Shades of Grey

Not 50 however, just 5 or 6 and a MUCH better read in my hands in the form of the Sunday Times Style Magazine! 

Kwikfit11 Shades of Grey

I’ve been under the weather the last few days so the first shade of grey is my face. Husband convinced me a walk would make me feel better but the jury was still out when he took the pictures!

Kwikfit12 Shades of Grey

My other grey shades were as follows: Dunnes Stores Converse copies (last seen here), a Room 31 grey swing coat (sold out now but similar on this link), a Primark grey t-shirt (last seen here) and a River Island grey/pink/cream scarf. I love this scarf, which was a gift from my Godson last year. It has several shades of grey in it as well as some pink and blue. It always gets compliments when I wear it. Here’s a close up:

Kwikfit21 Shades of Grey

Scarf Envy have a couple of lovely grey scarves, including this Union Jack one I gave away recently on the blog. I also like this one on Amazon, which has some pink and blue in it also. 

UJFS 186 Shades of Grey51JOTodfEpL. SY395  Shades of Grey

Off the grey theme, I wore my H&M Loyal Bootcut jeans which I’ve just ordered online in a longer leg for wearing with heels. Really pleased with these jeans-a great fit for just £9.99! 
Meanwhile, back to the walk and we did our usual stop-off at the dress shop to pick our favourites:

Kwikfit2 Shades of Grey

Finally, a gorgeous shot that was on the camera when I was downloading these photos and I just had to share. Amazing that it was taken on an iPhone..the camera on the 4S is so impressive. Really, the husband should donate his 4S to the blog. It would be the decent thing to do…don’tcha think?? See you tomorrow…

Kwikfit1 Shades of Grey

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  1. Great pics, love the outfit and am amazed by the price of the jeans!

  2. Ok – I love grey and adore your jacket…and would be very tempted by the Converse copies…….and love seeing the girls in your blog, but you look tired Mrs……..still as stylish as ever, but just not yourself. You look after yourself and shout if you need anything xxx

  3. Hi Avril! Hope you are feeling better today:) Love your scarf and the jeans look great…must have a look in H&M! Little Miss is so cute with her bubble blowing!! Have a good week:)
    ~Anne xx

  4. The grey shades are all lovely and The bubble girl is fabulous, I had to ask daddy which girl it was though .. That doesn’t happen very often. The photo a the dress shop is so funny too.

  5. Loving the grey, very sophisticated.


  6. Love the grey shades (my favourite colour believe it or not). You still look lovely despite being under the weather.

  7. Oh no just written an almost identical post :) Hope you feel better now, Your girls are just gorgeous.


  8. Aw hope you feel better soon hon. The Con-alikes look fab. Wearing my gold leather ones today but have wanted a grey pair for ages – may have to check these out. And the jeans – they look like demi bootcuts, which I’ve been after for a while – is it an illusion or is it quite a small bootcut if you know what I mean?

    Nic x
    ps scarf is lush. I have such a weakness for scarves it’s ridic! Just bought one from M&S kids!

    • Defo a demi-bootcut…love that term and will have to remember it next time I feature the jeans! I don’t like a really big flare but I also don’t like straight jeans so these are nicely in the middle! You so have to get yourself down to Dunnes. I got mine at the Embankment on the Ormeau Road. There were loads left when I was in a couple of weeks ago.
      Thanks for dropping by Nic, Avril x

  9. Boot cuts !bootcuts! Hurrah for bootcuts! A you look good even when Iill!

  10. Anonymous Reply

    Really enjoying this blog. As a busy mum of twins too I find it hard to pull off the jeans and converse look – I feel like a 12 year old! Would be grateful of any tips of how to pull off converse and skinny jeans, so I can manage to look stylish and yet practical running after 6 year old boys!

    • Thanks for dropping by…I am in awe of all mums with twin boys! Running around after boys is way more of a challenge! You can check out my neighbour in hers with skinny jeans. I think the key is to smarten up the top half – wear a blazer or jacket that a 12 yo wouldn’t wear if you know what I mean? Here’s the link to my neighbour’s photo.
      I’m still not convinced about me wearing skinnies and converse but will work on it in the interests of research! THanks for your lovely comment, Avril x