Neon Scarf Print & Cream Boucle

Check me – really getting into my neons lately. I picked this top up last week at the H&M sale for just £3 (no idea why it is £4.99 online). Wasn’t sure about it but I figured if I got it home and still wasn’t sure, I’d not mourn the cost of a Vente Latte. I love it. But wear with a tan. Never do neon without a tan. It is the law.

Neon+Scarf6 Neon Scarf Print & Cream Boucle
H&M Scarf Print Top – £4.99
Necklace – Boots - £4
White Vest (underneath) – Kaleidoscope – £12

So, photos were a problem today. 3 year old David Baily wannabe was more interested in Mr Maker and I had to have ‘words’ with her which resulted in these reluctant shots. Seriously! It was a repeat – even I know how to make those rubber glove puppets and I’ve only ever heard it in the background

Neon+Scarf4 Neon Scarf Print & Cream BoucleNeon+Scarf3 Neon Scarf Print & Cream Boucle

The top is square-shaped but is stitched down the side so it it actually sits quite nicely on. In the second photo, you can see I wore it with the cream boucle jacket I picked up at Pearl’s gently used clothes sale. Seeing as Mr Maker had lured small girl away while I was lamenting the blurry pictures, I resorted to a trusty mirror photo to show you the jacket a bit closer up..

Neon+Scarf11 Neon Scarf Print & Cream Boucle

It’s got a bit of a Chanel vibe going on so while I like it, I’m not sure if it works with this outfit. But I wore it all the same on a trip to buy last minute teacher presents (playgroup finishes tomorrow and primary school on Friday….aaarrggghh!!). Tried to find a similar jacket but the closest I could find was this Lanvin number. But unless you have £2500 to spare, you better not click on that link! 
Wearing with my Primark skinnies & my Clarks patent mary-janes. 

Neon+Scarf12 Neon Scarf Print & Cream Boucle

I’m heading into Belfast tomorrow morning to return a few things to H&M but I might have a tiny peek at the sales again….all in the interests of research of course. See you tomorrow!

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  1. What a great top for 3 quid, amazing! Love it on you! x

  2. hhaha bloody mister maker, that guy is such a twat. My boy makes me turn him off, thank goodness! Loving the top, and I think she did a good job. Corbie likes taking photos of his cars so I would have to surround my self in them to get a shoot. x

    • He is!! Even more annoying than Katy the cook girl…I think my kids watch too much tv. But yes, she did do a good job – I just need to chose my picture moments a bit better! x

  3. Love love love that top. Yellow is my current fashion lust even though I don’t own anything in it and am NOT buying anything else till A/W. but that’s a complete bargain…. (she says maybe wandering into h&m on Thursday……..!!)

  4. Ginaribena Reply

    That top is in my H&M online basket! Might have to take a trip in store this week. I may have already ordered a pair of brown wedge sandals from there at the weekend……….

    • Great minds…I’d say go for it…though I do prefer to buy in store with H&M. I find their online ordering really slow. I ordered at the weekend and it’s not arriving until next Tuesday! You’ll have to let me know if you buy it too…maybe we’ll have a H&M scarf print post with everyone on it! x

    • Ginaribena Reply

      Oops my finger slipped and I ordered it! There is a chance that a another top, scarf and cardigan may have fallen into the basket also.

      You don’t feel like you’ve spent anything when shopping online!

    • I think it’s slow because they come from Sweden! The last lot I got from them, the labels are all in some scandanavian language. It explains why you can’t pick up in-store like a lot of other high street shops. They don’t deliver to work addresses either, so it’s doubly annoying for working mums. (I like to shop during my lunch break online).

      I’ve got the orangey version of the top :)

  5. That’s a gorgeous top, great find! :)

  6. Ant Reply

    Lovely top. I popped in H&M yesterday but didn’t see that one otherwise would have snapped it up too. Did get a lovely cream sparkly top that I thought may do for the Xmas party season reduced to £3 though. I find they are quite slow if you order online too and often the prices online and in the shop are different too xxx

  7. Love it- bought the one in black…but not in the sale…boo! Loved the yellow but it’s hideous with my ginger locks!

  8. That top is fab Avril…I love having a good root in H&M! That jacket is also lovely and very versatile:)

  9. Hi. That top is great on you. Can’t believe the price. I live in Donegal so have to use online service but the wait is usually worth it!!

  10. LOVE the top! off to H&M online to purchase right now!

  11. love your look, especially the blouse :)
    Love Lois xxx