Flooding & Leaf Print

What a week – somebody remind me this is June? I’m battling on however with my bright colours and prints as it’s one way to keep the spirits up…

Palm+Rain3 Flooding & Leaf Print

Here I am in our post-flood garden wearing my new Room 31 top. It’s got a great rubber plant leaf-print going on which is so different to a lot of the bird/butterfly patterns everywhere. I also love the detail on this top – the frill down the front and a cute button detail on the shoulders…

Palm+Rain4 Flooding & Leaf Print
Palm+Rain5 Flooding & Leaf Print

I mentioned the flooding because Northern Ireland saw torrential rain this week. Here is the garden just the evening before:

Palm+Rain1 Flooding & Leaf Print

And here’s Mr School Gate Style and my 8 year old (wearing my Merrell Wakefield – kept him totally dry!) trying to sweep the water towards a manhole:

Palm+Rain21 Flooding & Leaf Print

Thankfully, the next day was dry(ish) and fairly warm but even now, a couple of days later, there’s a puddle in the garden…and it’s still raining, although in a more ‘normal’ way….because rain in June is now the norm. Sigh. 
I wore my Room 31 top with Primark skinnies, Deichmann pumps (read more on my Facebook page) and when I went out, I popped on this M&S poncho/scarf/throw. Don’t quite know how to describe it but it’s great at this time of the year!

Palm+Rain6 Flooding & Leaf Print

Ok, off to plan tomorrow’s bright & cheery outfit…have a great day x 

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  1. WOW – can’t believe all the rain! hope it didn’t cause any damage x

  2. OMG Look at your fabulous garden! July will be better… I feel it in my bones! Anyhow you look great,I love your poncho! Have a lovely weekend:)
    ~Anne xx

  3. Love the top – that green really suits you! The garden doesn’t look too bad now – I’m sure it will recover…we’ve got big storms passing today – this weather is SO weird – meanwhile Colorado is burning and the East coast of USA is in 3 digit heat wave…

  4. Love that top on you and I hope the weather improves for you this weekend!

  5. Patricia McGinnis Reply

    Loving the rubber plant leaf top…

  6. GinaRibena Reply

    I just noticed that you are now the model for this top on the Room31 website – is that the new sideline?!