Gorgeous Nails & eBay Clearout!

I have to confess, I’m really bad with my nails. Having had mixed experiences with acrylics and Shellac, I’ve spent the past 2 years ignoring the state of them and admiring everyone with gorgeous painted nails. But style is about more than clothes, it’s about looking after your appearance so this week, I’m taking my nails to task – both feet and hands!
Firstly the hands (feet another day!) – here’s my before picture…

Catherine1 Gorgeous Nails & eBay Clearout!
I went to my friend Catherine’s house to have my fingernails done. I worked with Catherine pre-twins and we’ve stayed in touch since. I knew she did nails from her home in her spare time so when she shared her new range of Bio Sculpture colours on Facebook, one of the colours took my fancy and I decided to take the plunge!

Catherine+Colours Gorgeous Nails & eBay Clearout!
The colour that won me over was 122 – Ashes of Roses. I love a gorgeous neutral nail and this didn’t disappoint. Here we are mid-manicure. It’s quite a lengthy process and I was glad of Catherine’s steady hand!
Catherine2 Gorgeous Nails & eBay Clearout!

And here’s the finished job – my nails haven’t looked this good in years! Catherine gave me lots of advice on how to extend the life of the manicure and insisted I do no washing up or cleaning….without rubber gloves. Better get me some Marigolds – maybe that’s where I’ve been going wrong all this time.

Catherine4 Gorgeous Nails & eBay Clearout!

Another friend, Claire came along too and she was much braver than me with her colour choice. This deep pink/red is stunning.

Catherine3 Gorgeous Nails & eBay Clearout!

Catherine5 Gorgeous Nails & eBay Clearout!

And now to what I wore to Catherine’s. As some of you correctly guessed, I bought the Miss Captain neon ombre jumper from Pearl’s sale yesterday. My husband thinks I look like I’ve stood out in the rain too long and the colour in the jumper ran. Seriously…men have NOT got a clue

 Gorgeous Nails & eBay Clearout!
Jumpers – Miss Captain (details here)
Jeans – Primark
Shoes – Deichmann (sold out-similar here)
Vest – Kaleidoscope

About to do a big eBay clear-out…here’s some of the items ready for ironing & photos. If something catches your eye, email me on [email protected] Sandals are a size 39 Fly London and all the other items are size 10′s..Boden, Monsoon, Ted Baker, Miss Selfridge & Next. All reasonable offers considered icon smile Gorgeous Nails & eBay Clearout!

 Gorgeous Nails & eBay Clearout!

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  1. Gorgeous colour. It reminds me of Ciate’s Cream Tea: http://bit.ly/MSyI5k (If you follow the link please ignore my rubbishly painted nails). Love your blog by the way :)

  2. Catherine Reply

    Famous at last! Love the blog Av…thank-you. X

  3. Love the jumper and the nails. You are so right about style being more than just clothes and nice nails do finish off any outfit. x

    • And seeing your gorgeous red nails in a recent post reminded me of that! Now I know all about Catherine’s talents, there’s no excuse. Thanks for dropping by as always Sharron, Avril x

  4. Anonymous Reply

    Think you’ll like Leighton Denny’s Supermodel. This is a neutral colour and is one of the FREE nail polishes with July issue of Harper’s Bazaar. Personally it’s not one for me, I prefer Coral Reef (another freebie with HB) which is stunning on toe nails and enhances tanned feet!

    Enjoy my daily fix of your blog Avril and looking forward to more beauty related topics.

    Sue F (FB follower)

    • I saw Leighton himself use it on QVC the other day! It’s gorgeous – he said it’s his best selling colour apparently! But I’m also with you on the coral reef for toes. I prefer a brighter colour on feet….heading to have them done on Wednesday and can’t wait as I’ve no colour on them atm..giving them a breather. They look so dull!! Thanks for your comment Sue, Avril x

  5. YAY for the jumper! Buy some Avoplex and look after your nails right! x

  6. Your nails look lovely – great to have someone come to your house & do them!
    Nic x

  7. Thanks for your kind comments and for adding me to your blog roll. For years I neglected my nails but since I started a new job in September I was introduced to Shellac by a co-worker and this has transformed my life. £15 lasts 3 weeks and for the feelgood factor I think it is worth every penny. Your nails looks lovely.

  8. I love doing my nails….always makes me feel more groomed and can make a simple outfit look really chic

  9. Those nails look lovely! I love trying out new nail colours and have got a bit more adventurous, but always return to the neutrals in the end!! X