having a look! I’m 6ft tall with a 36″ inside leg and most of my clothes are from DPs Tall range. I recommend their supersoft jeggings, I have them in black and cement, they fit really well and are really comfortable.

  7. Suz Reply

    I am 5ft 11 with a 35 inside leg. Disappointing to find that Tall ranges are rarely available in store, whereas most stores have a Petite range. Next is good but I find their sizing huge In the Tall range. So I need to size down. I buy their jeans in the XXL length to get round this though! Trousers and jeans are easy though, it’s much harder to get long body tops and knee length dresses! Nice to know about Primark though and thanks for featuring a tall lady and giving us all some ideas!

    • Glad you found it helpful Suz…..Rachel also said how she finds it frustrating that she has to shop online always as the Tall ranges are never usually instore. Have you tried Topshop for tops? I have a long torso so would always check out their tall range for tops. Thanks for going to the trouble of leaving a comment, Avril x