Summer Party in Metallics

Today was a momentous occasion…our last day at Toddler Group!! The girls move to nursery 5 days a week from September so no more Tuesday mornings at the church. Instead, I may have to work or clean my house but let’s not think about that now icon smile Summer Party in Metallics
I decided to work some metallics today as a total change from the soft neutrals of yesterday. Nothing like some Northern Ireland ‘slegging’* to make you wish you hadn’t planned to do blog photos at Toddler Group. There were only 2 usable photos as I was laughing so much! 
(*teasing/winding up/bringing someone right back down to earth!)

Toddler+Party4 Summer Party in Metallics

Wearing my new H&M jeans that I picked up in Belfast yesterday for £10 in the sale. And yes, look closely – they are boot cuts – what’s come over me?! My short black jacket is an oldie from Dunnes (similar) and my silver pumps are from Clarks (kind of similar). 
Also wearing a metallic t-shirt that I picked up at my clothes swap in April. Later in the morning, I happened to be talking to one of the mums that had been to the clothes swap. Conversation went something like this – Cora: ‘Wow, I have a t-shirt just like that – must dig it out again as it looks nice on you’ Me: ‘Cora, this IS your t-shirt – you swapped it!’ How we laughed……. ok, maybe you needed to be there. Here’s a close-up..

Toddler+Party5 Summer Party in Metallics

Wearing with my Primark statement necklace – total bargain at £4! Thanks to Lucy over at Suburban Style for that tip-off. And in case you think I dress up a bit for Toddlers – here’s just two of the other girls, Lucy and Lisa who have both featured before on the blog..stylish or what? And thanks for the photos (and the heckling) girls!

Toddler+Party1 Summer Party in Metallics

Thanks to everyone at Lowe Memorial Church for keeping me sane and feeding me toast and coffee every Tuesday morning for the past 3 years. Couldn’t have done it without you x

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  1. Love the metallics, you came off well in the clothes swap. Some very stylish mummies there, I want to know where her scarf is from, its beautiful.

  2. I can see Mum of all Trades has beaten me to it – I love your friend’s scarf!!! Three lovely glam mummies! Eve x

  3. wow, how cool to see Lucy Jaffa on your blog! gorgeous metallic outfit, I love that t shirt.

  4. Love the necklace and scarf. My mum runs a toddler group at our local church and she is always sad to see mums leave in July.

  5. Carrie74 Reply

    Super glam toddlers! Love the first photo with you laughing, you look so happy.

  6. Gorgeous style!! Looks like you will have lots of free time come September:)
    ~Anne xx

  7. Just when I though my wardrobe was complete! Off to Primark now

  8. MrsEbojones Reply

    You know what, I think I’m edging closer and closer to bootcuts again and think I will be working a pair into my A/W wardrobe.

    • I’ve decided you have to find the right flare at the bottom and of course the right length. My other ones are too wide and never look right on me. I like these ones though. Going to get in the longer leg for wearing with heels! x

  9. Love your necklace, I can never cope with the Primarni queue to grab bargains like that! xxx

  10. I love these photographs – they’re really natural and fun.
    You can’t beat a good well fitting boot cut like these and you will certainly not beat their price tag – what a bargain !



  11. Aw these pics are just gorgeous – another one coveting that scarf – stunning!

    Nic x

  12. Looks like great craic altogether! And yep, stylish mummies- id seriously have to up my game to go there!

    • Ah, they’re all so lovely really…and lots of different styles at the group…such a friendly group. I’ll miss it a lot. Thanks for dropping by Emma and for your lovely comment, Avril x

  13. A momentous morning. The photos didn’t turn out too badly – you’ll have to send me copies! Xx